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History is written by the victors and the Equestrians excel at winning. Far to the south of Equestria in the Badlands, the region that separates the Equestrian frontier and the unknown lands of the long forgotten Humans, lies an ancient citadel of knowledge. Generations of magic, both well versed and obscure, holy and ghastly. Its reinforced walls still stand though the tomes and coveted secrets were purged after years of warfare, degradation and abandonment. Despite the armies, bands and packs who tried to finish what the Equestrians started none were able to breach the gates of the Lost Archive. None aside from the few faithful to the old ruler and Lord Hierophant have ever entered. His reign was cut short because of the same people who gave it to him and his followers, though misguided and few in number, would see fit to restoring his former glory even if it's more myth then legend.

Current cover art by Echira Sorin.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 428 )

very good story i'll be watching

i like already and plz let there be at least one Read or Die referance

Oh boy this is really good. Cant wait for the next chapter.

Very good story, I eagerly await the next instalment.

A masters work of art. I will follow this, my friend:eeyup:

7375212 Thanks :scootangel:

7375232 Idk what it is but from the looks of it Read or Die sounds interesting; I'll looking into it.

7375398 Picture isn't working :ajsmug:

7375486 I'm gonna start working on it tonight so look forward to that.

7375558 I know right?

7375864 As I said before, won't be a long wait.

7376197 Will do.

7376727 media.giphy.com/media/ESt8At0PXpmj6/giphy.gif

7376754 Thank you...

7376808 Cheers, never had my writing called masterful before:pinkiehappy:

Really?! No one has said that you stories are masterful?!

I really need to comment more often then.

(Note to self: comment on Nature's Dogma)

7377216 I've been praised as well as criticized but masterful is a new one :scootangel:. I plan to continue ND as well...But I also want to write this and Chassis...

Getting major vibes...
From this...

It also needs some editing work here and there, and the first chapter felt like a dialogue war.

I can't wait for a chapter where he meets celestia and Luna again.

I imagine she's gonna be all like
"Oh it's you again... greeaaat, could you just go off and not conquer the world or something, I've had a tiring couple of years now and one more existential threat is just...ugh"

7377375 Huh, I will admit there are some similarities on the surface but from the sounds of it the stories are going to be quite different. I got to admit I've never heard of that story, sorry if it looked like I was plagiarizing or something. As for editing, I've never been amazing at grammar but I'd say I'm improving. I'd also liked to have had less dialogue and more actions but there wasn't really a whole lot going on in the scene that would've made sense or wouldn't have just been fluff if I'd added unnecessary stuff.


Huh, I will admit there are some similarities on the surface

like a dragonfly going over the top of a clear still pond, while the feel is there I can already tell there isn't MUCH more than that.
Also, it's a good read. hopefully the feel that this gives proves correct that this also will be.

7377468 I haven't read Magicurm so I'd be amazed if they ended up similar. Also, nice metaphor and thanks.

7377380 I think Alistair would almost be a bit annoyed at how blahzay she'd be.

This Story has captured my attention. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Another god damn Tyrantlestia.
Sigh...Not my thing.
I would probably jump in and out of the story for shit and giggle but I won't track it. Sorry.

The description looks like it was written by a 14-year-old.

7377554 Where did I say she's evil? Alistair just hates her deeply.

7377580 Eh, I was a bit unsure of it tbh. Think I'll cut out the second half of it.

From the title, I thought this would be a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crossover featuring Kakyoin, but from reading the description I see that I was dead wrong with that assumption.

It's definitely a story I am interested in, and I plan on seeing where it goes though.

7377601 Funny that you mention JoJo, I've been thinking of getting into it; my friends are obsessed with it and they've been pushing it like crack.

Oh it is fantastic. I highly recommend checking it out at some point, but watch it with subs, as the dub isn't all that great and only goes through parts 1 & 2. The anime itself is currently partly through Part 4, and it only gets better the more you watch.

I'd explain it a bit, but I'm not good at descriptions.

7377582 Oh ho...She doesn't need to be Tyrant to be evil...nor does being tyrant immediately means evil. Tyrantlestia is just a rather encompassing term that is used to point at hate-worthy Celestia in stories that made Celestia looks bad in general. It's just most of these LoHAV stories are really milking the idea that Celestia must be an incompetent or bad leader with an extreme prejudice against anything none ponies. Or that the lightest of conflict immediately set her all hostile against something.
I'm tired of all of these Celestia bashing fic. I still read a few of them for shit and giggle but that is about it.

7377636 My friends have given me a rundown before and I always watch subs, but thanks for clearing it up a bit more.

7377657 You do realize that the way it's been worded there's only a handful of things even known about Alistair and his reason for hating her? All I've said is that she killed him and that's more then enough reason for him to hate her. I haven't said anything about why she would've attacked him or anything that could've led up to it. Also, this doesn't fit the LoHAV category as Alistair isn't a villain nor acts as one and dosn't have an evil end goal, all he wants to do is either go back to the magical void he was in or get things in the real world stable again. Also, Celestia isn't going to be portrayed as evil, incompetent or whatnot; Alistair has it out for her and she made some choices when she had to. Honestly it sounds like you're presuming way too early.

7377673 That's what they all said.
It's 2AM and I'm not really in the mood to be discussing anything now.

I love this story. Also I kinda see him like this, except medieval and more of a Pope-like colour scheme.

7377698 I feel like you think you know this story more then I do and seeing as how there's only one chapter already out with very little in the way of lore, motivations or Celestia it looks to me like you're looking for a reason to be jaded at something.

Comment posted by LoosePartyCannon deleted Jul 10th, 2016

Loving the start here, looking forward to where it goes from here. Thanks for Writing!

7378571 that's because nothing has been given.
And yeah i will stop here...

7377844 Something similar but with a bit less armour and some more nerd crap tomes and enchantments.

7378737 If nothing's been given then how can you A) Tell it's LoHAV B) Tell Celestia is going to be Tyrantlestia C) Predict anything about the story that would rub you the wrong way? Honestly, you just sound annoyed for the sake of being annoyed or to get attention.

7378782 Do you mean the old one where all that I wrote was the main character rambling, who has it out for Celestia regardless of if she's a tyrant or not, or the new one where there's no mention of her? Also, LoHAV usually comes along with Displacement and in this story the Humans were around long before the main character shows up...The more you try to justify your attitude towards this story the more it comes off as you grasping straws to compare this to other stories you hate.

7378777 Yeah I knew about the books, didn't know about the less armour. The description sounded like a large amount of armour, then again I don't know much about armour besides basics (Pauldrons, breast plates, bracers, gauntlets, etc).

7378813 He has a decent amount but he's more of a spell sword then a paladin in the sense he's more about magical protection and abilities then physical defense so less...Well, I'd like to compare his wardrobe to another Warhammer character but all of them are pretty armoured up.

7378802 No...It is about most stories bashing on Celestia's character.
And LoHAH/LoHAV doesn't require displacement.
Why are we still talking about this. I thought it ended sometime ago.

Also, you can put the number 9 in this [size = 2em][ /size ] to increase the size of the words further.


7378851 Except this story isn't about bashing Celestia or LoHAV or anything else you brought up, I'm wondering why you commented in the first place that you weren't going to read it or check back on it despite the fact that you kept coming back to comment back at me and explain why you didn't like the story despite those elements not really being present in the story. Also, thanks for the tip about how to increase the text size.

I can't help but make a connection between this story and this song right here:

Otherwise like where this story is going so i'll be stalking.

7378867 As a fan of Panic! I approve of this connection though it wasn't intended.

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