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Welcome to the Hall of Contests [SFW] group, which serves as a bulletin board for (SFW) writing contests and writing events for MLP

This group posts a thread for every new (SFW) writing contest or writing event for MLP in and outside of fimfiction.net, so that everyone who joins the group will receive a notification in their feed.

If you are a competitive writer who has a difficult time getting information about new contests, you can get it put in your notification feeds by this group.

If you are a millionaire who wants to host a bunch of contests but is having difficulty reaching out to other people to let them know, you can get it done from here.

If you are just a casual reader but want to keep up to date with all the competing activities around the site, you can keep track of them with this group.

This group is for SFW contests only. You can find the NSFW contests in the sister group Hall of Contests [NSFW].

Posting is reserved for hosts of contests and writing events. Please check out the Posting Rules thread before you post.

If you're not a host, you can still help out by reporting about new contests and writing events in the Contest Reporting thread or by PM to the admin.

Everyone can also head to the Discussion thread to discuss anything related to writing contests, such as contest ideas, hosting and judging techniques, etc.

Good luck with all the contests and writing!

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Hey everypony! I would love to find a contest to try. Figured this was a good place to go. :)

oh this is a good idea

Hi, I’m new here

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