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Prince Polaris

[COMMISSIONS OPEN] I've written stuff with ponies, I've written stuff with Pokémon, I've written stuff with SCP-1471, and you can find my big dumb self at Prince_Polaris on nearly everything! 💙

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Commission Info · 5:57am August 19th

All right, I've lost the motivation to write my own stories, that much is clear. But if someone wants to pay me, well, maybe I'll be able to reason with myself and get to writing again.

It doesn't help that I have 90 dollars to my name at the moment, and big van's leaking radiator ain't gonna fix itself!!!

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you can find my big dumb self at Prince_Polaris#1276

What do you mean by that? Where can I find Prince_Polaris#1276?


That doesn't sound bad, and yeah I do have one

Do you have discord?

Also I tried doing stories all at once, it left me burnt out, so I try to take breaks and watch tv or read other people’s stories.


Your stories? No, don't have time...

Writing a fic in the span of one evening seems to be the only way I'm ever gonna have time to write them anymore, lol

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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