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During Lesson Zero, Spike warned Celestia of Twilight's impending breakdown. What if Spike did this during the course of many episodes, with Celestia valuing his input?

Sometimes, however, it backfires on the both of them, as in the case of A Canterlot Wedding. Afterwards, Celestia has a heartfelt chat with Spike.

First two chapters are letters being traded back and forth with one actual scene. Family Celestia and Spike, Momlestia. Cover art by JAEneth, used with permission.

Day 2 of my Self-Imposed 28 Fics in 28 Days Challenge

Chapters (3)
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This was truly an enjoyable read.
Short but sweet^^

RB_ #2 · Feb 2nd, 2017 · · 1 · Aftermath ·

Well, that was nice and sweet.

Couple things in chapter two:

1) Celestia uses 'Bridesmaids', but Spike uses 'Bridesmares'. It doesn't come off as being a typo made by Spike, so I don't know if that was intentional, but it stood out as being odd.


'Luna and me'.

C'mon, Emp. You're better than this. It's Celestia saying it too, so you have no excuse.

And in chapter three:

To a one, I was more than just a teacher to them

Not sure what you were trying to say, there. 'To each one', maybe?

I'm glad you were able to revisit the Canterlot Wedding in a way that made sense. Although, the one thing that still bothered me was the fact that you didn't cover the issue of Twilight going missing for almost a whole day between the rehearsal and the wedding itself. What went through the mind of Celestia throughout that time? Shouldn't someone have brought up concerns that one of the element bearers hadn't been seen for some time? What did Spike do when Twilight failed to return to their room during the night?

I know I sound nitpicky, but Twily going missing was a detail that was far more significant than the misunderstandings during rehearsal.

Anyway, I'll just say good job before I sound too negative on the count of rambling about my own interpretation of those episodes.

7915795 In the show, isn't the term "bridlemaids"?


7915833 Episode transcript on the Wiki has it as 'bridesmaids'.

7915838 Hmm, good point. For some reason I've always heard it as "bridlemaids," and I've seen fanfics that have it each way.

Myself, I like the more equine term, but that's just me.

More Momlestia and Spike fics!!!

mad man back at again with some FLUFF

Wish I could go back and tell past me to get over watch and not battleborn

7915795 'To a one' is a bit of an archaic expression that kind of says "each of them" but also "down to the very last one of them". You also see it as "to a man" as in "Did Washington have their support? They supported their leader to a man".

Very nice chapter. Really like this insight into what was going on in other places.

Cadance’s behayvior.


7916350 i would think that's a pun? Isn't that so?

Because hay and ponies..?

7916244 I have both - actually preordered Battleborn with season pass. :facehoof: Finally picked up Overwatch a few months later when it became almost impossible to find a match on Battleborn. And the worst part was I found Overwatch to be a MAJOR letdown. I loved Battleborn, but Overwatch was just a big pile of meh to me. No (in game) story, fewer characters, loot boxes that just give outfits, taunts, and other worthless crap (vs actual powerups that aid in your gameplay. Maybe you get useful stuff at higher levels?) No real options for leveling (vs. Battleborn where you can level your player overall, your individual characters, AND a 10 step leveling in-match allowing you to fine tune your buffs during the match.) And the characters are much more interesting - I'll take Orendi any day over any of the bland Overwatch bunch. Plus she reminds me of Discord! :rainbowwild:

Battleborn was smothered by hype, nothing more. But that was enough. So annoying. :flutterrage:


7916251 Ah, my mistake then.

Very nice! :twilightsmile: I love these sorts of stories, and the Spike / Celestia relationship is almost always on I like to see explored. Looking forward to the rest of your challenge stories! :raritywink:

Oh, and this of course deserves some :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

I love Momlestia and Spike stories. I love them to death.

Henceforth, I love this story.


Thanks, editing the 'Luna and me' to 'Luna and I'. I rewatched It's About Time and ACW beforehand, and I think I know what happened: I used bridesmaids correct the first time as actually said in ACW, then tripped up on it the second time because I was thinking bridesmares again after Shining Armor's multiple uses of the term 'best mare'. 7916251 addresses that last point about 'to a one'.

7916592 Thank you very much!

7916766 Do you know, I actually had it as part of my headcanon that Chrysalis had a changeling take Twilight's place for a day? That's likely why I didn't even think about that even as I used the alternative perspective to flesh out Celestia abandoning Twilight so quickly. I suppose that can be the official reason for this fic, that a changeling imitated Twilight for a day, so everypony else was peripherally aware that she was supposedly still around.

Otherwise, thanks, yeah. ACW is something I've thought a little bit about in terms of the timeline, and so this fic employs a little of my reasoning (for example, that Celestia and Spike both realise Twilight hasn't seen Cadance in years and think Twilight is expecting Cadance to be the exact same pony she was five or ten years ago).

7916397 It's actually Spike being a kid and not getting quite every one of his words correct. I mention that in my author's note in the last chapter that I made a few deliberate mistakes for him, along with of course the obvious differences in letter formatting where Celestia does indent and Spike doesn't.

7916692 Yes, Celestia error fixed, thanks (and yeah, the Spike stuff is deliberate).

7916344 Thanks, yep. As I mention in my Author Note for the last chapter, It's About Time fits perfectly with the idea Spike was trading letters with Celestia.

7916679 Different takes on canon for different fics, really.

Agreed, I hate it when fics act like the two barely know each other. Even canon says that Celestia raised Spike through much of his early years.

Lovely and beautiful. Beautifully lovely. Beautifullovely! :pinkiehappy:
Always refreshing to read something so family oriented, from anywhere. I'm glad I got to read this. I'd like to view what else you have in store. Very, well done.

