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This is a group dedicated to the MLP fan fiction writer Crystal Wishes.
All site rules,
Be nice to others,
No spamming your stories in any folder,
Please put in the respective folders.

Crystal Wishes - All of Crystal Wishes stories go here

Lovey Dovey Universe - All stories based off of the Lovey Dovey series go here

Crystal Wishes Universe - All stories based off of the Crystal Wishes series go here.

Others - Any other stories using Crystal Wishes' Official Creations (OC) go here.

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412585 I just don't want people to start a war, if someone wants to, they should take it somewhere else. Besides, this is a group to bring writers and readers who are fans of the author Crystal Wishes together. If someone disagrees with someone else, just be nice about it. What's the purpose of starting a fight over a little thing anyway?

Thank you for the smile too! C:

So. I can't be mean to others? Is that an... ironclad rule or can it be bent a little? c:

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