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Celestia has a busy life, getting up early to raise the sun, going to meetings, wondering around Canterlot and then, going to bed late at Luna's night. So much coffee is used, Celestia probably is the only reason the Canterlot coffee shops stay open. Either way, she does a lot. We know some of the things she does in her everyday life. But what does she not tell us, because it's not important, and what does she not want to admit? With this group, you can find it all out with the stories in the folders.

This is a group based around the everyday life of Princess Celestia, from comedy to clop. Weird to the wonderful. There are only a few requirements.

1) Your story must have Princess Celestia as a main character.
2) Don't be a jerk to other members! Seriously. We may not know everything Celestia want's and does, but we do know she want's everypony to be loving and caring for each other.
3) Have fun! There's nothing better than a group that has tonnes of fun and likes to snoop around Celestia's untold business.

Taco Pony

Link for the banner if you'd like it:

Celestia will help you understand the universe!

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