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Lately, tons of people on the internet have been referring to Sunset Shimmer as their "waifu". She's caught wind of it, but she's confused. What's a "waifu", and why is everyone saying she's better than other "waifus"?

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The walk to the computer lab had been a quick one, and Sunset made sure to lock the door behind her. Shuffling over to the nearest computer, she grabbed the mouse and quickly opened up the search engine. That’s when it hit her. ‘Why didn’t I just do this in the first place...’

Better question: Why didn't she just look it up on her phone? :rainbowhuh: Is she over her data plan or something?

Anyway...not bad, not great...just more or less middle-of-the-road slice-of-life thing.

6219123 Funny thing is, this is actually based on a conversation my friends and I had with this girl back in like 2010 in high school. She was being called that on Facebook by some guy, asked us what it meant, and definitely didn't like it :rainbowlaugh:

But thanks for the comment, it means a lot to me when people actually give their thoughts.

sunset's my waifu!

Hmm... I'm tempted to side with Pinkie here, although Twilight's tied with Sonata, and Rainbow is in a close second.

6220031 Waifu for Laifu motherfucker

Yet another great story from you. Totally had me grinning like an idiot while reading it. But I'm shocked Trixie wasn't anyone's waifu. Lel. She be mine and mine alone! You get a Twilight for epicness! :twilightsmile:

6220909 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I miss talking to you, by the way!

Poor Sunset. But hey, this means they like her.

FYI, I don't have a waifu, but I do have sweeties. Sunset, Sonata and Fluttershy happen to top the list. :yay:

I have an entire haram of waifus. So there.

6221324 Your waifus are forbidden by Allah?

So that's what waifu mean i have see the word a couple time but i don't understand it. Thanks for clear it up for me

As soon as I saw this, I insta-faved. I'm glad to see that it did not disappoint.

:rainbowderp: Uhh... don't worry, Sunset. You're not my waifu. Nope. Toooootally not. :twilightsheepish:

you can be my waifu


Looks at post...

Damn autocorrect!

I meant harem.

I may love sunset to much, but i can't keep her from Twilight...:fluttercry:
Love the story.:heart::heart:

This is okay. Enough to earn a like, but that's about it. Not Mustache worthy or anything.

80's Cheerilee is mai waifu.

So I was at a pony convention this weekend called "Trotcon", one of the panels I went to, the panelist decided to go on Fimfiction. We saw this story, and read it. It was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

6223634 Please tell me someone recorded it :P

6223682 >> BodyShotz Tell me someone recorded it! This was hilarious and perfect for video reactions :pinkiehappy:

6223682 I don't know if anyone was recording. I was in the front row, so I didn't see anyone else. But rest assured, laughs were shared during the story.

6220031 Don't think your kind is any more innocent. :rainbowwild:

I see Sunset has yet to find out just how wierd a place the internet is. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't do the whole "waifu" thing. Buuuut... if I did... Twilight would totally be top of that list. Why? Because books.:raritywink:

And this is why we should be thankful that the main Equestria doesn't have the internet. :ajsmug:

Anyways I hope you guys liked it, and maybe if it gets enough exposure, I'll have Pinkie Pie tell her story

QUICK, WE NEED MORE EXPOSURE *rips off pants* :flutterrage:

6227891 *rips off your top as well*

*walks in stark naked*

6234468 Can you out class being "stark" naked?

6234747 I was looking at you, he can wipe himself clean XD *grimace*


I know you two were having fun, but please refrain from doing this in the comments of my story. I get it, you want to hear Pinkie's story, but you can probably get banned for this since it was technically role-playing.

6235078 There's nothing to be sorry about, I'm ecstatic that you guys are this excited about my story, I just don't want anyone to get banned because of it, ya know?

6235101 I had actually forgotten about that rule until you pointed it out.

6235071 I don't role play, I hate rolling, it makes me dizzy :pinkiesad2:

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