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  • 4 weeks
    Gift Fic Shout Out!

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to shout out another gift fic that my wonderful and talented friend Red Parade did for my birthday last weekend.

    Ei know The End
    Rarity knows the end. That doesn't mean she's come to terms with it.
    The Red Parade · 3.5k words  ·  37  4 · 285 views

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  • 5 weeks

    So, this is gonna be a bit of a strange one.

    I stopped doing companion blogs for stories a while back. Every now and then I'll do one for Local, but generally I just publish the fics and let them do their thing. I remember doing one for Stars when it first came out. Now, I've published nearly 40 stories since stars came out, and given I'm much more active my fics don't feel like they each need some big fanfare blogpost anymore.

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  • 6 weeks
    Couple of gift fics!

    Hi all,
    Wanted to do a lil fic recommendation post for a couple of authors who have very kindly written me some stories over these last few weeks.

    It was the best day ever or the worst day ever, depending on how one framed it.
    The Red Parade · 1.5k words  ·  114  7 · 883 views

    First off, Red has just published this wonderful story. It's amazingly written and absolutely soul-rending, but in the best possible way. Red continues to be a singular talent who we could all learn a lot from. Go and show it some love!

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  • 14 weeks
    A Question About Local

    Hi all,

    So, this is to ask any readers of Local who see this blog their opinion on something. As you might know, Local updated a fair while ago and has been quiet since, but I have said multiple times I'm still actively working on it and this is very much the case. This reason for the delay is because this next chapter is very, very hard to write.

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    5 comments · 199 views
  • 27 weeks
    Fic Recommendations - 31/08/20

    Ayyyyyy lmao
    Okay, so like, I am working on Local. The next chapter is a big departure from all the previous ones in terms of format so it's been slow going, but it's coming along. We're in the home stretch, I'm so excited (and terrified) to show you where it's all been leading up to.
    So anyway, did I hear people asking for me to recommend them fics? No? Tough, here we go anyway.

    TSmooth as Silk
    Fluttershy isn’t afraid of spiders. She should be.
    Zontan · 2k words  ·  48  7 · 686 views

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    9 comments · 288 views
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