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After witnessing a series of strange events Twilight Sparkle and friends search for answers, only to find themselves entangled in a war between two ancient races and a plot that could end all existence. Luckily, our heroes find help in the form of an eccentric brown pony with an impossible blue box.

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It's finally here! :yay:

Are you going to post Mines of Dragon Mountain, as well? Honestly, those are two of the best fics in this fandom.

And where the hell is the rest of Atmos-fear?!?!

Holy crap, it's finally migrated over here?

Automatic upvote and fave!

I remember this fic! Awesome stuff!

Ah! I remember coming across this last year on Equestria Daily and it made for a wonderfully good read. :twilightsmile:

Awesome! Looks like you finally managed to fix the issues

Really glad to find this again. I found it a few months back on another part of the internet and I didn't have time to finish it. I had already forgotten about it lol, can't wait to read it

That..........BY CELESTIA'S BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Sweet, I read this a while back On EQDaily, and am so glad to find it here!!!


Ah, I remember this. I hope to see Mines of Dragon Mountain and Atmos-Fear up on here as well. :pinkiehappy:

Oh derp. :derpytongue2: I just checked your page, looks like they are already posted. Oh well!

A good old classic, as flawless now as it was then.

I'm glad to see this story finally made it to FimFiction! This story was one of the first Dr. Whooves fics I ever read and is still the bar to which I compare the rest. Liked and faved!

Pretty god damned good! Definitely one of the top Doctor Whooves fics I've read. You definitely nailed the Doc's personality.

My favourite Dr Whooves fics on FIMfiction? Yes please!

I've heard of this story. I think I will enjoy this immensely.
Right then, allows-y!

My reaction to all this in twenty seconds:

This was just a thrill ride from start to finish. I love the way the Doctor bounced off everyone in his own zany manner, and the writing itself was just superb. This is the kind of quality we expect from actual episodes of Doctor Who, and I loved every minute of it!
The characterization, the plot, the details, EVERYTHING was, I reiterate:

Thank you, Mr Eccleston. Now, Mr. Tennant, anything you'd like to add?

Well said.

You can thank a Mr Comma-Kazie that I found this piece. So far from what I've read its a wonderful story and I can't wait to finish. I cant resist a good Dr Whooves fic no matter how hard I try.


I loved this one back when I first read it on ponychan! This is the BEST characterization of The Doctor.

The Doctor’s voice was different, deeper and almost frightening in its evenness. It was rage, but it took Twilight a moment to understand that this was a different kind of rage than any other, the kind of righteous cold-burning fury that could only be mustered by a being so old witnessing the suffering of a being so young. What was in his voice was beyond anger, beyond anything she in her youth could imagine.

Gives the chills every time I read it.

Just another reason to watch this show.

The Ninth Doctor....my one weakness! :pinkiegasp:
Confound you! How did you know?! :twilightangry2:
Thanks for the great comment, I love it whenever anyone comments but I really love it when they have this much effort put into it!

I'd forgotten how cool this story was. I'm so glad it's here now! :twilightsmile:

Onwards to the next one!

“Oh no! It blew up!” Twilight said quickly, a blush burning furiously in her cheeks. “What a crazy random happenstance!”

I laughed. Is that a Dr. Horrible ref? It sounds like it to me. XD

So happy and sweet and awesome! :yay: At the end, at least; the rest of it was cool and sometimes funny and badass and awesome. And that's how I like my stories: badass in the middle, happy at the end, and awesome all throughout.

