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Greetings, fellow guys, stallions and colts of Equestria!

Welcome to the sanctuary, the bro's grotto, the VALLHOOFA of this wacky site, Colt's Club! No more shall we gawk at pretty icky fillies that DARE make us gain confusing and concerning feelings....

Anyways, feel free to add your awesome stories of epic nerdiness about our star colts and join the Dork Side.

Fulfill your DESTINY!!!


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Question! Can I add my story to your group if the main character is male, but is not a pony?

Added, though I still cannot add it from the folder itself.

Go to the page of your story and find a little box with an arrow pointing down next to your view count. Tap that and the first thing on the list is "Add to Group". Once you tap that, hit "Colt Club" on the list of groups and tap on "Pound Cake"

But I still can't add my story.

There be a folder for the colt right now

So, I have this Pound Cake story...
There be on Pound Cake folder...

I have been waiting for a group like this lol

Now THIS is the group we were missing.

hey, .i got about 20 stories .just give me a month or 2 and this will be the first group ill release it on.

sorry, but i am a girl. thank you for the invite though

  • Viewing 1 - 11 of 11
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