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After many millenia, an unstoppable power has returned to Equestria, something the likes of which the world has never seen since it's creation. A simple human is called upon to help out with this problem, little does he know that he is part of something so much bigger than he could have ever imagined. With the aid of his new equine friends and his unrelenting power within, will he give up everything he has to save everything else?

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decided to check this out. we breezes need to stick together right? anyway, its good, but im not too crzy about not having lines between the different dialouges. but that just may be my bad eyesight

good job. keep it up

That...has to be.. the best way to Equestria...EVER!!:pinkiehappy:

yay cant wait for the next chapter

holy fuck a can see were the tragic tag came from:raritycry:

So they killed them

At first i was like " A Q&A!? DANGIT :twilightangry2: "
Then i was like "oh it's just a normal chapter :twilightblush: "
And finally i was like "how the bloody hell do you write these so quickly!? :pinkiegasp: "

524574 :twilightsheepish: Well, I'm still writing it... Thanks for your comment, but I have already uploaded a few more chapters, and it's taking me a little while to write a new one (about 4 / 5 days each) So I'm trying to 'drizzle' out the chapters so the many people who are tracking this, (And thank you very much by the way, guys, to everypony who has tracked this, including your good self! :raritystarry:) Don't get bored waiting... :trollestia:

suspense I hate it cant wait for the next chapter

529460 Great! I'm glad you're enjoying it XD :pinkiehappy:

529546 eeyup is the next chapter tonight or tomorrow?

529558 maybe... maybe... :ajsmug:

For you, I'll upload it tomorrow. :twilightsmile:

530233 Well... I've still got 6 chapters backed up and am still writing more, but it may take a while, I lust want a steady stream of chapters so noone has to wait like a week for a new chapter, instead of like 2 or 3 days. :twilightsmile:

So Good And So Little Views, We Are Pleased With This , Also Are You Needed Of Editor? (If Thou Know What We Mean) :unsuresweetie:

533850 I... I'm humbled... Thank you so much for the positive feedback, :pinkiehappy: but I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by editor, as in, someone who checks for grammar mistakes and such? Why does thou ask, Nightmare? :duck:


Yes We Ask For That, And By Editor, Highly Experienced..... *Wisthles*.........

534068 I would be honoured to have you as an editor, Nightmare. :twilightsheepish: Where should we begin?


Well First We Are Gonna Read The Story TO Check If You Write A new Chapter, Send It To Me By Pm Or Skype Or Google Docs

534190 So... I've already uploaded the story up to chapter 15, so when I'm finished with 16, should I send it to you, or should I send you the unpublished chapters via like hotmail or something as well as the new chapters?


Send Me The First ,(Skype, Fimfiction Pms, Google Docs, Gmail (maybe)) One You Have Prepared To Upload, I Check It When I'm Finished I Tell You And You Send Me The Next One You Have

yay new chapter me like this once again good chapter look forwards towards the next


Well I Checked All the Posted Chapters And I Dind't See Any Issue

538248 Eyyyyyyyy!.... Thanks, Nightmre! Thank you for taking the time to look through it! XD:yay:

yay Rainbow Dash adopted Scoots

I Read This Before It Was Published

544073 the joys of being editor... :twilightsheepish:

We Read This Before It Was Cool And Made First Too

547701 eeyup loved the prank

547781 Thank you :) that means so much to me... :raritycry: (It's happy crying)

dang dude Twilight is possessive I really hope Twilight gets Cantor back or Cantor goes back, so much suspense and I cant wait

I like murderer twilight for some reason.
I can tell already that i'm messed up.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. How… Touching…”A disembodied voice descended and shattered the moment. The sky became a blood red and grew ablaze with auroras.
I totally read that voice like Christopher Walken

Dammit, and i thought there was going to be a JAD crossover.

Well, I suppose someone is going to go back in time again to fix this.

552007 I do love Jak and Daxter.... may do a crossover if I can think of scenarios... :twistnerd:

552381 J+D In Equestria....... Yeah, I can do something with that, yet it may be a while before I start.... :trollestia:

I expect some sort of experimentation similar to Dark Jak but with magic.
Y'know, like a cult of some sort.

552395 Writing an opening scene now... give me a few minutes and I'll see if I can get something interesting written...

Celestias gonna be pissed! :trollestia:

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