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A man is driving home, thinking about beating his wife. Along the way, he passes a turtle. I am that turtle.


Sunset Shimmer finds herself stuck in a time loop where she's forced to live out the main six singing a song to help Twilight win the crown over, and over, and over...

And over...

Except, things start to get a little... weird, at one point in the song.

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My favorite character has a day and no one told me?

6491225 I was being metaphorical. It means she is having a really, really bad day.


Well, that was odd. Of course, I am kinda disappointed that Sunset didn't go on a murderous rampage and/or find entertaining ways to kill herself, but it is marked as incomplete so we might get some of that in the future.


Our friendship is a car and it's about to blow! (Vinyl's car explodes, all of the Rainbooms die)

Dat Persona 4 reference tho

This is the worst best Sunset reformation story I've ever seen.

"Our music's a crowd that's about to grow!"
*People stampede in from everywhere and trample the Dazzlings*

(… I didn't have any, uh, better ideas for growing things. Other than plants, but that's even more boring. D:)

But it does qualify as a Sunset reformation story.

6492012 What do you mean? It's 200% in terms of qualification. Absolutely qualifies, man.

Absolutely qualifies.
Due to like, two sentences right at the very end.
She just flipped from evil to good SO FAST I mean come on-

6492040 And that's why it's 200% qualifying and not 100%.
And that's why I say (too often) that there should've been a movie in between the first one and Rainbow Rocks about her reformation.

… She's still best pony/hooman, though. She'd end up being univarsal best sapient being of all time if that kind of movie happened.

Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing! XD This was just so insane, I can't even...
Hehe, this certainly earned the dark comedy tags. Seriously, I was laughing heartily from the very first loop. Wonderful work!

"I'm gonna burn myself, no matter what I do!"
Twilight pulled out a tank of gasoline, and dumped it all on herself. Pinkie proceeded to throw a lit match on her.
"AND IF WE'RE BURNING YEAH, I WANT YOU TO BE TRUE TO YOU!" She screamed, running around.


"I'm gonna squeak myself~!" Twilight giggled, "no matter what I do!"
Sunset watched in complete horror as twilight somehow stretched her hand around her entire waist, and squeezed.
A squeak noise similar to a chew toy came out of Twilight as she squirted some sort of soapy liquid out of her mouth.
"AUUUUGH!!!" A student screamed. "THE SOAP, IT BURNS MY FLESH!"
Twilight started sliding around on the floor squirting flesh eating liquid at everyone.


"I'm gonna eat myself, no matter what I do!"
Sunset watched.


Depending on just when Sunset was before being transported to this monstrosity, this may be what made her turn into a demon at the end of Equestria Girls.

And then this was even more random.

I... I can't... Oh God... I can't... I just,,, Stop... Please... I... I can't... I can't breathe...:rainbowlaugh:

This is the most hilarious story I've read in a long time! :rainbowlaugh:

Not to double-comment, but if someone ever creates audio for this, I would so totally animate it.
(Also, that song is stuck in my head! Arrgh! xD)

Ah, an angel that feeds upon the tears of the


. Now that is cool.

"I'm gonna crush myself, no matter what I-"
Suddenly, Fluttershy dropped a huge stream roller onto Twilight.


You should do one for human Twilight. Something like repeating 'Release the Magic' over and over until she surrenders and takes Sunset's hand.

Our music is a clown and it's about to clown!
(Clown bursts onto the stage and starts barfing up more clowns)
You should write another chapter for unleash the... (x)

What-if: What if Elements were powered by Chaos, not Harmony. (not 'EVIL', mind, but neutral Chaos).


Giant rainbow laser that blasts the evil right out of you. If it worked on a lunar goddess you figure it'll smack the demonic shit out of a unicorn-monkey.

I like this better, though.

complete horror as twilight somehow stretched

Should be capitalized.

And if I we're different


Oh, so THAT'S why she was crying... Yeah, I would too... No shame in admitting it. We all would if we had to listen to that infernal composition more than once.

Persona and JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, sweet



Oh boy, what an interesting dilemma!
A story of great peril, being trapped for a millenia!

This story reminds me of my own, and my dreams in strange lands
Thank you author for writing something this grand!

I love all the references, the monster hunter multiplayer katana part was great too!

This story is hilarious, :rainbowlaugh: but that picture of Sunset just creeps me out :derpyderp1:

So, I guess it's kinda like Family Guy, it's only funny if you let it be...

Everyone, it's time to close FimFiction down. We are not going to top this one. Nothing shall ever be more gloriously random and insane than what we have just witnessed.

I'm flattered, especially since I spent like 20 minutes on this.
I'm sad, but not really all that sad because I spent like 20 minutes on this.
I'm very flattered, very especially since I like 20 minutes on this.

Damn. I wonder what happened to Luna then when she was hit? Makes sense it couldn't do anything to Discord, probably took it all in his stride. :pinkiesmile:

But can the dogs explode twice?

Bwaahahaha. That was dark. I've seen this kind of thing before, the power making her relive her own horrors, or what not, but this is genius!

Rarity had a long katana and was knocking over Applejack repeatedly with it.

Okay, you already had me with the sudden Monster Hunter reference, but then you had to drop this line and seal the deal. A+. 10/10. Five stars.

Thank you.
Thank you for understanding this pain.

This was utterly insane, and I love it. :pinkiecrazy:

This didn't make sense, and I loved every bit.

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