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I almost wish I had something to say. But I can't touch your heart- you'd have to let me in. Ultimately, my words are powerless.

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Comment posted by TheKMExorcism deleted Dec 8th, 2020

Low-Effort puns for DAYS

dont make me giggle with that pun. it's super efffective!

Just really good. I've read more professionally written stories with better pacing, but TBAB was a great premise. The interactions between the characters were genuine and enjoyable, complimenting the use of First-Person very well. TBAB was one of my favorite reads on this site for those reasons, and I was saddened to finish it. I was also sorry to see how much of a pain the sequel was to write for you, and that you were stepping away from fandom work.

But, perhaps, I'll be reading your original work in physical form someday. That would be quite the novel experience.

thanks for the favorites on To Be a Breezie and the sequel, I'm glad you enjoyed them. If you have something about these stories on your mind, feedback is always appreciated :)

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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