Love it. Very big fan of Spike and Momlestia. Will be following you and hoping there could be more for this story.

Very detailed and in character. Amazing job.

Beautiful chapter. Loved it.

I love momlestia stories, especially if spike is the son in it. Great story, great dialogue, and even great imaginary as well. I want more momlestia.

Bravo, Emp! Momlestia and Spike is something there always needs to be more of, and this tied together several episodes very neatly. :twilightsmile:

Really nice to see a Momlestia and Spike story. Usually all the maternal Celestia stories are focused on Twilight (or more recently Sunset), so poor Spike is always overlooked. Well, either that or Twilight is his parent/big sister figure, and considering how big of an oblivious jerk Twilight is pre-Ponyville, that's not exactly a good role model.

Great way of weaving this in with canon too. The time travel episode was basically Twilight going crazy again, as well as coming up with good reasons for why Twilight hasn't talked to Cadance in years. If shapeshifters hadn't been introduced, Twilight would have been in the wrong at the wedding, but of course in the end the show has to have it so that Twilight is right while everyone else is wrong.

I do wonder sometimes about Celestia intentionally having Spike there as an early warning system on Twilight, especially at his age, but nice way of framing it as a learning experience for him too. I wish canon had more to say on how Spike fits into the sort of family between Twilight and Celestia, but otherwise great fics like this help fill in the blanks.

"Instruhments" shouldn't have an H in it.

Wow, I didn't know I needed a fic like this in my life. That was adorable. Nice job.

This is simply grand.

7918983 This story is in a letter format from Spike to Celestia. So while from a overall grammatical standpoint it's wrong, but that might have been a deliberate choice from the author to have Spike make that mistake.

It wasn't one of my favorite episodes back when I was still a fan of the show. :unsuresweetie:

7919508 I didn't realize that until I got to the author's note on the last chapter.

I really do like this. It's a nice change and an interesting insight into Spike's life, in addition to showing him in his more childlike form. I've seen fics with the odd premise of the Mane 6 sending letters to Celestia, but never Spike.


loot boxes that just give outfits, taunts, and other worthless crap (vs actual powerups that aid in your gameplay. Maybe you get useful stuff at higher levels?) No real options for leveling (vs. Battleborn where you can level your player overall, your individual characters, AND a 10 step leveling in-match allowing you to fine tune your buffs during the match.)

See, I think that those are actually advantages of Overwatch over Battleborn. I might be dating myself here, but I've always approached shooters as contests of skill on an even footing*. It should be about which team is better (skills and coordination), not which team spent more time grinding or money buying things. The only part of that that sounds remotely acceptable is the in-match leveling, which would be alright in competitive but sounds like a stone bitch in modes that allow backfilling.

*Well, as even as possible. But I'd really be dating myself if I started ranting about LPBs.

It's well enough written barring needing a little more proofreading.

But there's a few issues for me
( 1 ) Even granted Spike thinks of Celestia as "Mom", his reaction seems pretty cold toward Twilight compared to how it's depicted in the show. His worst fear (as shown in King Sombra's trap) wasn't being spurned by Celestia, it was being abandoned by Twilight. (though it was good to remind us of his tie to Celestia. A monarch making time for childraising is pretty exceptional. after all)

( 2 ) You need an AU tag if you're going with the tack that actually, Faux-Cadance's actions were perfectly normal and acceptable. (Or at a minimum some sign that lingering changeling magic is making them falsely handwave any discrepancies.) Twilight has made many genuine mistakes (like the whole Mare Do Well plan!) that she needs to be called out on. But the episode as written is not one of these cases.

( 3 ) If this is meant to be a realistic take on mental health issues, it fails. You don't "discipline" someone out of having whatever it is Twilight's having. To the degree such behaviour is voluntary and cognitive based (as opposed to involuntary and brain chemistry/endorphin malfunction/whatever driven), -therapy- is the only reliable fix (and it should be raised what Celestia's plan B is if therapy doesn't work). (Or if there is a magical method being used here which presumably takes time and effort).

If you're taking the tack that there is no practice of psychology in Equestria, Celestia should be just a bit more concerned about Twilight's behaviour. To make this work, you also need to also postulate there's nothing like Buddhism (it can be practiced in a non spiritual context, arguably this is more true to the original intent than the current majority practice).

Now, Taoism isn't the same thing as Buddhism, but they do share a common approach in attempting to bypass rationality and get practioners into the here and now. But given the whole "Alicorn Tao" symbol at the start of the series it seems odd to think there's nothing like one or both of these in Equestria?

I could buy Celestia letting the gang all freak out as often as they do to set up some aggressive group therapy. (Twilight's not the only crazy one here!) Or to get them ready to cooperate in some arduous magical quest for healing. But in a "realistic" story something more than "just exert self discipline to avoid being crazy" doesn't work very well.

Still it was an interesting idea.

EDIT: Especially given that you wrote this in a short time. Just I hope you think about this sort of thing for your longer works, I mean.

Nice job weaving in various bits of other episodes, like the Moondancer reference. Good story.

This is a very good short story.


I can imagine Celestia might have taken care of some of Spike's needs when Twilight was too young

No imagine about it. Lauren confirmed that this is what happened.

I really liked reading this.

7924247 I'm not sure if she outright confirmed it or just suggested this. I personally love this scenario but logically I think it was more likely either Spike spent his early years in a nursery raised by various staff or Twilight did take him home to his own family.

Interesting. Very interesting. I would like to read more Behind-the-Scenes stories like this.

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