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  • 14 weeks


    I've always maintained I am going to finish Local. This is still the case, this isn't a cancellation blog let me get that out of the way quickly.

    However, I think one thing that may have prevented me from getting on with it is that the task feels more enormous the longer the gap becomes. Coupled with the fact that, as of my original plans for the story, there's only supposed to be three more chapters left, with one being an epilogue.

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  • 26 weeks
    The Troglodyte Testimonials

    Hello everyone,

    My masterpiece, the single greatest piece of writing I will ever create, has been released. Please enjoy the kind words of my dear friends after they went through the life changing experience of reading it

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  • 89 weeks
    Fundraiser for a Friend


    We're doing a fundraiser for a friend who's in a bit of a tough spot. Any donations would be really appreciated, however there's also a whole host of goodies you can pick up if you're looking to chuck some money in! We're doing discounted writing commissions so if you've ever wanted me to write something I haven't had the basic human decency to write already, this can be your shot.

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  • 164 weeks
    Fic Recommendations - 27/03/21

    It's me it's the guy who writes pseudointellectual pretentious stuff,
    Anyway, I don't care whether you want more fic recommendations, you'll get them and you'll like it >:(

    ELet It Grow
    Take some time to rest and behold the splendor of love.
    themoontonite · 2.3k words  ·  55  8 · 1.6k views

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  • 171 weeks
    Gift Fic Shout Out!

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to shout out another gift fic that my wonderful and talented friend Red Parade did for my birthday last weekend.

    Ei know The End
    Rarity knows the end. That doesn't mean she's come to terms with it.
    The Red Parade · 3.5k words  ·  69  6 · 995 views

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