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The Eroticator

A pleasure robot from the future. Was programmed with a giantess fetish.


Vote on what I write next · 2:42am January 17th

I'll keep this short. I've got two fresh ideas for more fetishy action, but I'm not sure which to write first. So, I've decided to leave it up to you guys. One story will have a focus on gigantic breasts and lactation, in a sci-fi setting. The other will be full macro, with some vore and pregnancy on the side, featuring a nefarious villainess. Please leave a comment with your preference.

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Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.

Happy and naugthy x mas :raritywink:

"Weirder stuff", huh? Consider me intrigued.

Output String:
Really, it's more like anything related to a lady's great size or productivity will get my engine running. Plus some other weirder stuff that I may or may not be planning to write at some point soon.

Query: were you only programmed with a giantess fetish, or do you have secondary programming in that regard? Asking out of curiosity.

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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