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A man is driving home, thinking about beating his wife. Along the way, he passes a turtle. I am that turtle.


Let's be blunt. · 2:36am June 28th

My life has not been too busy to write horse words. I have not done ANYTHING in the last month and some amount of time before that. I haven't worked, I haven't really gone anywhere, I haven't hanged out with anyone besides my cousin once.

I'm just really depressed~

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Your story inspired me to want to make a story taking place in high nobility Canterlot, so thank you~!!

Also it was great-

That fuzzy feeling when an author you admire likes your work.:heart:

Even your really old, definitely-wasn't-a-good-writer-yet first try like Blueblood Chronicles.:derpyderp1:

Thanks for the vibes!

Comment posted by hoodieninja447 deleted February 13th

This is exactly what happened somehow, yes.

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