• Published 21st Jun 2021
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Accidentally In Yeet - Gay For Gadot

Sunset Shimmer and Wallflower Blush just started dating. Everything's been going well so far, except for one thing. One nagging suspicion that Sunset can't seem to shake. It doesn't help that Wallflower keeps giving her ample opportunities to worry.

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Wallflower Blush Wears Sweaters In The Summer

"Wally, aren't you hot wearing that?"

Wallflower Blush looked up from the cafeteria table to give her girlfriend a sideways glance. "Um, it's just my sweater?" she asked rather than replied, eyebrow raised.

"And it's eighty degrees outside," Sunset pointed out, returning the same amount of skepticism her way.

"But we're in the AC. It's fine," Wallflower insisted. With a shrug, she returned to her grilled cheese sandwich.

While Wallflower chewed, Sunset eyed the long sleeves of her girlfriend's sweater. It was true; she had never seen Wallflower without one of her trademark baggy sweaters. Even though it was almost June, Wally continued to keep her arms hidden, despite sweating just as much as Sunset and their friends did under the looming summer heat.

"But what about when we go outside?" Sunset pried again. "You even wear it during gym class."

"It's fine, Sunset." Wallflower looked up from her sandwich to add, "Seriously, it's nothing."


"Just drop it," Wallflower snapped. Sighing, she regained her composure, then asked quietly, "Please?"

After a long pause, Sunset gave a reluctant nod. "Okay, Wally. Sorry."

Though their conversation quickly returned to more mundane—and less worrying—topics, Sunset couldn't stop staring at her sweater sleeves.

Whatever Sunset had been worrying about at lunch didn't matter right now. In fact, nothing mattered. Nothing other than the feeling of Wallflower's arms wrapped tightly around her neck. Or the softness of her lips as they found Sunset's own. And the warmth of her body pressed against hers…

Falling back against the couch, Sunset drew her closer. Her hands wandered through Wallflower's tangled green locks down her neck, and then her back, coming to rest at last around her waist. Through the kiss, Sunset felt Wallflower sigh contentedly at her touch, relaxing in her grasp.

"Sunny…" Wallflower exhaled, her breath warm on Sunset's neck.

When Sunset opened her eyes to gaze upon the girl in her arms, her eyes were drawn to something…

… Well… If there was a word halfway between dreaded and surprising, even that wouldn't fully encapsulate the sight.

In the heat of the moment, Wallflower's long sleeves had been pushed back. What had been revealed made Sunset's heart stop.

Rows and rows of angry red scars lined Wallflower's arms from her wrists down to her elbows. Some were clearly fresh, not even a day or so old; others were ghosts of what they once had been, faded into an almost ethereal white. In the split-second that Sunset looked them over, she tried to count just how many there were.

Just as soon as she'd begun, Wallflower's eyes met Sunset's, tracing what they'd found. Immediately, she pulled away and crossed her arms over her chest, her cheeks burning red with shame.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Sunset looked her girlfriend in the eye. "W-Wally, it's okay, I was just—"

"It's not a big deal, Sunny!" Though she kept her arms crossed, Wallflower visibly attempted to shrug it off. "I just… you know…" She trailed off for a moment, looking all around Sunset's bedroom, before she continued, "I-I just have a cat, y'know. And he—he scratches a lot." A strained giggle escaped her lips. "H-h-he's kinda violent, actually. Heh. But it's no big deal."

Quickly pulling both her sweater sleeves down, Wallflower finished, "S-so don't worry, okay?" With a paper-thin grin—and an awkward, almost cliché eyebrow wiggle that would've made Sunset smile under better circumstances—she leaned in closer. "So, um, ah… Wh-where were we?"

Shaking her head, Sunset brushed her fingers against Wallflower's approaching lips. "Wally, no." Taking her girlfriend's smaller hand in hers, Sunset said, "I think the, uh… mood has passed."

"Oh…" Wallflower looked down at their joined hands. "Oh, um. Okay."

In the ensuing silence, Sunset's thoughts turned to the conversation that awaited them. It would be a monumental task—something far from pillow talk. Though they'd only been dating a few weeks, Sunset had seen the signs, listened to her intuition, and done her research. And yet...

Despite all her preparations, this wouldn't be easy. The clamminess of her own hands—and the very threads by which, she, herself, was hanging in this moment—confirmed that beyond all doubt.

