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Shattered Skies has lived quite some time. He had done well for himself over the past few thousand years; staying out of the public eye and remaining generally uninvolved from pony society while he tended his forests.

Who wouldn't want that, right?

His job came with excellent security and fringe benefits, but after he was betrayed by a princess he trusted, all he wants to do is to live a normal life even if the world tells him otherwise.

Oc disclaimer: The original characters that appear in the story that are not my own have been obtained from the original owners via written permission.

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Huh. Honestly, this is a better choice than the house that survived a thousand years of neglect and abuse in the Everfree of all places. Also, having fun with Sif is always good!

I promised him i would do this so i shall!

"Ah great, a father and daughter. Maybe they'll help."


"Sorry fer starin mister, it’s just yer bigger than most of the ponies that come through here."

Sky: That's what ALL the mares say

Big mac chuckled knowing Ponyville had its own share of monsters and freak accidents.

"I enjoy peace and relaxation, hopefully I can get that here."

The irony is so thick, you could use it on your sunday flannel shirt

Judging from yer size, I bet you were a royal guard.

or a porn star, or a stripper, or a whore

The smaller wolves cackled and looked at their annoyed mother before she growled, "Stop this is serious."

No, it was Snape.

Wellp, that's all the funny shit i found! Ta ta for now.

I hope the story don't change too much from original.

6435508 There have been changes, but they dont take it away from the original too much. What in particular are you worried about?

Quite good,
Although i still haven't touch the bad stories so that I may be biased.
brb Amaterasu :3

Much, much more polished.

6463907 needs or has? Compared to the old version?

Compared to the old version of course.
You even had constant problems with capital letters, as I remember.

6464043 Ah, then thank you :twilightsmile: The first version is embarrassing for me to be linked too.

It makes me happy to hear that people like the new version. I just hope that it ends up being a story that everyone will find interesting so that they keep coming back for more.

So is this an updated/edited version or what?

6465504 kinda both. I redid the lore and changed a few things to improve the story. Plus there were some things I hated in the original that had to be fixed. :applejackconfused:

6465600 good, good... *maniacal laughter*

Fluttershy, Twilight, and Scootaloo followed suit by raising their hooves before Dash continuedTHOUHASTMISSEDACOMMA.THEPERIODGODHASUNLEASHEDHISPUNISHMENT

Hmm... something seems wrong with this sentence, but I can't exactly place it.

I like the revisionist history, though I hope the story doesn't turn into an evil Luna and Celestia story.

6472223 Thank you for pointing that out. I thought I collected all the editorial notes.

I like the revisionist history, though I hope the story doesn't turn into an evil Luna and Celestia story.

Like the original story, it swings in that direction for Celestia, but she isn't evil, just lied too and fearful.


Oh my god i've been trying to get him to stop using commas before quotations and have been coming up with VERY creative ways to do so. This of course was my latest invention and it seems that despite our very long conversation that's linked to the sentence he STILL didn't get it!


Edit: Delete that comment and i will go on strike, that piece of comedy gold needs to be enshrined forever.

Now for the funny stuff

Chapter 3 -Stranger Danger-

Working title:
Chapter 3 -Stranger Danger- I NEED AN ADULT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ADULT

the soul stealing Forest Spirit

Shit, meet fan, you'll get along nicely.

I should also get a map so I don't keep having to ask for directions.

Skyfall has both earned and lost his guy credibility here.

So i guess we are at an impass >:(

Applejack, the overprotective sister, bared down on Applebloom.

what a cock block
or maybe it's a pussy plug in this case...

Btw these are in no particular order

The animals of the Everfree provided Skyfall with food from the forest, which was good for the both of them because he was not in a mood to do anything now.

This has some really really funny ramifications if you actually realize what they had for breakfast. Poor Arctikfox STILL hasn't gotten the joke.
Oh well...

“No!” Silver Spoon shouted. “I say I’m staying.”

“Young lady!” Coin tried to get his fully under control. “You’re grounded!”

Silver Spoon scoffed. “You can’t ground me!”

Silver Coin marched over to his daughter and grabbed her by her mane. Silver Spoon yelped as she was unceremoniously dropped by the door. Coin huffed. “Room. Now.”

Silver Spoon looked back and forth between her father and his guest with confusion and fright. She felt like she had her father wrapped around her hoof, so her his change in attitude startled her. "Y...Yes daddy."

Now I hate to be a cock block but i did have some issues with this certain piece of text if you check the doc

A small purple dragon opened the door in a Prench maid outfit, making Sky cock his head

I'm a dirty dirty boy

6472821 I thought I got it. It was fixed the minute canary spotted it.

Awesome chapter as always n.n keep it up, and ..... I actualy read the Author's Notes, it is good to hear that you got amazings editors n.n hope to see more chaptes soon

6472886 TRUE! Because I forgot to mention you .... and because you are cool ( > 3 * ) :heart: , HERE! HAVE SOME SPAGHETTI WITH THIS COOL SKELETON! pbs.twimg.com/media/CPIaefSWwAAZ6J8.png:large

6465651 Well and there's the fact that he has me now to keep him in line if he decides to go off prancing with the butterflies in the pasture again.

