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Somedays, I sit, looking at the stars. I muse and wonder. I meditate and reflect. And I find the miracle in a new day of life. Especially since I swallowed so much glass the day before.


Hooray Animals! Sunset Shimmer sees all the animals! She is very happy to see all the animals.

Today she went to the zoo with her best friend New Twilight! They had a lot of fun! Come read about their funs!

Sunset Shimmer had a great time!

This story is tagged Dark Comedy. I mean it.

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oh my god

what is it with you and hysterical title + cover image combos?

you are destroying me D:

Well, the situation kinda sucks for Sunset.

But then again, it's a Saturday. That means there's a new episode of MLP out!

That makes it all better.

Not enough Soonsost Shoomoor.

Must have been a Sunday.

Beg your pardon, sir. It is Soonso8t, with an 8. Get it right. =(

What is this
Someone please explain what happened
Someone please explain what the Legerdomain Equestian or whatever is supposed to be
Someone please explain

Me me me meee.
A one. A two. A one, two, three, four...


Seriously, freaking horrifying. What the actual crap. :twilightoops:

Where was the comedy part of this?

What the hell did I just read :rainbowlaugh:

Wow. :twilightoops: "Cupcakes with motivation," is my knee-jerk reaction.


I can say with absolute certainty that this was a story. And that Sunset and Twilight were in it. They did, in fact, attend the zoo.

I'ma go lie down for a bit.

6482081 (that is an accurate representation of me)

(down to the robotics)

(beep beep boop son)

What the hell

I'm really glad I noticed this

Sunset Shimmer sounds like a kindergartner in this fic.

Today on this not-school day, her daddy had to go to work and her mommy was still dead

Yeah, yeah, I'm going to enjoy this one.

the new friend had cuter glasses


But it’s okay, because the nice men keep them all locked up, away where they can’t hurt noone. And everyone can go and watch and point and laugh at them!

Sunset is 10/10 best waifu.

and New Twilight was often accidentally poking Sunset with them.

Oh no....

But New Twilight had a way with words, and usually was able to convince Sunset to kiss, usually around the second poke.

No no....

And now there were only maggots.

Why are you doing this?

It had lovely pictures of her house, and her mumsy and daddy, and her newborn baby nephews, and her sister and all their other relatives, and the gift was so lovely that Vice-Principal Luna never bothered her again!

Heh heh, mumsy.

it was sharp and it was painful and the Painful Red went everywhere and Sunset started to feel not so good.


Today they were hanging out in New Twilight’s basement!

Please stop

It was so confusing, but that was Sunset for you! Such a silly.

What have you done?

I... well.

It felt good, like tingly ice cream that cooled the throat and gave you a little tee-hee in the brain. It felt like a ball of light in the middle of the inky black ocean, like a breeze in the desert. It made Sunset feel good, even though she knew she shouldn’t.

Something of a metaphor for the whole fic, I feel.

I'm sorry, what?

This is a fic about Sunset and Twilight going to the zoo. I neither confirm nor deny anything beyond that.




What the holy fuck? Seriously!

Jesus christ, I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. Is that the comedy part? You're having a laugh at our expense? :rainbowlaugh:

For the stories where I'm not really being very serious about it, yes. I tend to sometimes write silly things for the purpose of being silly. This one wasn't done with any forethought. I'm glad you liked it, though!

I'm interested to know your reaction to when I'm ACTUALLY trying to be creepy. ;)

Thanks for the watch, man! I really super appreciate it, and I really do hope I'll be able to genuinely entertain you with my other stories. Lemmie know if I can help out with anything. :)

I feel bad that it has taken me this long to follow you. I've love-love-loved a few of your stories in the past (one in particular), and a few of your less serious fics have made me laugh.

I will have to hold off on reading Babytails, as I am currently in the process of writing my own dark fic, and I am already feeling like a talentless hack compared to this story, so yeah. Once I've finished and published mine, I shall definitely check it out. (I've also found six walk in on my "RiL - Hiatus" list, no idea how it got there, so there is another to add to the pile!)

Ah, don't worry about it. Things happen. And thanks for saying that about Incandescent Brilliance. That one is one I'm particularly happy with in the way it came out.

