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Sunset Shimmer and Wallflower Blush just started dating. Everything's been going well so far, except for one thing. One nagging suspicion that Sunset can't seem to shake. It doesn't help that Wallflower keeps giving her ample opportunities to worry.

Collab with my girlfriend Scampy during our gay adventure to Gadotville :heart:

Coverart by Sandy :heart:

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Oh god

...the yeet meme is starting:rainbowlaugh:


Starting? :rainbowlaugh: This train has been going for a while now...

As someone who grew up in a rabbit farm, I can confirm that you get used to it.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever been a part of creating.

I've never been more proud 🙏

Sunset Brain-cell 1: What do we do?!

Sunset Brain-cell 2: I know! This always works! *smashes button*

Sunset: "I'M GAY!"

Fluttershy, now finally having understood how accurate Sunset's dire predictions had been, could only watch in utter horror. She grabbed Sunset before she could jump after her. "It's no use, Sunset! She has AirPods™ in!"

Hah! That cover pic!


After all, this is Wallflower Blush we're talking about; there's no way she's not suicidally depressed!

Sunset's channeling her inner Scampy

Rip and tear

Until it's done.

I woke up to a late night Illinois Tornado Warning some 15 minutes before this was posted. Now that I've read it, I don't know weather I'll survive.

...but ok, that Pez Gun. Right?? Right????

"But Sunny! It's triple pepperoni!" Wallflower flailed her arms towards the dining hall. "Triple. Pepper. Oni!"

Wally, I think you've been around Pinkie too much.

When Sunset looked up, Wallflower was examining a ladybug resting on the arm of the bench. "Hey, babe?"

"Yeah?" Wallflower replied, not looking up.

"I'll be right back, okay? I need to, uh… go to the bathroom."

Wallflower held out her finger towards the ladybug. "Okay!"

Ahhh how is she so cute?!

"...I need a therapist," Sunset replied.

Badly :rainbowlaugh:

"Well, if being with her is this stressful for you, have you considered maybe… Not?"

Slamming both hands on the table, Sunset glared at her with the white-hot fury of a thousand suns. "If you ever so much as think that again… I will kill you."

Inner Scampy again.


I'm sensing a pattern here.


Running gags :rainbowlaugh: Sometimes they drag on but this one was great.

Reminds me of this other story, written by Dawnbreez:

TSunset's Suicide Problem
Sunset woke up this morning with bruises on her neck. She's getting more than a little tired of it.
dawnbreez · 1.2k words  ·  94  9 · 2k views

"Good!" Wallflower laughed. "It's been a weird twenty-four hours—er, twenty-six hours—you were a little late, but no worries!—but not that bad! I got a bunch of chocolate pudding, and made a bowl in art class, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd…" She pulled a pair of pink socks with ridges on the bottom from her purse. "I even got these cool grippy socks!"

"Yaaaaaaay," Sunset choked out, trying her best to smile.

"Can we get ice cream on the way home? I'm starving!"

Sunset held back a sigh. "Of course, Wally. Whatever you want."


Oh my god Sunset, you're marrying a child! A green adorable child!

"Can… c-can you come live with me?"

I love that these incidents are what makes the relationship move forward :rainbowlaugh:

"It's a vintage Pez dispenser from the 1960's! The package came just after you left."

I wonder if *sees author's notes* okay, did you know this before hand or did you research it?

And it's featured! still gonna read it Wallflower promise

She had tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it didn't even matter.

Those lyrics are perfect for almost any situation.

The carnage was something out of a gay horror novel.

I never knew I wanted to read something so bad.

That's okay, Wallflower thought with a devious grin. I have more at home.

Yep, Sunset's definitely marrying a child.

So this is what you two have been working on. It was fucking hilarious and I hope Sunset gets better :rainbowlaugh:

This is comedy GOLD. I have not laughed that much since—well, actually, a lot of fictions on this site are great at comedy. STILL. I’m normally not one for dark comedy but this is just hilarious every step of the way. The fact that there’s so many stories where Wallflower does suffer from mental health issues makes this convoluted premise even funnier, because I’m totally with Sunset here that something’s wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all just wacky hijinks. I’ll have to keep reading and see!

I appreciate the continuity. Much funnier this way than if Sunset didn’t start each chapter half-traumatized by the events of the previous ones.

I drew that Wally! :D

ngl I kinda want a pez gun

I very much appreciate that read. I now must take a mandated 3-5 minute break before reading any more FiMFiction lest I pop a vessel from laughing too hard. Definitely reading the rest of your stories; this was delightful.


Im officially convinced that sunset has an overactive mind, and Wallflower’s a complete airhead. Good lord, i can’t believe wallflower hasn’t caught on lol.

This was delightfully silly, poking humor at the horrible themes so often associated with these characters. Like a good britcom, the formula is obvious, repetitious, and (quasi-darkly) humorous throughout! A fun change of pace.

Sometimes, you just have to collab on a roaring preposterous romp.

The comedy was amazing, but I'm going to say what I love about the story is how you stuck the landing. You didn't shy away from the seriousness, but you made it hilarious, which made it a funny, but touching story at the same time. Niiiice

"...I need a therapist," Sunset replied.

Everyone needs a therapist in this world

Jesus Christ, Wallflower. How many times can you make it look like you’re trying to commit suicide?

On the flip side, I had fun reading this! I usually don’t read this kind of content, but I’m glad I didn’t skip over it.

I swear to god, if this story was made just for that joke alone.

Can someone tell me who invited the kool aid man? Because he just broke down Sunset's wall



Son of a bitch, this subverted the hell out of my expectations.

"And it's eighty degrees outside," Sunset pointed out, returning the same amount of skepticism her way.

Not that bad, we had 35°C for the last few days here. Apparently that's 95 in 'Murica.

Also, at some point Sunset will have to explain Wallflower that she adopted a black jaguar...

Well, in this case, Wallflower actually might have drowned, lol. I suppose it's good for their relationship that she has no clue what CPR is.

Silly Sunset, modern toasters are more likely to fry the circuit breakers than the person taking a bath with them. Wally probably knows that.

It's from 1960s. Everyone was on drugs.

Does this girl have no self preservation instinct?

Sunset thinks Wallflower is suicidal.

No. Wallflower is driving Sunset suicidal. I mean, we're already at least Twilighting levels of mental malfunction, it can only get worse.

... I thought it was a chocolate gun.

This can only end in Wallflower dragging Sunset into a love-hate relationship with her and delicious rainbow-flavored candy.

As it has. And it is good.

Mr. Snuggles is the best demon ever!

In a split second, Sunset, redder than a tomato, shouted back, "I'M GAY!"

omg me too???

"The hospital?!" Sunset resumed screech mode. "Do you know how many sharp objects are in a hospital?! How many dangerous drugs?! All the chemicals they use to clean?!"

Why doesn't Sunset like hospital food? These are some of the tastiest morsels they have there. For a girl with bacon hair, she has literally no taste when it comes to the culinary arts.

Her eyes shining with happy tears, Wallflower brought both hands to her cheeks and nodded rapidly. "Ohhhh my gosh, Sunny! Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes! " She hugged Sunset close and nuzzled her neck. "You're so romaaaaaaantic…"

Sunset you are literally a horse girl. Nuzzle her back. She is your girlfriend for fuck's sake.

Holy mother of fucker, I want a Pez gun! đź‘€

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