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I knew I'd forgotten something! · 11:53pm Dec 29th, 2012

Man, December is a busy month! It's been wall to wall, first with exams, then with family. Blarg, writing! Blarg, etiquette!
Anyway, waaaaay back when in The Land of 21 Days Ago I was invited to the podcast of one Roy Hankins, one half of the power-duo in charge of The Brony Bookclub Podcast (GREAT SHOW, like, subscribe, comment, critique).

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Hope to see you back soon

I lost you after I finally made an account of here like... 2 years ago, and stiopped tracking my stories by memory. Found you again... and the hiatus is still going! :raritydespair:
YU do this?!

Love your stories. Cant for for more

The production currently has no name (that I can disclose...) but an audition vid will be released soon, and has a bunch of really great voice actors/actresses behind it, it's going to be great!
When the audition vid is released, I'll post a link here.

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