Anyway! It's cool, brah. Don't know how Six Walk In got into the hiatus pile though... that one is definitely finished and finished a long time ago. Not one of my best, in hindsight, but still, part of the path that got me up here.

I'll be checking you out too, in the future ^_^
You say that THIS story makes you feel like a talentless hack, but I'm sure that's not true. =)
I'll be sure to read your darkfic when it comes out!

Well, let's just say that it is going for ground less trod than the story I am working on.

Though now that I think about it (as I am working on the final draft now) there is something about bloody basements and these types of fics. Why is it always basements?

Basements, attics or the 'locked wing' simply represent an unknown in the familiar.

The home is a place of solitude and familiarity. It is where we go to when we need to recharge, hide, or find comfort. However, a basement, attic or whatever are places IN your home that are still foreign, because we don't normally traverse there often enough. Compare a spooky basement to the basement of a nerd geek who lives there. In the latter, it's literally his house, so that isn't scary. It's only scary when there is a disconnect between feelings of comfort and familiarity in a place that is not entirely recognized.

Another link is because these places are were we 'discard' stuff. We throw shit that we don't want there and let them linger. They're places of memories, things we do not care about, and WANT to distance ourselves from. So whatever comes FROM there carries these similar connotative feelings - something is there that I want to forget and I want to discard, but I can't because it's 'tied' to me.

And that's scary.

The same sort of feelings can be had in other places, just as long as that connection is broken between your recognition of the place and how it has changed.

Take, for example, your old childhood home which is now overgrown and is left to the elements. A place you know well, but is no longer 'safe'.

Or perhaps an abandoned, completely empty theme park, normally filled with noise and laughter but now simply a desolate, emotionless wasteland, baring all its fraudulence for you to see.

Or even something as simple as moving into a new home. Have you ever moved before, and the first few days you still don't like walking around with the lights off? That's because your brain hasn't yet associated that place with safety.

Fear is an interesting thing.

Well, that certainly was a story about Sunset Shimmer going to the zoo.



Before, I'd always thought of you as untouchable; a genius who flew too high to be reached by mere mortals. I saw a little bit of you through the glass of the stories that you wrote, and the characters that you brought to life. But i suppose it wasn't a very good image, all befuddled with tricks of the light.

Then you typed that comment. One simple comment talking to someone else about 'basement' spaces.

Gears turned. Wires sparked. Chaotic voices grew silent as the waited expectantly.

Click. Click. Click. Ding.

Something happened. I don't know what you did, or what it was that you wrote, but I can no longer view you as an immutable, supernatural genius on a pedestal. Now you're just a regular person. A regular person, mind you, who is very, very good at what he/she does.

I honestly don't know how to feel about that.

It's a rare feeling, when I read written words that I know, deep down, that someone, somewhere, wrote those words. Someone real, with their own thoughts and feelings. Very rare indeed. To think that I'd experience it while reading a comment on a scary trollfic on a pony fanfiction site on the internet... Huh.

I really don't know how to feel about that.

I don't know what you've done to me, but I feel like I should thank you for it. Thank you, KitsuneRisu. :twilightsmile:

...Y'know, one of these days when life lets up, I should really write something. :derpytongue2:

I am genuinely not sure if you're trying to insult or compliment me. Or... even if that was a statement. In fact, I don't know what anything is what? UHHHHHHHHH.........

Uh... I... Is... is it okay if you continue to just keep seeing me as a supernatural genius? Because I'm pretty okay with that. Yeah. That was good. Keep doing that. Also send me money.

But no. On a serious note... I find your comment quite curious. I'm actually not sure how to understand it. From what I gather, I just destroyed my own image in your eyes simply because I discussed the psychology of fear with someone else, and... I'm not sure if that's... good? You say I've done something but... I'm not entirely sure what, except that I feel that I've just gone and shot myself in the foot because now there's yet another person who's going to throw garbage at me in the streets when I walk by (and believe me I get enough of that walking to work every morning).

