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Welcome to the speedwriting contest group! Here's a quick rundown of how we work.

First, make sure to join us on Discord! This group is specifically only for stories written as part of the speedwrites that are published after a contest concludes. You can find the Discord here: https://discord.gg/W45uFDg.

If you'd like to participate in the speedwrites, all the contests are hosted on Reddit, at r/QuillsAndSofas. If you don't have a Reddit account, please make one, or message a mod about getting a throwaway account. The subreddit is invite only, so please let a moderator (Element of Harmony/Princess) know your Reddit username once you join the Discord so we can whitelist you.

Scheduled contests are usually held once or twice a week. Unscheduled "Panic Fictions" happen often as well. All contests are announced in the Discord, generally a few days in advance.

More detailed rules and information are available in the Discord, as well as a helpful community and mods to answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you there, and writing more horse words.

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I oughta try joining in on that someday...

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You should follow Jaxie! He usually announces them in his blog posts fairly ahead of schedule.

Contests are announced on our Discord server in #announcements.

Who announces these contests?

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