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Wow, what a mouthful.

Many authors here have fan clubs. In fact, it seems everyone and their grandma has a fan club nowadays. That was alright with me until I, the founder of this humble group, found out a sad truth:

Bluegrass freakin' Brooke didn't have one! :flutterrage:

Unacceptable. But now that's fixed, so la-dee-da, let's embarrass our lovely friend by dedicating a small corner of the internet just for her fans! If you like her stories or the woman herself, then do yourself a favor and join. Talk about her work, characters, and writing style in the forums.

Link to banner art:


#1: Don't do anything stupid that would get you kicked out of any other group. You know what I mean. Especially you, Dusty Lauren. :trixieshiftright: Inside joke, cool your jets.

#2: This rule only exists so we can have more than one rule

#3: This rule is also pointless. Now look at the cute donkey. Also, don't steal Bluegrassbrooke's art and all that.

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402412 Now I need the address, I have to employ the PI.e in order to get them out of the game.
Trust only the pink Pie *giggles*

402410 The expression Rock Farm is already a joke, isn't it?

If it was intended as a joke, does tha stop us from inventing ulterior motives and meanings to their part?

There are tons of ideas as to what it means, while some are more reasonable and useful than others.

More fun to come up with ideas and plots to explore the ideas, than just wright it of as a joke on them. At least, I think.

On the other hoof, i could write of Earth as a joke written in by the Ponies? Which may be fun too. In which case we are insane Ponies, thinking we are Humans.

402409 To be honest. . .I'm pretty sure Mitch Larson invented the whole thing as a joke. :raritywink:

402408 That would make perfect sense here on Earth, which is exactly why it fails in Equestria. Even if the stones are still useful, even there. We do see stones used in numerous cases.

The idea of a rocky place could make sense, but there are a few details that falls to the side there.

Harvesting rocks? it sounds as if they were actually growing in the sense of vegetables? Sounds insane? Stones does contain minerals, you know.

What if these are special rocs containing rare elements and minerals for more important uses?

402405 Rocks are useful for cobblestones and other things that are made out of stone. I'll bet they just happen to live in a really rocky area, and what they get paid to do is break the rocks up into tiny pieces for products/materials.

402398 Amish, oh yeah. That group of backwards farmers, right?

On that note, which is the more backwards, the Apples or the Pies?

Atleast it is overtly obvious what the Apples are farming on their orchard.

Yet, what exactly is it the Pies are producing on a Rock Farm? Sounds like a joke by Earthern standards?

Although there are a few theories as to what their farm is for. Based on the Equestrian magic.

402384 They're all Amish lunatics!

402383 Yeah, that makes sense. It is easy to use her to put a ballance to Pinkie Pie's overtly energetic humor and antics.
On the other hoof, she is particularly fun and enjoyable if you can appreciate her more reserved and loner personality.

Oh yeah, I guess she is hard to use against grounded characters.
Or, is it in how you need to strike different cords of her persona to ballance her against the Apples?
There are a few signs that seems to indicate her having her very own brand of insane humour.(if you see Rainbow Rocks)

Maybe she is just as quarky and insane as Pinkie, on another frequency?
Question would be, just how sane any of the Pies are, if you look closer?

402381 Yup. Her deadpan humor works really well with the rest of the zany cast. Not so much Applejack, since AJ is already so grounded, but definitely with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. :3

402380 Oh, *giggles*

You never know, the next bro may have been ignorant of the expression?

On the other hoof, sometimes it it can be fun to play the respectives sides towards the middle, or the extreme s?

Sometimes, it is just good to clear all the grounds in order to see where it goes and avoid any confusion.

There are the moments Maud is the most amusing and exciting of all Ponies, just because she is on the other extreme.

402379 :raritywink: I know it's an expression. I was making a joke. Hence, the Maud Pie picture.

402372 I guess that would be good. I like cute and beautiful names. Lavender sounds like an idea.

Tell the Oliv oil producers? Olive Oil is just mere pure fat, isn't it?

That is an expression for when there is no Comment to it. The expression is commonly used for when your page or blog has recieved the first Comment.

402222 We should name her Lavender or Truffle. Something cute.

Oh, and comments cannot have virginity. Virginity is the state of not having had sexual intercourse, and considering the comments feed does not have any genetelia to begin with, nor is it a living organism, virginity is a state of being that it will never experience. That is, because it cannot experience at all.

Woah, tha is One cute little Donkey.
Does she have a name yet?
(comment-virginity taken) *giggles*

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