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A man is driving home, thinking about beating his wife. Along the way, he passes a turtle. I am that turtle.


Fanfics collide, and Bucky from The Chase, and Stupid from the Changeling Doll meet up. Instead of using their powers for good, they decide to be a harmless menace to society. Have you considered pulling The Prank?

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At one point you call the changeling 'Doll', yet 'Stupid' all the other times.

replied. Ignoring

replied, ignoring

...I am unsure what I just read. But I want to know what Stupid is planning to do with Twilight!

I like the concept, and it does totally seem like something Bucky would do.

It needs a bit of cleanup, though.

I was going to PM this because it's rather a lot, but you invited it with the author's notes.

transforming more grass.”

end quote should not be there

The changeling morphed into the splitting image of Bucky,


Let’s demons escape from tartarus.” Bucky growled.


I much rather have Equestria demon free.

I'd, demon-free

Everything he opened his mouth, he closed it with a look of doubt on his face.

every time

“I don’t think people appreciate Rarity enough. Possibly because her attitude belies her nature.” Stupid sadly said.

A statement followed by "X said" or similar gets a comma at the end of the quote if there would be a period; in fact, I saw several like this and one with no end punctuation on the quote at all. Also the word after doesn't get capitalized unless it's a proper noun; see the correction 3 down. Probably should check all your end-quote punctuation/capitalization.

“I wish to be…” Stupid hesitates.


His wife had finish swatting both him and Stupid, calling them bad foals.


“I should be dead.The changeling calmly replied. Ignoring the stink eye a fussy mama bird was giving him.

“I should be dead,” the changeling calmly replied, ignoring the stink eye the fussy mama bird was giving him.

The three were inside a very large marble statue recently placed in the middle of ponyville this morning.

recently/this morning is redundant, maybe replace 'recently' with 'that had just been'


Ponyville (multiple occurrences)

The changeling's name is Stupid Doll.

Funny, but Stupid using illusion seems to directly contradict his statement that changelings are incapable of anything other than necromancy or alteration. Of course, I'm working off of the D&D definitions of the schools of magic, so we may be working at linguistic cross-purposes.

In any case, fairly amusing. I get the feeling I'll appreciate the story more after reading more about Stupid. I'll get on that.

I can say from a canonical view that Bucky would in fact do something like this if the mood struck him. In fact, he'd probably weaponise it.

Are the poo poo bombardiers ready?

The pigeons are good to go sir.

Cry havoc and release the fowl of war!

Do I need to read the chase to understand this or can I only have read Changling doll?


Reading this is enough, but reading The Chase might help to understand Bucky.

5068877 As a faithful The Chase reader i can say that the only way to understand Bucky it to read the original story, after suufer a lobotomy...have what left of your brain being bleach-washed and, then, shoot your head...twice.

Even so you may have some doubts...but at that point you won´t bother much things in your life, ´xcept drink and screw....

Sadly, I don't think I'll read this. I got tired of Kudzuhaiku's bullshit long ago, and I have no desire to read more about his Gary Stu self insert.

5068834 Yes, I almost forgot about your love of the dear pony farts, but if you like pigeon farts too. Well... Your fetishes are just too advanced for me, Bucky.

5069601 and so I finally see some of the crap that Kudzuhaiku delete from his comments pages, I think Kudzu made a good decision to delete those comments.

5073260 yeah... I don't know why I wrote something so crass, probably had or do with the fact that I had been awake for over 24 hours and decided, against better judgement, to comment about things. My ramblings end up making about as much sense as the inside of my head. I took out the fart thing.

Just keep in mind if you do pick a fight, that you're picking a fight on a fan site of a children's cartoon show.



5074876 didn't mean to pick a fight, I try to avoid those like the plague. But I had been awake far too long and I had just read through the comment war in the Chase and was getting a bit annoyed at the censorship. Well judged censorship, but not being able to see comments tends to leave one unable to judge. Ugh I broke my own rule of commenting. .. always leave happy comments or well thought comments. Not happy about it myself :3

I'm just giving you a hard time dude. You're fine.

Poor Stupid. He goes through so much unintentional abuse.

They just summoned an Elder God?

Uh oh.

Which one was error 424? Loved it :D these two are fast becoming two of my favorite OCs.

Error Code 424: At this point, you might want to consider using the changeling doll as a sacrifice to sate the elder god it summoned. If you choose to use a small child instead, please turn it off, and turn it back on again.

5085931 I guess Celestia is technically an elder god :3 makes sense

5085931 Heh, could've been worse.... could've been an Error Code: 423 instead! Though that would imply one or more throughly drunk stallions at the party lol.

5086041 That...would not be good at all....:rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Fossilized poop? What the hell were you thinking? Also, it's about time I read Stupid's story.

Does Bucky have a new vow to not hurt diamond dogs? I honestly can't imagine him getting seriously hurt against the diamond dogs. In any case, another great update to some comedy gold.

I like to think of diamond dogs like dwarves. Very good at engineering, underground constantly, loves gems, and wants nothing to do with other species generally.

This is making me laugh harder than it should.

You know what's weird? I don't imagine Bucky or Stupid with an accent, but specifically for this crossover I can't help but hear them both speaking with an English accent.

You know what's weirder? i was also thinking that.

Wow, so Stupid earned a soul. I wonder, has he died so much that death has fully punched his frequent death card. Free soul after every 100 near deaths experience.

I just noticed that the page breaks are gone from my chapter. The [ hr ] line tag didn't cross over when it was copied and pasted. :pinkiehappy:

I spotted a few more errors than the one in the AN, but it's nearing 4AM so I can't be arsed to post 'em.

Still laughed pretty hard though. Especially Stupid's parts.

If you feel up to it in the morning, I'd be grateful. I checked it afterwards but as it says, It's 1, well, now 2 AM in the morning...

And thus, all 5 pranksters slept on the couch for the following week. And lo, it was a dark time for all.

My favorite was definitely Stupid. And the Bucky/Button Mash war was ad'awwwwrably adorable.

I had a much harder time with Dinky and Discord than I did with Bucky and Stupid for some reason. I feel I could have done better with those two.

5218012 are you still willing to edit your jokes? I have a few ideas.

Dischord: make inanimate objects share their feelings to their owners. For example a couch starts swearing at a pony who sat on it, or a wagon starts complaining of being tired, etc.

Dinky: swarms of bugs infected with a disease that causes a mixture of poison joke and cutie pox effects. Her bugs are not limited to just regular pests. They include bugs containing diseases, rats, swarms of annoying birds that poop everywhere, flying parasprite look-alikes., etc.
She's also pretty good at cantrips, for example sticking popcorn on roofs or making things incredibly slippery, imagine slippery roofs that just won't stay on top of houses or something like that.

I recommend you ignore some of their power limits and just go wild.

Ok, done and PMed to you, since I don't want to stick a huge wall of corrections in the comments here.

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