No, if Sunset was going to have this conversation with Wallflower, this was neither the time, nor the place. It needed to happen… but that didn't mean it needed to happen now.

Realizing how dejected Wallflower looked, Sunset gave her hands another reassuring squeeze. "Sorry, it's just… It's getting late," she added. A little too quickly, perhaps, though a glance at her alarm clock confirmed it was a reasonable excuse.

Wallflower slowly followed her gaze. "Oh, well, I guess you're—holy shit, it's almost midnight!"

Before Sunset could even blink, Wallflower scrambled to grab her purse and backpack. "I gotta go! My parents are gonna flip if they find out I was out this late on a school night!"

"Wally, we've got, like, two weeks of school left."


After a quick kiss goodbye, Wallflower rushed down the stairs and sprinted out the door, leaving Sunset's apartment behind with a loud thud.

As the dust settled, Sunset took one long, deep breath, then began to pour through a pile of textbooks and workbooks she'd set aside for this occasion. Although she'd read through them multiple times before, she wanted—no, needed—to make sure she was truly ready for this.

If things went badly, Sunset might never get another chance.

Deep breaths. In. Out. In… and out.

While the weather had turned mercifully mild, Sunset was dripping sweat. A night of re-reading clinical jargon and case studies had worn on her just as much as the weight of it all; she could barely stand up without feeling like she was going to pass out. Her heart hammered, her hands shook, and her boots tapped against the porch of their own accord. Haphazard, relentless rhythms, all nonsense and nerves churning while Sunset gathered the courage to knock on the door.

Finally, Sunset Shimmer took a deep breath, and changed her relationship with Wallflower Blush forever.

Knock, knock. One, two… three.

"It's open! Come in!"

Though the voice was familiar—and uncharacteristically chipper, if Sunset were being honest— it brought no comfort. Hiding behind the façade of a taut smile, Sunset took one last breath—

And opened the door—


A flurry of razor-sharp claws and a cacophony of shrieks straight out of Tartarus flooded Sunset's eyes and ears. She tried to scream, nearly falling backwards, as the beast latched onto her face. Pain and torment rained from above. A sea of unholy violence ensued, Sunset too dazed and confused to react. Seconds dragged to minutes dragged to hours, her innocent flesh being rendered to shreds all the while.

"Mr. Snuggles, NO!"

Suddenly, Sunset was saved by something that she had no word for in her native Equestria. Here, they were called angels.

The angel pulled the foul beast from Sunset's mauled face. As Sunset caught her breath, the world gradually returned to normal, and she faced her savior with wide eyes. "Wally?!"

A pair of trembling green arms held up… a cat. And not just any cat. No, Sunset had seen cats before, on both sides of the mirror. None had ever looked remotely anything like—like this. This was a monstrosity of shaggy black fur, enormous green eyes, and more claws than any dragon of Equestrian legend.

"Mr. Snuggles, bad kitty!" Wallflower Blush scolded the growling, hissing, spitting ball of hate.

Mr. Snuggles continued to scream.

Wallflower pulled the awful void close and gave it a—a hug?! Sunset could barely believe it, but that's exactly what Wallflower did.

Mr. Snuggles didn't cease his assault. Rather, he directed it upon his apparent owner, scratching and biting in a tornado of torment. If Wallflower was bothered by this, she paid it no mind. "I'm so sorry, Sunset!" she exclaimed, petting her demonic furball while frowning at her girlfriend. "He's normally so friendly!"

"Buh…" Sunset replied, still feeling blood dripping down her forehead.

With one last wicked screech, Mr. Snuggles escaped from Wallflower's arms and ran into the house… but not before stopping to hiss at Sunset one last time.

"Aw, you see that?" Wallflower smiled, bringing her hands to her cheeks. "I think he likes you, Sunny!"

Sunset gulped. "... R-r-right."

"Anyway…" Still wearing a bright smile, Wallflower pecked at Sunset's cheek. "Soooo, what brings you here? Wanted to surprise me?"

Sunset blinked, staring after the monster as it passed. Her eyes fell to her forearms, where a roadmap of angry red wounds stared back at her, from her wrists down to her elbows…

Wallflower laid a hand on Sunset's shoulder. "Oh, don't worry about those, Sunny! They heal up real fast. You get used to it." She winked. "Trust me, I would know."

Her eyes widening, Sunset looked back up at her girlfriend, feeling anything but reassured. "Right…"