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About Me!

Greetings, all! I am Gravelord Nito.

I'm glad you are taking the time to view my page.

Firstly, I love ponies, obviously. I also love anime and gaming. There you go.


Q: What is your name?

A: My name is Luke.

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm 22 years old. My birthday is in February.

Q: What sex are you?

A: I am a male.

Q: What's your favourite food?

A: Pasta.

Q: Where are you from?

A: England

Q: Why do you write stories?

A: I write stories because it's fun.

Q: Who is best pony?

A: I like different ponies for different reasons. To give three examples: I love Twilight because I can relate to her; I love Fluttershy because she's pretty, and I love Pinkie Pie because she's fun.

That's about all for now I guess. I don't have any social media other than Discord, I'm sorry.

I hope you enjoy my content.

Lots of Love from Lord Nito <3

Meet Pumpkin Swirl!

This is my first properly designed oc, Pumpkin Swirl.

She may get a fic to herself, or she may feature as a secondary character/cameo in some of my other stories. Who knows. I'm excited to write for her though, considering I already have her personality established when I pained over her design for hours on end. :twilightsheepish:


Ongoing Stories Update · 3:58pm Mar 27th, 2021

Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone's still wondering - I have plans to post the chapters I've been working on for both of my ongoing stories as soon as I can. I'm studying to become a teacher at the moment, so I'm generally very low on free time to work on these. But, I promise they'll be finished and release soon.

Lotsa luv,

Nito :heart:

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