• Published 21st Jun 2021
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Accidentally In Yeet - Gay For Gadot

Sunset Shimmer and Wallflower Blush just started dating. Everything's been going well so far, except for one thing. One nagging suspicion that Sunset can't seem to shake. It doesn't help that Wallflower keeps giving her ample opportunities to worry.

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Sunset Shimmer Loses Her Mind

As Wallflower's question lingered, Sunset Shimmer simply stared at her.

And stared.

And… stared.

When the silence hung for far too long, Wallflower gave a nervous chuckle. "H-heh, this whole Skittles™ thing was pretty crazy? R-right, Sunny?"

Sunset kept staring.

"I-I mean, c'mon! I ate, like, almost twenty pounds of Skittles! Isn't that c-crazy?" Tangling her fingers in her long, green hair, Wallflower tried to avoid Sunset's unrelenting gaze. "H-heh, yup, I definitely have a problem! Ha, ha, ha…"


Sitting up in her hospital bed, Wallflower reached for her girlfriend's hand. "Um, a-are you okay, Sunny?"

Sunset's hand fell limp in her grasp.

"Pl-please say something," Wallflower whispered, on the verge of tears.

As if on command, something flickered in Sunset's dull, lifeless eyes. Slowly, she pulled her hand away from Wallflower's…

And laughed.

And laughed.

And. Laughed.

Sunset doubled over, holding her stomach as she howled with laughter. Beside her, Wallflower was laughing, too. At first.

Soon, Wallflower's mirth dissipated into awkward chuckles. However, Sunset kept it up. She continued to laugh, laugh, laugh, so loud and so forcefully that Wallflower was genuinely concerned she might break something.

The phrase "cracking up" never made so much sense. Whatever Sunset found so funny must have been the best, most hilarious, epic—

Annnnnnnnnnnnd Sunset was crying.

Not tears of laughter. No, those had appeared almost fifteen minutes ago. These were different.


Still doubled over, Sunset staggered towards the bed. She bonked Wallflower in the head as she leaned down, trembling. Ear-piercing sobs replaced the splitting, shrieking laughter that had proceeded it. Within seconds, the sleeves of Wallflower's hospital gown were soaked in tears.

"Wh-what's wrong?" Hating how fearful she sounded, Wallflower took in a breath. As she held Sunset close, she added, "Talk to me, Sunny. You're scaring me."

Sunset wailed in response.

"Um… I-it's okay, Sunny. I'm here. J-just breathe..."

Stroking Sunset's hair with slow, gentle motions, Wallflower decided to let her words linger. It was beyond obvious by now that whatever troubled Sunset far surpassed the Skittles™ incident. She tried to think back over the past few weeks, wondering if there was something she had missed. Things had been a little hectic between the start of college classes and Wallflower moving in… but nothing that should have had Sunset upset like this.

The longer Sunset wept, the more anxious Wallflower became. Instead of falling apart alongside her, Wallflower willed herself to stay strong. She focused on the feel of her girlfriend's soft, wavy locks beneath her touch, as well as the pace of her own breathing.

After what felt like an eternity, Sunset stopped crying. When she looked up at Wallflower, it was all the latter could do to keep her heart from breaking. She'd never seen Sunset look like this before.

Between sniffles, Sunset croaked, "Wh-why, Wally?"

"Because Skittles™ are so great?" Wallflower replied with a half-smile.

As soon as she said it, Wallflower saw the most dejected, forlorn expression on Sunset's face. She hugged Sunset tighter and sighed. "Sorry. I respond to big, scary feelings with silly deflections sometimes."

"...I-it's okay," Sunset murmured.

"No, not really." Wallflower nuzzled the top of Sunset's head. "I guess I'm just… really confused?" She paused. "It's just… I know it would be scary to hear that your girlfriend's in the hospital, but I didn't think it would be this scary."

Sunset muttered something inaudible.


"I-I…" Untucking her head from beneath Wallflower's arms, Sunset looked her in the eye at last. "I-I just don't understand why you k-keep trying to—"

As Sunset trailed off, Wallflower prompted, "To…?"

