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Sugar Spoon

Long time reader and lover of all kinds of literature. Hey I'm hoping to read fun stories. I'm also always open for a message.


Wrote a little story! · 10:49pm January 19th

Check it out! If you wanna anyway.

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Hey, saw your bio and wondered if you fancied checking out a comedy/slice of life sweetfic? ( Not complete as yet)

Derpy Hooves and Crafty Crate deliver a package to a world inhabited by a gentle and innocent generation of ponies. The destination is the residence of one Kimono, a connoisseur of the exotic and a local oddity whose maturity and wisdom sets her apart from her peers. Unfortunately, Crafty’s homeward journey is interrupted when the literal softness of the unfamiliar land causes his wagon to become stuck. Ocean Mist, Kimono’s protégé and innocent devotee of fairy tales, steps in to lend a tender hoof. While helping the strangers out of their pickle she learns a lesson in overcoming her limitations by embracing her identity.

Would love any fb :)

I enjoyed The Sky Is Your Bed. I saw it featured on Equestria Daily and thought the description sounded fun so I gave it a try.

Thanks for the watch! Any stories of mine you really enjoyed in particular?^^ :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch!

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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