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Nailah's Shipping Contest. · 9:58pm Apr 11th, 2021

Once upon a time, Nailah was bored, so she decided in her infinite wisdom to host a contest. Now, I know there's a lot of contests going on at the moment, so I'm going to try to make another contest. However, you may or may not know that I've held contests in the past and they didn't really do well. I'm hoping with the time that has passed, my follower count, and all of you wonderful ponies, that this contest will be more successful. Now, the rules.

1. Your story must follow the guidelines of Fimfiction to qualify. Period.

2. Your story must be at least 1,000 words long and no longer than 15,000

3. Your story must have ROMANCE. This is not a joke or a meme. You must have the kissy kissy face's.

4. You must submit your story by the end date of May, 30th 2021.

5. You story must include the word "headpat" or "headpat's" this proves to me you've read the rules. Otherwise, your story will not be counted.

1st place: 100 dollars USA.

2nd place: 50 dollars + Audio reading by me

3rd place: A commission from the talented Applejackofalltrades.

Honorable mention: A special one one one interview with me (If you haven't had one yet.)

How to enter: Simply reply to this blog post that you wish to enter, then I will dm you either on Fimfiction or Discord if that's possible with your pairing.

This contest will start officially tomorrow April 12th, 2021.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please message me directly via PM, and I will try my best to answer them.

JUDGES- Nailah
If you want to be a judge, please message me.

You may pick your own prompt but NOT the characters.

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Comments ( 101 )

I would love to enter this contest. Just to be clear: do we get to choose the pairing, or do you assign them to us randomly? The blog post doesn't say either way.

If we get to choose our pairing, I would like to do... hmm... let's say, Starlight and Trixie, since it seems like this must be ponies. If it's allowed to be Equestria Girls however, I have a couple of others in mind.

Also a question about ratings. You mention it must follow FIMFic rules, but is there a rating we shouldn't go for? Like, a limit to how mature a story can get? I'm asking because I know if there is an unspoken limit there will be those who exceed it.

Let's see what I get. Hit me up with a good pair, my dear friend! ^.^

This looks like it would be pretty fun, I'm down.

I choose them via dice rolls, sorry I could've clarified that better.
Secondly, it can be E, Teen or Mature. I'm not exactly SHY, but it shouldn't be pure "clop" there needs to be a story.
Also it can be ponies, or humans. No anthros please.

Understood. And don't worry about my entry. Even in the very, highly unlikely situation it went down the mature path to begin with, it'd always have a story attached. If I write something mature, it's erotica, not just porn. :rainbowlaugh:

And now I'm really looking forward to this, seeing what comes up with the dice roll. Not knowing means it'll be quite the fun challenge. :twilightsmile:

Cozy Glow + Wind Rider
(age cozy up obviously)

Prompt 4.

Celestia + Sven Gallop

Prompt 1.

Gimme gimme gimme!

Let's get it.


Well. I sure did ask for this one, didn't I? :rainbowlaugh: I shall deliver, never fear. Thank you for a fascinating challenge.

I'd like to join

Not expecting this to say the least, but that makes all the more fun!

Oh hey, this sounds fun. I'll take part.

Bet this sounds fun I wanna take part in it, I just hope I don’t get a super weird ship

If you win 3rd place would you draw a picture for yourself? :pinkiecrazy:

I would like to enter the contest

Pear Butter + Mrs. Cake
Wow. The dice like you apprently.

Spoiled Milk + Stygian

Cheerilee + Man-iac!

Bic Mac + Rain Shine

Tempest Shadow + Cheerilee

Wallflower Blush + Neighsay

Oh, the ships are random too? Not feeling writing for these characters.

Formally entering now.

What about the prompts you mentioned? When will we get those?

You know what, I’m in

Eh sure this might be interesting. I would like to give it a shot while doing Prompt #2.

Woah that's a challenge. Nice.

OH GOD may the dice be kind to me... so yes I'll be entering!

Comment posted by Nitro Indigo deleted Apr 12th, 2021

I might have time to write this month. Hit me.

Am I too late to enter?

Starlight Glimmer + Grubber

Sandbar + Misty Fly (Wonderbolt)

Starswirl the bearded + Mist Mane

Cloudy Quartz + Flim and Flam

Princess Skystar + Ember

Alright though clarification are we talking young Mistmane or old Mistmane?

Either one honestly. As long as it's Mistmane herself. Doesn't matter how old or young she is.

Am I able to use either Flim or Flam or does it have to be both?

Either one or both, up to you.

By include headpat you mean in the actual story or in the title of the story?

one (1) ship, please

Wallflower + Princess Skystar

Aight give me a pairing. Let's see what happens.

Sonata + Sunburst

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