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NEW STORY - Borderline · 9:19pm January 1st


Sour Sweet doesn't always feel in control of herself.

Happy new year, y'all \o/

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*finds something of interest and darts out of the bushes, dropping something off*

*Skitters back into the bushes*

It spoke explicitly about topics near and dear to my heart (just look at my own fics lol), without sugarcoating anything, and stayed realistic and respectful of those topics throughout the story. It's pretty rare to find something that genuine on this site nowadays, so I felt it was special enough to at the very least be worth a like and a fav 🙏

Thanks for thinking my story And Yet I Never Once Smiled was pretty good! Could I ask why, though?

I remember that story! And damn that art looks great, she's so cool and Intensely Unhappy™ 🙏🙏🙏

This may be relevant to your interests; I commissioned it based on the story I did for the Sunflower shipping contest.

  • Viewing 1,282 - 1,286 of 1,286
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