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I never really know what to write in these, like ever. Should I put something inspirational, or cynical? Cynical usually gets better laughs.

I write stories from experiences in my life or from what I see at my job. So far, I feel I've captured them pretty well. Usually, some things that play out in my stories have played out in real life, the circumstances and not magical ponies, and I've received criticism that it would never happen like that. To tell you the truth, that makes me both sad and happy to read. Sad in that I try my best to explain why I wrote it the way I did, but happy in that the circumstance left the reader confused, as the real life counterpart did to me. Because what's stranger than real life?

I picked up writing because I saw the same things in every story and rarely anything new. So hopefully I hit the sweet spot between new and familiar for you.


Hi Wubcake

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Always a Pleasure.


Sorry to hear about your laptop. Hope things return back to normal for you sometime soon.

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