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What is Quill & Blade?

Quill & Blade is the name of the alternate universe that Anzel and Crystal write in. The primary distinction between Q&B and canon Equestria is an alicorn lore that drives the of a Royal Guard series. Anything that happens after season 2 of MLP is not considered canon to the Q&B AU.

The main stories in this universe are [Memoirs/Secrets/Trials] of a Royal Guard and Crystal's [Wishes/Hopes/??]. There are several side stories and more to come as time goes by!

The Scene of the Quarter

Previous Scenes of the Quarter

Important Links

The Quill & Blade Website
In the event that FiMFiction goes down, you can find our stories hosted here. This is also where cameo calls will be held, Patrons rewards are hosted, and a growing list of characters featured in Q&B stories can be found.

We are on Patreon for those that love our stories above and beyond just being readers. Being a Patron simply gives access to drafts as well as channels through which they can get their OCs a cameo in a Q&B story. There are no exclusive chapters or gated content and never will be.

A relatively new venture for delivering Q&B updates, art, and random facts through Twitter. Managed by Crystal, so don't be afraid to say hi!

Questions that we get more often than not are answered here. Just started this, so bear with us as we fill it up!

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That Scene of the Quarter sure does look hilarious!

407474 Well, I appreciate its pointlessness, which (ironically) gives it inherent value as a comment and therefore a point! :D

This comment is pointless.

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