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Sorry everyone. · 1:01am Oct 28th, 2018

So I must say, I'm sorry, both to the content creators who I'm working for, and anyone who may have been waiting for my little story to be made.

Of which, I'm actually done with the first 2 chapters, the only thing is that I want to get the third one done before I submit it to fimfiction, and I fear that, that may not happen for a certain period of time that I myself am unaware of.

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Thanks for the fav and the watch!

Thank you for the Watch and also adding Transparent Living to your favorites!

TTransparent Living
Disowned by her parents, Diamond Tiara is hastily sent to Mane-hattan to meet Coco Pommel. Even if she has come to turn a new leaf in her growth, there is still a lot for her to learn. New town, new life.
PinoyPony · 74k words  ·  15  1 · 388 views

Sorry for the late post, been preoccupied with school. More chapters coming soon!

Thanks for the watch! What caught your interest to follow me?

And here I thought i was gonna stay lonely forever lol. Appreciate the follow even though I only read here.

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