More mumbles.

"I'm—I'm sorry, Sunny, but I didn't—"

"Why do you want to kill yourself?" Sunset blurted.

Wallflower could barely believe what she'd just heard. She bit her tongue, trying not to feel defensive. Doing so was far easier said than done. Those words—even coming from someone she loved—set her on edge.

Why would Sunset even think of something like that? What was the point of everything she had done since the Memory Stone, if the person closest to her thought that she was—that she was still

Just what had Sunset seen with her geode? Something other than the Skittles™ incident? Something from… before?


Shaking away her thoughts, Wallflower glanced down into Sunset's widened eyes. "Sorry, sorry. Bad time to be lost in thought, heh…"

Both of them fell silent. The time for giggles had passed.

Choosing her words carefully, Wallflower asked, "What makes you think I feel that way?"

As if she'd been struck, Sunset flinched.

Wallflower recoiled at her response. Trying to remember what her therapist had taught her about initiating difficult conversations, she didn't immediately reply. Instead, she waited for Sunset to react. Clearly, she wanted to.

Wallflower didn't have to wait long.

"A-all the scars on your arms."

Wallflower tilted her head. "But you've met Mr. Snuggles. He did the same thing to you!"

"... Fair enough."

"Right, so—"

"You almost dropped your toaster in your bath," Sunset interjected.

Wallflower raised her hand… then let it fall. "Okay, maybe that wasn't the best idea in retrospect." A slight giggle escaped her lips. "But toaster strudel is just that good, Sunset!"

The slight giggle was not returned. Sunset looked like she was made of stone.

Frowning, Wallflower looked away for a moment. Then, slowly turning back to Sunset, she asked, "Is there anything else that's—"

"You almost drowned yourself in the lake."

"I'm a really bad swimmer—"

Sunset's voice grew louder. "You jumped off a parking deck."

"I slipped on a banana peel! Rainbow Dash's banana peel! She's the one you should be— "

Sunset crossed her arms. "You stepped in front of a bus."

"I tripped!" Wallflower threw her hands up. "My shoelaces were untied!"

"I found you with a noose around your neck!"

Wallflower pinched the bridge of her nose. "Well, I'm sorry! The instructions were really confusing, and I did the best I could setting up the Bowflex™!"

"You put a GUN in your MOUTH, Wallflower!" Sunset practically shouted.

Wallflower raised a finger to object.

… And thought about it.

Really thought about it.

Wallflower lowered her finger. And blinked. "Oh." She blinked again. "Ohhhhhh." And… a third blink. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

The sun itself would never face a dawn quite like the one that pressed on Wallflower Blush.

Wallflower was yanked from her reverie by Sunset's trembling whimper.

"I-I don't understand!" Sunset's eyes shimmered with fresh tears. "I-is it because of me? W-was it something I did?"

"No!" Wallflower took both of Sunset's hands in her own. "Of course not!"

"Th-then why—"

"Sunset, listen to me." Wallflower took a deep breath. "I haven't felt that way for a long time. Not since what happened with the Memory Stone." She looked down at their joined hands. "Ever since then, I've been seeing a therapist every week. My parents had no idea I felt that way, but as soon as they knew, they got me help, and I've been working on my problems. It's not easy, but... " She trailed off into a small smile. "It's better. Much better."

Wallflower paused to let her words sink in. As Sunset looked on, she continued, "I-I never wanted you to know I had those kinds of thoughts in the past. That's not a part of myself that's easy to share. Plus, I, uh…" A bitter chuckle. "Didn't want you to worry, heh. Guess that worked out well, didn't it?"

Sunset glanced down at their hands, but didn't say anything.

Wallflower sighed. "I know the things that have happened the past few weeks look pretty bad, but I promise they weren't intentional. And not only that, but…" She gently squeezed Sunset's hands. "I promise that if I ever do feel that way again—and I'm not just being clumsy or dumb—"

Sunset cut in, "You're not dumb."

"Ehhhh, I kinda am." Wallflower chuckled. "But that's okay. You love me anyway."

