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A man is driving home, thinking about beating his wife. Along the way, he passes a turtle. I am that turtle.


Fire Pepsi · 1:37am Monday

It tastes like concentrated big red gum in liquid form, on ice.

Don't buy it.

I uh, I got a lot of it.

It was called Fire Pepsi, I mean come on, I love fire.

Don't buy it.

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Hmm... an Invisible Turtle perhaps?

Please tell me someone understood that reference...

...Touchè. I deserved that 'don't explain the joke'.

Hi I'm Pickleless.
That's a banana alright.
I am that turtle.
Explaining a joke ruins it.
Don't worry about it.

Your username is 'Pickleless', yet your icon/avatar is that of a banana, yet your brief bio states you are a turtle.

Wat? :rainbowhuh:

Also, what does the 'thinking about beating his wife' bit have to do with anything?

Sorry, but I felt compelled to ask upon seeing these...oddities.


  • Viewing 155 - 159 of 159
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