6472982 NOOO PAPYRUS! TT _ TT why? he was a good skeleton .... being serious, the chapters and the story so far is very cool ( *-*)=b.
Do you have a schedule on when new chapters come up or you upload them once they are well reviewed?
And talking about Papyrus did any of you ( or whoever is reading this n.n ) played or is playing Undertale?

6473107 No schedule, i'm allergic
Yes he puts them up once i'm done fucking them up
No, never even heard of it

6473119 Oh ok, I'm cool with it, I'm also allergic to them. And is a very good RPG, I recommend you try it someday, well, only if you like RPG

6473153 mmm not much interested in role playing games, better at strategic ones.

Who doesn't read the authors notes? There are secrets hidden in them, like who to thank for error catching. Usually. Or predictions on when the next update shall happen.

6473234 -whistle- or maybe it might hide a simple fact that i'm taking suggestions for things i should catch.
This may include 'flutter romance'
or 'don't make him a pussy'
or 'explore the relationship with sif'

i do more than fix things, i also make them nice and pretty and help plan when need be.\

Also, the update shall happen when i happen to get around to editing the next chapter, but yes, it's written. However there is the simple fact that we end up taking a day or two to finalize my edits and things he might need to pay more attention to.

6472896 Do you happen to have the transcript of the old version of the story? I kind of want to read it one last time before I put it to rest for the new one.

I was skeptical about the rewrite of the story at first, but after seeing that you are taking a more slow pace on the story, like giving Skies a period of adjustments in living in Ponyville and the inhabitance to adjust to him is good in my opinion. I a little disappointed that the ponies seem to be scared of him, but this is part of the course. I also think that it is good that you introduce the mane six to him more progressively to Skies, it allow the readers to saver the moment in seeing them making an opinion of him. I a little annoyed that Skies has decided to live in the out scurtes of Ponyville near the Everfree Forest in stead of of in the forest itself near the water fall, so there is not going to be any bikini scene this time around.


so there is not going to be any bikini scene this time around.

He has a big property, so I wouldn't count on not having one ;)


6473050 the more fluttersupport the Better, I've been watching the story for a long time because of her. . .

6473050 They had to be eaten. They threatened my sausages.

6473779 If you want, I can send it to you. :) Or put them on a doc for you to read.

6478573 I know it is a weird request, but thanks for listening. Could you please send it to me? And if so, do you need my e-mail, or would you just PM me the story?

6479313 I'll send it whichever way you want it. I could upload it to a google doc for you to read.

I am noticing a definite lack of skydash in this story. I am enjoying it.

6482447 Itll be there, just taking things a little slower.

6479508 Could you send it to me via e-mail? I'll PM you my address if so.

6482469 Mkay :) Pm me and Ill get it to you sometime tomorrow

love this but still can't get over old story. love it. but story is start to get good.

Interesting work so far, looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

I just cant wait for it to reach for it stopped before. Well before the re-writing. Oh well continue to love the story bru!

I was skeptical about the rewrite, thinking that it was just going to be a minor changes, not completely Rewrite, so I am glad that I was wrong and that the story is getting better and better as it goes along.
I find that the presentation of the Shattered Shies myth was not as well presented in the story and I feel that it could have been done better or could have been better expanded upon or at least as well as the first time around. The first time Skies had a few tidbits of information from the ponies of Ponyville that showed that it is still a part of popular folklore of Equestria, that lead him research on the matter. Here do, it was just mentioned in a gloss over of just some book that he found in the library and almost nothing more, and he already somehow paranoid about being feared by everypony, and expects to be judged harshly by all ponies.
If I understand it right in this version Shattered Shies was struck down by both Princess, seeing that his old homestead was apparently destroyed by them.
I wander why he couldn’t just use one of his avatars to help him free the foals, it would not suggest that it was necessarily him who help them and could chalk it up to something else even entirely .
So, this time Shattered Skies had a family fifteen thousand years ago, I wander if there are still descendants from his family line? I wander how they were?
I wander if Twilight has some sort of crush on Skyfall seeing that he reminds her of is brother. I have often heard that people sometime tend to search some look for traits or aspects that reminds them of their family for a potential life partner whether it is subconscious for them.

... On one hand, being obvious and destroying the Timberwolves while finding out about them is probably the best bet for his reputation and making it obvious that he didn't make them. After all, wooden wolves that just live in one forest that no one normally goes into because of the wooden wolves, manticores, cockatrices, hydra, the dragon, and the weather they can't control would paint the warden of the forests as some form of monster. Also, bets on timberwolves being a creation of either Discord or his human family?

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