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Right I need a plan I need goals. No one will ever see this. But hey let's have some fun.

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I think it was just shy of two, I think he only missed two of Red's birthdays. I'm much better at remembering details when I read straight beginning to end so I can't be entirely sure on the matter. And there was no way all of them wouldn't be a little sad. :fluttershysad:


Ooph, that letter. If I remember from Trials correctly, doesn't the war last 3 years? Or was it two? In any case, the next letter(s) on that are gonna hurt even more, huh.

2096097 No problem! Yeah, most of my stories are relatively short. (My two longest stories are both m-rated, so feel free to ignore those if it's not your thing) :)

But, I'm a 0 pressure guy, so no worries. And I do try and thank everyone I can for their faves and likes. Just feels like the right thing to do. :)


Might do, might do. I kinda need to clear me read it later shelf though. 60+ stories there. Also I have a tendency to read longer stories. I like a well-done short but I just prefer longer stories. Still I'll have a look. Nice to see an author make an effort to reach put.

Thanks for the fave of 'Ciphers'!

If you like, feel free to check out my other stories as well. :)

Hopefully :rainbowlaugh:

I stopped putting in corrections because you weren't active and I was like why go through the effort if he isn't there to add them.

Still loved it though.

Hey thanks, for the feed back on the royal guard, I know its been a long time since i logged on and you left those comments months ago, but I'm finally back and it means a lot to me that you enjoyed the story. I'll through in those corrections someday lol.


Thanks! I've already got a Nightmare Night story coming up and I've got ideas for a sequel to On Target. Hope you enjoy them when they get out there.

Everyone deserves recognition. Just give me more stories to gobble up.

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