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Left on another adventure
Washed my hands of the madness, for now

Bye everyone

Oh, a front page, insert cheese quote.

Welcome to the page, expect waifus and secret excursions. Used to be something about stories, but is now replaced with rambling.

If you're here from the Cafe, Art for Fanfiction, or something else that's Guild related, please PM me.

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Apparently some edits didn't get saved. What was posted was a gnarbled mess of contradicting scenes.

Once that was realized he took it down to re edit it.

Did you take down the new chapter on purpose?

Ok, good. Glad everything's alright, aside from lack of free time that is.


I'm alive. I just don't have time to sit down and edit anything to release it. The editing for the next chapter is nearing completion, just need to finish and proofread.

Hullo. Just checking in. Haven't seen anything from you in a little while. Hoping you're well.

  • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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