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The Original Pairings group is dedicating to making stories a little more unique by using two (or more) characters you never see with each other.

  • In order to post a story here, the plot of the story must revolve around two or more characters who are very rarely paired together.
  • All stories must be put in ONE folder. (Look at the folder descriptions if you're not sure which to put it in. If your story is put in multiple folders, it will be removed.)
  • Stories about OC's, Anon, random changelings/dragons/other species or self-inserts are never original and don't belong in this group.
  • Pairings that are only made possible through crossovers (such as Harry Potter x Twilight Sparkle) are also not seen as original.
  • If the story has more than two characters, make sure that the most important characters are rarely seen together. (For instance, if a story has the characters Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Treehugger but mostly revolves around Rainbow Dash and Twilight, it will probably get removed)
  • Incomplete stories are permissible, but if enough time has passed without any sign of the story being updated, it will be removed from the group.

If a story is added that contains a ship that is not original, it will be removed. However, if you feel that it still fits the criteria, please pm Red Parade to see if anything can be resolved. This is supposed to be a fun experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. :twilightsmile:

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OOH, when is the next time you guys have a story contest?

Good to be back

Alright, maybe I'll add- if background characters count?

This group was 404, and now it is back. Sorcery!

I hope Symphonies of the Skies fits the criteria

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