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Giant Growing Twilight Series · 2:28am Apr 9th, 2016

Some of you may or may not know the artist Shieltar, who did both versions of the cover pic for Twilight's Diet 1. His initial artwork was what inspired me to write the story in the first place, and when I learned he was thinking about turning the pic into a series, I decided to reach out to him to see if I could commission him. He said yes, and the result has been a series that we've been working on ever since!

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September 2018 Updates · 10:38pm September 10th


I’m pleased to say that the move went (mostly) well. There’s been an issue in securing a bed, but it’s getting ironed out.

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I agree! Thats also one of the reasons, why i dont mind the first EG movie that much. Up untill that Point the Elements were just used as deus ex machina, that just work the way theyre intended to. But sunset being able to exploit a flaw in their security to Bypass the authentification process… if only the element spontaneously decided to switch sides (treelights interference?)

Anyway, there are also many Story aplications for treelight as a physical character. Being an embodiment of the strongest magic in the universe (as far as we know) as well as an AI, she has the potential to be quite an interesting character. She can theoretically grow to any size she wants, and even if she were as small as a breeezie, she could still be strong enough to lift canterlot mountain.

But from what was said in the Episode "what lies beneath" the astral projection Thing seems to be a failry new feature of hers, as she commented how her abilities grew over time. So she might not have much data on how to interact with regular beings.

This alone could lead to a sexy Version of Rockhoofs episode. If you factor in, that she is also connected to/is the map, she could also try to teach lessons herself, bragging Rights style


I like that they're doing more stuff relating to the elements of harmony again. That whole concept was one of the pillars of the show, and honestly, has led to some of the best episodes for me.

Just out of curiosity, whats your opinion on treelight sparkle? (aka sparkly Twilight)

I knew as soon as I saw the title "Prodigal Princess Progenies" it would end up in your favorites. :D

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