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I am a French-Canadian, I am currently Freelance Artist. I love to draw especially ponies at the moment, you can go see my DeveintArt gallery on the link bellow. Hope you all enjoy it.
All transactions are done through Paypal with either all up front or pay haft now haft after.

Present pricing scheme is as followed:
Basic OC, with art line, color and shading is 50 USD. Colored or gradient background are free

(o) 25 USD for each extra OC added.*

(o) 25 USD for basic background: which includes, forest, cave, fields, mountains, sky, simple room with some furnitures.

(o) 35 USD for complex background, complex architecture, vehicles, cityscape, lots of props and accessory, action scenes.

(o) 15 USD for extra black silhouettes of crowds, 25 USD for extra gradients.

(o) 55 USD for focused landscapes or vehicles designs as focus, along with extra OC's for another 25 USD and 15 USD silhouette.

* OC's cannot be put in a separate illustrations, they are strictly addon's to the illustration.


First independent Youtube Mecha Series!!! · 12:40am March 14th

This is an impressive fist try by independent animation team(sort of) making a Youtube mech series. While the animation is still left to be desired and the story is a bit thin on some part, it's still very captivating to watch. Anyone who like mecha please give this a word of support to the them if you can, I am really hoping to see more of this in the future.

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No problem dude, just wish I could be more coherent in my rambling. Keep it up dude.

Thanks for taking the time to be my first reviewer.
The feedback helps a lot.

Yo. As Little Dusk Shine's biggest fan, I wanted to run something by you. I had a lot of fun including Trixie in the cast in a previous story, but I want to do something different. So, to make things extra different, I thought about cock transformation. Basically, Trixie will become Dusk's penis. His penis will become Trixie from the waist up, enabling her to offer commentary while being forcibly included in sexy fun. Thoughts?

Hi! I'm here to ask if you can do some cover art for my story. Can you? If you can, then just read the story and base it from there. But I would like his plane and car somewhere prominent. Please make multiple if I don't like one ok? Thanks. Link is here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/548630/601-corn-neck-road

Thanks sorry for not noticing you up until now I somehow don't seem to notice when I get comments on my Fim page. I loved your story and I hope you keep doing more of those. If you want to talk further you can PM me if you want.

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