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art student, cover art artist, digital artist, French-Canadian. I regularly do commissions here in FimFiction, starting prices at 30 USD

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I am a French-Canadian, I am currently an art student at university. I love to draw especially ponies at the moment, you can go see my DeveintArt gallery on the link bellow. Hope you all enjoy it.
All transactions are done through Paypal with either all up front or pay haft now haft after.

Present pricing scheme is as followed:

Basic OC, with art line, color and shading is 30 USD. Colored or gradient background are free

(o) 7 USD for each extra OC added.*

(o) 10 USD of basic background: which includes, forest, cave, fields, mountains, sky, simple room with some furnitures.

(o) 20 USD for complex background, complex architecture, vehicles, cityscape, lots of props and accessory, action scenes.

(o) 10 USD for extra black silhouettes of crowds, 20 USD for gradients.

(o) 40 USD for landscapes or vehicles designs as focus, along with extra OC's for another 7 USD and 10 USD for basic background.

* OC's cannot be put in a separate illustration, they are strictly addon's to the illustration.



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understood, and no problem

I certanly will, but this could take a while.

No problem and if you are looking to commission a cover art let me know,:raritywink:

Thanks for the fav.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding my story to your favs, hope you like it, very interesting, is there a place where one can observe your FimFic related work, like, is there a story currently featuring one of your cover arts? Let me know please.

  • Viewing 1,131 - 1,135 of 1,135
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