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Sunset asked Wallflower on a date, and Wallflower is in a panic. What could the coolest girl at Canterlot High want with her? What do they have in common?

But it may not even matter, because Sunset is late and Wallflower suspects a trap.

Sweet and sour slice of life romance. T-rated for occasional profanity, jokes about spanking and mind control fetish, and mention of some films you definitely don’t want to Google. There isn't an archive warning for depression and negative self-talk, but there's lots of that. No self harm tho.

Wallflower's dress is based on this. Thanks to My Little Pastafarian for letting me use the design and for editing my description of it. Check out #ponymakeover on DA for more wonderful pony dress designs.

And thanks as always to Scoots for letting me constantly bug them with questions about how to word correctly.

Entry in Scampy's SunFlower Shipping Contest.

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Comments ( 21 )

This was a perfect mix of sweet, weirdly interesting, angsty and funny. Great job!

All Wallflower’s tactics of mumbling and avoiding eye contact would fail because these people were friends with Fluttershy and already spoke fluent mumble.

:yay: "You merely adopted the mumble. I was born in it, molded by it."

Have you ever heard of Photoshop?

"I'm a magical unicorn from another universe, remember? Believe me, if I'd known someone actually understood your crazy electric blinky-boxes, I'd have snapped you up in a heartbeat."
"... Thanks?"
"Yeah, not sure how you should take that one either."

Right. Mind control fetish.

"Remember how I brainwashed our entire class to serve as my conquering teenage army? Not the original plan, for the record."
"Was that the Fall Formal? I didn't actually go."
"Ah. Yeah, it was."

Exquisite stuff from start to finish, especially Sunset's admission at the end. The two are more similar than Wallflower could ever believe. Thanks for this, and best of luck in the judging.

Mica #3 · 1 week ago · · ·

Fluttershy and already spoke fluent mumble

Fluttershy invented mumble rap :yay:

seventy-two DPI web images

For technical terms such as these, I'm sure the grammar gods will forgive you for using Arabic numerals.

“People like to talk about themselves. So if you get stuck for conversation ask her questions.”

Very true.

This is nice. A perfect mix of Wallflower angst and fuzzy slice-of-life humor. It reads like a coming-of-age story. I'm not sure if the references to porn stashes, strange kinks, graphic design, and AO3 toe the line of being out-of-character for Wallflower. But then again there's not much canon info about Wallflower so it's all fair game I guess.

I really liked this. Best of luck in the judging.

P.S. Who is Hailey?

Wow, this was something else. Would not be surprised if this placed highly.

mention of some films you definitely don’t want didn't need to Google


This was a really sweet story. You really showed the range of emotions that Wallflower was feeling so well! And I liked how you showed that Sunset was just as nervous and vulnerable as Wally felt. The sweet little comments and the closeness you showed between they was just wonderful. I loved it.

It's an interesting fic to be sure, but at times I kinda had to stretch my suspension of disbelief. Like Wallflower was a fair bit more confident than I remembered her being. It's just... fairly strange for me as a reader.


I disagree with your interpretation of her character, but that's okay. :twilightsmile:


The Guinea Pig films I've seen are pretty good. A lot of them are, surprisingly, all on Youtube except for Flower of Flesh and Blood.

Serbian Film? I'm not hard enough.

Human Centipede? My reaction was the same as Sunset's. :rainbowwild:


The Arabic numeral thing bugs me I might go back and fix that? But it also feels weird writing it out in that context. IDK. I don't remember going back and forth over this when I was writing but I sure am now.

I'm trying to express my theories on personal interpretations of characters, but my brain isn't working this morning, so I'm just going to say I thought these things through, they felt right to me, and if you don't agree that's completely fine. Also, Wallflower's one of those characters like Mac, Frazzle, Maud, and Fluttershy whom I over-identify with them to the point that I tend hijack them for my own purposes. :derpytongue2:

Hailey is my dog who died on Tuesday. I wanted to memorialize her, and since this was a fairly clean and decently written story by my standards, it felt like a good thing to do. I also put the dedication at the end so I didn't seem like I was trawling for sympathy votes.

Anyway thank you so much for the detailed feedback!


I'm feeling dumb not being able to do anything but say thank you to most of the comments. But THANK YOU!

All seven of them were hot, but Sunset? She was the best of the lot because she wasn’t just hot. She was a bad girl. She put on the sweet act to fit in with her friends, but Wallflower knew that people didn’t change. Sunset knew how to bring the hurt. Emotionally and physically.

By mlp standards.

Then Sunset had started texting her. Just about the yearbook, at first, which is why Sunset even had her number. But in between Wallflower having to explain shockingly basic stuff like why seventy-two DPI web images weren’t going to work in a print book, Sunset had asked her other things. How was your day, what’re you doing after school, do you have any pets, how about this weather, doesn’t Vice Principal Luna have a cute butt for an old lady, bullshit like that. Wallflower never let on how much getting these texts brightened her day, or tried to make it anything more than friendly chit-chat.

Wow, is this the difference between boys texting and girls texting or are they just weird?

Relatively little of Wallflower’s endless misery was due to her mother, to the point where when Wallflower slipped and referred to the person she was going on a date with as ‘her’ mom hadn’t even acted surprised. How did she know? Wallflower wasn’t out! She’d never talked about anybody she thought was cute! Was mom psychic? Had she been going through Wallflower’s porn partition while she was at school?

Wow, it’s always the quiet ones.

J Carp #19 · Monday · · ·

One discarded half-idea I had for a story was Sunset desperately trying to confirm the object of her affections (Trixie, but Wallflower totally works too) was NOT in the gym when Sunset turned into a demon. Because she's operating under a hard moral rule that if you have ever mind-controlled someone, then they are just off the table as a potential sexual partner for the rest of time. You've just given up that privilege.

But this story shows that could go a totally different way, huh?


I have to respect your interpretation of Sunset's integrity.

Posh #21 · Yesterday · · ·

Across the street, two college girls walked by holding hands. Cold claws of envy wrapped around Wallflower’s heart like the claws of a xenomorph.

I have a story where Wallflower doesn’t get an Aliens reference, so this story is automatically disqualified for violating my headcanon.

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