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One week after the Changeling invasion of Canterlot, Twilight is taking a much needed vacation when she is met by none other than The Doctor, back from a lengthy trip to Equestria's past. Unfortunately for them a dark force has secretly taken control the Canterlot News Agency and is using its influence to spread paranoia and fear to the capital city. Now it's up to Spike, Twilight Sparkle, and The Doctor to find out who or what is behind this attack and stop them before it's too late!

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>Atmos and fear
I see what you did there...

I've noticed a few missing words here and there and that giant wall of text which you might want to get around to fix.

sadist, making watch as
sadist, making us watch as

Doctor, are you don’t have anything for me to do?
Doctor, are you sure you don't have anything for me to do?

I noticed one other line that had a few missing words but I can't find it now just letting you be aware of that. However it might of been in the chapter before this I wasn't really looking for errors at first.

Also if you could separate the scenes a little better that would be nice.

Loving the interpretation of the changelings and how it works within your whooves continuity. I had similar speculations myself for when I'll eventually make use of the creatures (though not involving the whole Tirac angle, obviously)

Love how you lampshaded the shining armor thing as well :twilightsheepish:

Deffo gonna keep up with this.

As I'm using a journalist narrator in my work I may have to borrow CNA to a degree as well. Nothing like newspaper writers letting snippy comments about other news agencies slip into their supposedly 'unbiased' reporting :scootangel:

Well, Atmos-Fear is currently on the backburners until I run myself down on the original project I've been working on. You know how it is, two projects at once never works out. :derpyderp2:


Shame. But I'll keep an eye out for when you do update. What's this other project?

it's an original universe I've been working on for a few years. Writing fanfics and getting feedback have really helped me to hone my writing abilities, almost to the extent that I'm considering getting a IP patent. Almost.


Mostly the reason I'm taking on my own fanfic project. Hoping to see if it'll spark off enough inspiration to write down my own ip someday. That and it gives me the drive to write every day, which I haven't been doing since I left uni.

I loved the original story and the sequel when I read them back on Equestria Daily, but had no idea they were both here. And I didn't know that there was a third one already in progress! I saw the post when it first went up, but I didn't recognise it as part of this series. Didn't read the description closely enough I guess. Whatever though. This is going on my read later list, and I'm reading it soonest chance I get.

“When did you tell me about Polished Chainmail or whatever.”

Twilight’s eyes darted back and forth, “O-oh…y’know…uuuh, off…screen?”

“That only works for Pinkie Pie,” The Doctor said flatly.

“Shoot!” Twilight said.

Seriously, that had me in stitches! Off to a good start!

Whelp, two weeks later I've finally read the two chapters. Glad to say, so far it's looking pretty good. I like your take on the changelings, and the Victor himself is interesting in his own right, particularly that scene with the date. Being that it's on hiatus, I am slightly disappointed that I'll have to wait for future updates, but I've waited before, and I can wait again. It'll be worth the wait when chapter three does come. Good luck on your original project too. I hope it turns out well.

Amazing story. Everything is executed perfectly. And, Just as a suggestion, Could you have a villian from the actual Doctor Who series involved? Maybe the empty pony? or the weeping pegasi? Ooooooh or how about The Silence? They were SO AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

Since when does Canterlot have building with 95 floors on it. Even when there are floors in the mountain and under the entrance floor it sounds very high. It could be a teleporting elevator (televator?) but then the therm "floor" would not fit.

Name: The Doctor
Occupation: Saving the Universe (Charity Work)
Fear: Watching Planets Burn (Established back in The Mind of Evil)

Was that so hard, Victor?

Alright then, Lotus Eater Machine it is.

The Victor: "...that's "THE Victor"! As in "the winner" with a "the"...s'not a name, it's a title...
Too predictable for a running gag? I'm personally on the fence about it.

2152078 The Idea Amuses me. I can just Imagine Him throwing a Tantrum Because no-one refers to him by his title, Then being Told off by Twilight or Someone for picking such a Grammatically Awkward Title. At Least the Doctor Doesn't Insist everyone call him the Doctor all the time

After a minute of tense silence she clambered back into her office, slamming the door behind her and locking it. She scrambled for the phone and nervously dialed the service desk number when she noticed that her computer monitor was on again. Still holding the phone she approached the flickering screen, the only thing on the screen was an open document with two words in block capitol written in it:



Twilight is so adorable. Love struck and she doesn't even know it! Tennant gets all the attention even when he doesn't want it.
Also, Twilight is best companion hands down. Power house pony with a big brain and sass, who isn't afraid to keep the Doc in check? It's like Donna without the annoying parts, meets Martha's compassion and dorky crush, and a brain to rival the Docs of it was giving the chance to learn.
Second read through the series and I keep catching new things! The Victor... do his wings sound like the 'thrums of war'?
So many DW fics are in your face derpy romances or the doc off traveling with some random pony. I miss the ones where it is the six traveling with him. This one, Loyal2Luna... there was one other writer, but I can't remember who it was! No! :fluttercry:
So is this series dead or on hiatus? Or in progress?

But now, with its needs focused elsewhere, it suddenly realized that it knew next to nothing about the actual emotional state itself. What is love?

Baby don't hurt me~

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