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Hello, and welcome to Aspects of Celestia. A group dedicated to celebrating that most wonderful of ponies, Princess Celestia.

This group differs from other Celestia-oriented groups, or most groups on FimFiction for that matter. This group does not organize stories into folders based on genre. Instead stories are organized by which facet of Celestia they represent.

Please note, that with one exception, this group holds to the same standards of Protect Celestia. Trollestia and Molestia are not accepted here.

Please add stories to the single folder most appropriate.

Mother - Celestia being motherly, matronly, etc.

Teacher - Anything from Celestia shaping minds, to simply teaching the finer points of tea-time etiquette.

As a Sister - Celestia being a sister , not a guilt wracked mess.

Lover - Celestia as a significant other, wife, schoolyard crush, etc...

Ruler - Celestia making the hard decisions, and setting an example for all of example for all of Equestria to live by. Or simply dealing with the day-to-day stresses of ruling a country.

Mare - Stories where Celestia is just being herself.

Friend - Celestia being a friend.

Warrior - Celestia kicking copious amounts of posterior without getting slapped in the face by the Worf effect.

Human - Celestia as a human.

Flank - Clopfics.

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:twilightblush: Hi, I'm still getting used to using this website and don't know how this works. So I wanted to ask if I could reccomend a fic for this group? It's not mine but I think it would fit well in the mother file.

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