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Giant Growing Twilight Series · 2:28am Apr 9th, 2016

Some of you may or may not know the artist Shieltar, who did both versions of the cover pic for Twilight's Diet 1. His initial artwork was what inspired me to write the story in the first place, and when I learned he was thinking about turning the pic into a series, I decided to reach out to him to see if I could commission him. He said yes, and the result has been a series that we've been working on ever since!

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September 2018 Updates · 10:38pm September 10th


I’m pleased to say that the move went (mostly) well. There’s been an issue in securing a bed, but it’s getting ironed out.

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I knew as soon as I saw the title "Prodigal Princess Progenies" it would end up in your favorites. :D

Have you considered a story where Discord gets pregnant?


Not for the foreseeable future.

Don't suppose you plan on giving Celestia and Twilight the sexy pregnancy treatment?

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