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If you are looking for, or want to become a pre-reader/editor put contacts here and I'll match you up! I created this group when I realized how hard It can be to get and/or become a pre-reader/editor. just trying to help ALL.

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in need of pre-reader, suffering from mild dyslexia and my spelling program isn't god enough for the approvers. anybody interested in helping out

I have just tried to up loud my story twice and I was denied both time i was hoping some one can leas give me a hand?

hello? I am looking for someone to do a once over on my first chapter and help edit it.. I want to make sure it is ready to go, if someone could do so, please say so

Hello I am new to fimfiction and I made my first story but it got declined since it didn't have good grammar and punctuation. Also, I didn't make a new paragraph when a new person talked. So I would love if someone helps me find a pre-reader that would be great cause I don't want to give up on my story

I'm needing a proofreader/editor. Already have 20(?)stories published, and am currently working on two more. Kinda need help ASAP. Lol.

Please PM me as quick as you can.:twilightsmile:

looking for a pre-reader to help with grammar and other problems

Hello? Can someone pre read a story. Not anything big, jest checking for grammar errors.

Please can you help me!!

Hi could you please help me by proofreading over my work it's at and the pass is abigail17

Can someone read my two chapters in my story to help me with grammar and/or lack of punctuation in my story
I don't know if you can get to the story like this.
Please read this and tell me about how to you feel about this please.

395739 Yo, still need a proof reader?

395782 I have someone I can hook you up with. Give me a minute to write you a pm.

I'm willing to offer myself up as a pre/proof-reader. I'm probably not the best or even average but anyway sharing is caring.

Oh as a warning I'm not particularly fond of human or anthro.

Hey everypony,

I'm relatively new in writing mlp fics and I am in need of a proofreader. Is anypony interested?

hello everypony,
a new pony is around and is looking for proofreader for his story
anypony interessted?

PM please:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 12 - 31 of 31
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