The hint of a smile crossed Sunset's face. "I do."

"And I love you." Wallflower pressed her forehead against Sunset's. "And I promise that if I ever do have thoughts like that, I will come to you first. Okay?"

When Sunset smiled, Wallflower knew that she truly believed her.


Together, they shared a soft kiss, then held each other close.

Suddenly, the door to Wallflower's room burst open. In charged Pinkie Pie, carrying a modest plate of burritos. "Who wants burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrritos?! I put Skittles™ in yours, Wally!"

Sunset admonished, "No Skittles™ for Wallflower."

That's okay, Wallflower thought with a devious grin. I have more at home.

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Oh god

...the yeet meme is starting:rainbowlaugh:


Starting? :rainbowlaugh: This train has been going for a while now...

Scampy #5 · June 21st · · ·

This is the dumbest thing I've ever been a part of creating.

I've never been more proud 🙏

Hah! That cover pic!



I woke up to a late night Illinois Tornado Warning some 15 minutes before this was posted. Now that I've read it, I don't know weather I'll survive.

...but ok, that Pez Gun. Right?? Right????


As you should be, my dear :heart:

RDT #10 · June 21st · · ·

Running gags :rainbowlaugh: Sometimes they drag on but this one was great.

Reminds me of this other story, written by Dawnbreez:

TSunset's Suicide Problem
Sunset woke up this morning with bruises on her neck. She's getting more than a little tired of it.
dawnbreez · 1.2k words  ·  85  8 · 1.2k views

And it's featured! still gonna read it Wallflower promise

That's okay, Wallflower thought with a devious grin. I have more at home.

Yep, Sunset's definitely marrying a child.

So this is what you two have been working on. It was fucking hilarious and I hope Sunset gets better :rainbowlaugh:

I drew that Wally! :D

ngl I kinda want a pez gun

I very much appreciate that read. I now must take a mandated 3-5 minute break before reading any more FiMFiction lest I pop a vessel from laughing too hard. Definitely reading the rest of your stories; this was delightful.

Posh #15 · June 21st · · ·


mein gott

This was delightfully silly, poking humor at the horrible themes so often associated with these characters. Like a good britcom, the formula is obvious, repetitious, and (quasi-darkly) humorous throughout! A fun change of pace.

Sometimes, you just have to collab on a roaring preposterous romp.

The comedy was amazing, but I'm going to say what I love about the story is how you stuck the landing. You didn't shy away from the seriousness, but you made it hilarious, which made it a funny, but touching story at the same time. Niiiice

Jesus Christ, Wallflower. How many times can you make it look like you’re trying to commit suicide?

On the flip side, I had fun reading this! I usually don’t read this kind of content, but I’m glad I didn’t skip over it.

Can someone tell me who invited the kool aid man? Because he just broke down Sunset's wall

This can only end in Wallflower dragging Sunset into a love-hate relationship with her and delicious rainbow-flavored candy.

As it has. And it is good.

69th like when?

What kind of hospital doesn’t let you eat those?

So actually we just thought the idea of a pez gun was funny, then on a whim I looked it up and turns out it's real lmao

Especially in the dark after the lights go out...

Incredible. I'd initially guessed it was a look-alike squirt gun filled with some beverage.

Proof that people will try to sell anything :rainbowlaugh:


This was gold.

And with that, my Wallflower Promise has been fulfilled. Have a like and a bookshelf. Good day!

*Le teleport*

That was horrimazing.


This is the dumbest thing I've ever been a part of creating.

Clearly you haven't done an (in)famous collab with Super Trampoline yet!

I wish there was a sequel to this in the future

Ah, now that's good conflict resolution. And yes, you did end up passing the subject the respect it needs. My only question now is, exactly what happened to Rainbow Dash, what was her vise of choice?

What the shards did I just read? And how was it so funny?

Author Interviewer

Sunset cut in, "You're not dumb."

"Ehhhh, I kinda am." Wallflower chuckled. "But that's okay. You love me anyway."

Pretty much this. :D

This was delightful.