But none of that mattered! These monsters could be the most scariest, most powerfullest, most meanest monsters to ever eat a kitten and it wouldn’t have phased her one bit! Because in all the worlds around all the stars in all the moments of time there was one thing meaner, one thing more powerful, and one thing far and away more terrifying than they could ever hope to be; that funny stallion in his little blue box. She had sensed that Twilight had detected this in The Doctor but had yet to realize it, but Pinkie had known the second he began speaking to them. She could tell when people were telling the truth, even when they were crazy and believed every word they said she could tell that they were lying, it was like her Pinkie sense only without the niggley feelings. The Doctor had fallen straight out of the sky in a box that she suspected to be bigger on the inside and began to talk about dimensions and portals and strange sounding weapons. What’s more, he meant every word and every word of it was true. She sensed in him great anger and fury, danger, the fires of the stars and the ice of the ages; he was impossible, unstoppable, beyond imagining and yet remarkably simple. He was good, not nice or pleasant or even benign, but good nonetheless. She had sensed the fury of an angry god within him outside the hospital, a fury that could end the world if he let it. He needed them. He needed beings that by all rights should be as insects to him, but weren’t. He needed someone to care about, someone that would stop him, challenge him, love him. He needed friends, and what better than Pinkie Pie to keep an ageless alien from madness?

That's deep Pinkie.
That's deep.

Well this was certainly worth the read. Thanks to the guys over at Bronyville podcast for suggesting this and thanks to the author for the first great Doctor Hooves story that I've ever read. Bravo. *sorry, not much else to say unless I ramble on senselessly, and I'm no Doctor*

Twilight trotted right up close to the older pony, noses almost touching, and locked eyes with her. “Prized student. Do you really want to risk it? As liaison to this world’s physical goddess, I could make life very unpleasant for you.”

And thus: the first time in the multiverse that a graduate student has ever pulled rank.

im sorry i dont have as many words as Alpha. all i can do is say this was spot on for the Doctor and it is

‘…F***in’ magnets/how do they work?!…’
I love you, my dear author. I just love you.

My good sir, I think you just won the Doctor Whooves fandom. All of it.

This is one of the best stories on the site, I think.

That comment itself was BRILLIANT! Thanks for the kind words, it really means a lot to me.

‘…F***in’ magnets/how do they work?!…’

Shouldn't Twilight know how they work, given that they're made of magic and she pisses magic?

Comment posted by Philo Hippos deleted Apr 9th, 2014

I am making a voice of the S'muz recording for Any who want to do a reading of this

and I have only ten more lines to do

So it's Gen 4 + Gen 1 villains + The Doctor + something I don't recognize. Interesting.

‘…F***in’ magnets/how do they work?!…’

That broke immersion for me a bit. Otherwise, great story.

Well, I'm not sure how to say this, so I will just blurt it out … THAT WAS AWESOME.

I wish this story was more popular. I love Doctor Who along with MLP FiM, so when I saw this, I just had to sit down and read it.

Granted, nothing is perfect, but this story was just so epic. This is exactly how it could happen if Doctor Who ever came to Equestria. The twists and turns, the characterization, the reactions, etc. It was all so epic.

I won't say anything that will give what happens away (Spoilers), but I would highly recommend people read this. The way they blended a Doctor Who story to fit the MLP FiM universe was just fantastic.


The ponies where absolute gold through this chapter. From Rarity's reaction to it all, to AJ's internal thought, to Twi 'channeling' the Doctor. Man I missed this story.

“What’s when? ‘When’ is ‘where’ with me.”
Doctor Who and MLP man... I honestly can't tell you which one I love more. The fandom, DEFFINATLY MLP, but actual screen time entertainment, I just can't say!

“Happy!” Fluttershy said, a giggle in her voice.

Fourth readthrough of this? Every time this line makes my smile uncontrollably. Love struck Fluttershy giggling over The Doctor is just too cute to imagine.

Just like The Doc to get offended by an eldric abomination from between dimensions hanging up on him.

“I love this place.” The Doctor said as Applejack and Pinkie Pie rushed him into the festivities.

We all do Doc. If only we could all be as lucky to visit it as you.

Comment posted by Marcthelightspark2004 deleted Jan 9th, 2018

“Well you see, I’m The Doctor and these-” he said gesturing to the ponies around him “-Are my friends. And we’re going to stop you. Understood?”

Never challenge the Doctor, I dunno why but that scene reminded me of the Matt Smith Doctor intro episode.

“It hung up on me.” The Doctor said indignantly. “How rude.”

and never hang up on him. LOL:rainbowlaugh:

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