And then there's this:

It's a rare feeling, when I read written words that I know, deep down, that someone, somewhere, wrote those words. Someone real, with their own thoughts and feelings. Very rare indeed. To think that I'd experience it while reading a comment on a scary trollfic on a pony fanfiction site on the internet... Huh.

I'm... not sure what you mean? You mean that... you're actually conscious about the fact that there is a dude sitting here (me) typing these words?

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

1. I'm happy that I did something that made you think, I always try to do that. So, you're very welcome.
2. I have no idea what I did but I have sinking feeling I did something very bad.
3. Wat?
4. Um... maybe... explain please? Because I'm very confused
5. I'm not really a genius in real life. I just play one on TV.
6. Does this mean you're not going to read my stuff anymore? =(
7. Please do write if you want to. By all means, if you feel good for it, go for it.
8. Also I do do this a lot. I mean, when people ask me a serious question about literary ideals, I give a serious answer. When I'm not trolling them horribly, that is. Hey. I'm only human, right?


It was more of an epiphany followed by a compliment.

1) Everything you write makes me people think... just not in the same way :twilightblush: Sometimes things get a little bit loopy and twisty and crazy and sometimes it's a tiny existential crisis out of nowhere. It's actually kind of cool if you ignore all the eldritch horrors trying to eat your soul.

2) ...I don't really know what you did, either. But I think it was good! I think...? It's the kind of 'good' where for a while it's confusing and then after that you figure out a little bit of something interesting.

3) Wat? X2 COMBO!

4) So am I. Everybody's a little confused every now and then, I think. But basically something happened and now you have become immortalized forever in my little mental hall of People Who are Really Damn Good at What They DoTM.
(Which is pretty much one of the highest compliments I can give. Congratulations!)

5) I'm pretty convinced you are a genius. Just not a supernatural one. Ordinary geniuses are the best geniuses.

6) Why would I stop reading your stuff? Your writing is excellent! Then again, you do seem to take immense pleasure in giving out curious premises that you'd never write, just to tease us about what could have been...

7) (except that It's kinda... super bad and... don't look at me ) :fluttershyouch:

8) True, but something about that explanation seemed a little bit more human than usual. Must be those nachos you ate the other night. Or not? - gah - I'm not very good with words, honestly. It's difficult for me to explain exactly what happened in the fifteen seconds between reading your comment and the resulting epiphany. But I know it was in the general vicinity of "surreal" and "a very good thing".

P.S. I should prooobably keep this out of the comments section.

Sure, I actually don't mind myself, but I'll respond to you over PM if that makes you more comfortable.

The price of knowledge can be very high.

All power demands sacrifice.

Author Interviewer

No but seriously, you destroyed me with this.

How's your butt feel?

How is this dark comedy? I mean, I'm not criticising the fic. Far from it. It is one of the best executed dark fics I have read so far, whether you ultimately like it or not.
What I don't understand is how the comedy tag applies to the story. While still don't really know how to feel about it, I didn't even once have the slightest urge to laugh when reading it.
Am I misunderstanding the concept of comedy (as far as I know the comedy tag requires the story to be funny, which yours is arguably not), or is there some grand irony that I don't get?

No. There's no grand scheme. Humour is very subjective. Some people genuinely found the fic humorous, both when I tested it on others and for current readers.
The 'humour' in this piece comes from the disconnect between the tone of the fic and the way it is presented and the subject matter. I intentionally wrote this to be laughed at.

It is true that the humour portions wane off towards the end a little, but AS people were ABLE to consider this humourous, I decided to add the comedy tag anyway, but I AM well aware that there will be a few who wouldn't interpret the irony as funny.

Case in point, the movies that Adam Sandler makes are all billed as comedies, too.

Author Interviewer

...Ayyyyy, me gusta...:moustache:

This is not a WHY boner. I know exactly why I have this boner.

I seriously hope it's not because of the dead animals.


Thanks, NOW I have a WHY boner.

This is far too shaggy dog and absurdist to be funny.

Eeeash. That's harsh man.

10/10 - has Sunset Shimmer in it.

No, but seriously, man, what the fuck?

But it has Sunset Shimmer in it.


There is no hope of redemption for our race now.

Not while I'm alive, no.

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