This was splendid, thank you.

I’ll shoot Pez down your throat. :trixieshiftright:

Days later, lying awake, realizing that for all intents and purposes, I do not recall Sunset & Wallflower actually getting yote in the same moment at any given point in the story.

Honestly kind of surprised this ended with something other than Sunset being committed.

Or a very ironic murder suicide.

That would have been my second guess.

Just what had Sunset seen with her geode? Something other than the Skittles™ incident? Something from… before?

This was the point where I realized the chapter was not going in the direction I thought it was heading. Brilliantly done.

The sun itself would never face a dawn quite like the one that pressed on Wallflower Blush.

Absolute poetry.

So this was definitely not what I expected, which was something that would be a continuation of the tone of the previous chapters, with Wallflower being wacky and oblivious. Structurally it makes sense, since both the POV character and the name in the chapter title shift too, so the tonal change is not jarring. I'd been loving the work so far as a really well done and hilarious deconstruction of the genre, and would have been more than satisfied if it ended that way, but the reconstruction of suddenly treating the matter with gravity and hinting at a darker and more serious background really adds something to it that makes me appreciate what came before it even more. There's something about ending a wacky comedy with straight gravity and pathos that just gives me the feeling of Literature. Deconstruction/reconstructions are also, like, my favorite thing ever, so thank you for this.

So I came into this expecting some top-tier, A-grade Silly Bint Wally accompanied by a frankly unhealthy amount of pitch-black humour, and by gum you delivered that in spades. But what I wasn’t expecting that you also managed to deliver was a rather biting commentary on the stupid clichés often found in relationship fics involving a depressed/suicidal character.

You hit on all the things that a lesser story would take at face-value: Sunset’s absurd hero complex, her hyperawareness, even Wallflower’s behaviours being so outwardly visible, obnoxious even. But by turning it into a joke, you point out how insulting they are when the same tropes are implemented seriously. Hell, Sunset arguably makes the situation worse half the time through her erratic behaviour and constant worrying, which can even be interpreted as an interesting kind of lesson: You don’t “save” someone from suicidal tendencies.

For some reason, I’m drawn to Fluttershy’s scene in Steps In Front Of A Bus, and I can’t help but draw parallels to her interpretation in the latest chapter of Scampy’s Best Left Forgotten. It almost makes for one of the most serious scenes in the story, with Fluttershy offering genuine advice and Sunset being a parody of herself. I was laughing throughout the whole damn exchange, but I couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a terrible person for it…

Though the overarching themes are enough to make someone laugh for all the wrong reasons, Accidentally In Yeet certainly isn’t shy of one liners that make you burst out laughing (also for all the wrong reasons). “Sunset Shimmer, with her boundless intellect, knew that Wallflower was searching for ways to kill herself”, the perfectly-timed “I’M GAY!” and, of course, the ubiquitous “Buh?”’s all made for some ‘snort into my tea mid-drink’ moments.

"Sorry. I respond to big, scary feelings with silly deflections sometimes."

Alright I wasn’t expecting to be called the hell out like that. What the dickens, dude.

The ending turned out to be a pretty sombre look at some serious themes as well, and served as a constructive way of rounding off the story. Where the prior chapters mock the stupid clichés, the ending serves to tone things down a bit and offer a way of writing these topics properly. Awkwardly, uncertainly, but with a calmness that exposes a certain respect. It’s not tonal whiplash, but rather a compare-and-contrast of how to write about sensitive topics. I certainly wasn’t expecting a moral to this story, but you managed to weave one in anyway. Bravo.

I must say, though. Given the “T” rating and obvious silliness, I was surprised by some of the saucier moments in here. References to “the rough stuff”, suggestive waggling of eyebrows, the bath scene…

So, when do you think you’re going to collab on the M-rated, ultra-spicy sequel:

Like A Mare In Yeet?

Was this entire comment leading up to that one stupid joke at the end?


Am I ashamed of myself?

Of course. For everything. Every day.




I'm sorry.... I just had to say my favorite word like that in different sizes. XD

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