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"Merr Crimbus" - Obselesence probably

Jinglemas is a yearly tradition on Fimfiction.net to do a site-wide collaboration 'Secret Santa' style. This group is the official home for all things Jinglemas!

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Your Welcome!!

This group's stories are specifically from the exchange event each year, and they are added by the author as part of the exchange process.

Probably not, only individual uploads but thanks for asking. :)

Hi! I have a question am I allowed to add stories from different users? Thanks!!!


Shame I missed out. This would’ve been so much fun!

Now I feel bad for not enrolling, some of these entries look great!

Same here, LOL. Oh well...

Aw, I found out about this a little too late.

Aw well, try for next year!

everyone who enrolled should have their names now :)

Just a question, I think the enrollment rules said something about shuffling names on the 1st, but is there a date on when we actually get the names?

This sounds like a fun idea. :pinkiehappy:

Okay. Thank you for answering.

Yes! You will submit your story on the day your assigned pod is supposed to publish stories. That is your deadline.

I have a question concerning Jinglemas 2020, but the Enrollment Rules thread is locked, so I'll ask it here. So, Flutter priest, is there a deadline for submitting the stories?

I'm only here for the heck of it. I love Christmas.

I love Christmas. It's my favourite time of the year (apart from my birthday, of course, LOL!)

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