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A man is driving home, thinking about beating his wife. Along the way, he passes a turtle. I am that turtle.

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Twilight questions who's journal she's reading and ends up having a talk with Sunset Shimmer.

After that, Sunset and 'Twilight', become friends.

Chapters (4)

After saving the day in Cloudsdale, Twilight is forced to marry Scootaloo. Both of them hate this.

Chapters (1)

The Tree of Harmony loved her little rogue ever so much, it was such a shame she could never voice it.

Edited by ChappedPenguinLips, go tell him how much of a mouthful his name is he rocks.)

Chapters (7)

When Sunset jumped through the portal and bumped into Fluttershy, they swapped bodies.

But Sunset's a determined girl, almost as determined as Fluttershy is benevolent.

Chapters (2)

Celestia and Scootaloo are homeless in a Ponyville alleyway together. They like to talk about things.

These are the things they talk about.

Note: The crayon scribbles of a plot is done, but the ride never ends story still updates.

Chapters (43)

Sunset Shimmer finds herself stuck in a time loop where she's forced to live out the main six singing a song to help Twilight win the crown over, and over, and over...

And over...

Except, things start to get a little... weird, at one point in the song.

Chapters (3)

Fanfics collide, and Bucky from The Chase, and Stupid from the Changeling Doll meet up. Instead of using their powers for good, they decide to be a harmless menace to society. Have you considered pulling The Prank?

Chapters (9)

A changeling gets a very risky and clever idea.
Pretending to be an advanced magic doll left as an anonymous gift in front of Twilight Sparkle's home.
It's so audaciously stupid there is no way it's not going to work.

Chapters (12)

Celestia has made mentally challenged clones of the citizens of Ponyville and various terrorists of Equestria. Luna is concerned.

Chapters (1)