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Timelords and Terror - H3ph3stus

The Doctor and Mane Six vs a Cosmic Horror

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Timelords and Terror Chapter 5

The citizens of Ponyville looked on in horror as the awful thing pulsated towards them. They had felt it first, a cold sick dread in the pits of their stomachs. Then they heard it; a sound, a horrible screaming sound inside their minds, like a foal burning alive. It drew closer and closer, beckoning them outside. There had been a large congregation of ponies outside before it came, as another one of those bizarre storms had formed, this time over the Everfree Forest. It moved towards them, closer and closer as they felt their minds begin to fray, its malevolence broadcasted directly into their brains. What could have been a limb stretched out over the town, casting a shadow over Ponyville…only, the shadow too seemed to be alive and physical. As it crawled over them they felt a feeling not unlike being covered in squirming, screaming insects; a thousand million bodies and a hundred billion legs wriggled and scratched over their skin. Each citizen felt their mind begin to shatter, a tearing fraying feeling at the very core of their beings, a dam holding back the tumultuous flood of insanity-

It left.

The citizens all let out a collective sigh of relief. The cloud was still there, a poisonous roiling miasma of a bruise-purple hue. But whatever had been within it, whatever had been casting its dread shadow over their souls, was moving away. A chorus of cries, wails, and sobs rang out amongst the gathered town-ponies; each of them knowing deep down that a horrible force had set down in Equestria. Mothers wept as they clutched their foals to them, stallions panicked and babbled nonsensically. The town began an inexorable descent into madness, the hysterical screams of the doomed merging together into a demented chorus of fear-

The cloud began to retract.

They all stopped mid-riot to look up at the cloud. The pulsating purple smog throbbed rapidly, moving towards a single spot as though a huge fan had been turned on and was sucking it in. The screaming was still present in their minds, but now it had taken on a new tone, a new color. It was afraid. The beast within screamed and pleaded, where hatred and malevolence once was there was now a sort of petulant fear and panic. As it cried out for mercy so too did the citizens of Ponyville cry out in joy, they knew in their souls that they were saved, that they had won-

A flash.

The town-ponies blinked in confusion.

Another flash.

A great dome of incandescent light radiated out from the Everfree Forest. Growing bigger and bigger like a bubble of rainbow hues.

It burst, and all of Equestria was blanketed in a warm, shimmering light.

(Dah-da-da-da/ /dah-da-da-da/ /dah-da-da-da/ /dah-da-da-da etc)


Episode 1

Time Lords and Terror: Part 5

Twilight’s eyes fluttered open. The early-afternoon sun stung her eyes as it shone from a cloudless deep blue sky. She groaned as she blinked through the stinging light. What had happened? Where was she?

Looks to be afternoon, must have slept in…I just had…the weirdest dream in the history of unconscious thought!’ she thought groggily to herself. ‘A…box that was bigger inside than it was outside! Some stallion who wasn’t really a stallion! Alien witches and…and a…’ Twilight felt a nauseous twinge in her stomach, that thing’s awful laughter still ringing in her ears. ‘It was a dream…right?

She rushed to her hooves and looked around. She was in a forest, lush, green…familiar. The Everfree Forest. Everything seemed to be alive, too alive. The leaves on the trees were so green and healthy that they almost glowed, and the birdsong was so loud and jubilant that it sounded like cheering. The air was pregnant with the smell of life, the rich smell of a healthy forest in the middle of summer, a smell of earth and flowers, of plants and water. She looked down at the earth, it was rich and brown, and the smell emanating from it was almost appetizing in its fertility. The forest was alive! Everything was alive!

There were five other ponies around her, lying unconscious on the ground. Her friends. They were all peacefully resting on the lush thick grass of the clearing, they seemed to be sleeping, their flanks rising in a slow and steady motion, their beautiful Elements Of Harmony glittering in the bright afternoon sun.

She opened her mouth to call out their names when a familiar voice spoke. “Don’t mind them, they’re just sleeping it off. Half a planet’s worth of PKE channeling through your body, like forcing an ocean through a straw in one go.”

She spun around to see a handsome brown stallion sitting with his back turned to her, casting a look over his shoulder to her, a large brilliant smile on his face.

“Duh…” she began to say, before racing over to the stallion as fast as she could run. “Doctor!! Oh thank Celestia!! I thought you were de-!!”

“Shhhh!!” he said curtly. “Quietly now! You’ll wake the foal.”

“Oh…sorry.” She said sheepishly before realizing what he had said. “Wait, what?”

He signaled for her to come closer. She quietly strolled over to him, looking over his shoulder to what he was holding in his forelegs. It was a foal, a filly to be precise. Her coat was a beautiful shade of azure, it almost shone in the direct sunlight, and her mane was a very subdued creamy orange out of which poked a tiny horn. She was a unicorn…whoever she was.

“Doctor…” Twilight whispered. “…Why are you holding a foal in the middle of the Everfree Forest?”

“Hmm? Oh!” he said looking down at the filly and back up at Twilight. “Draggle Rau Hag-Twilight Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle-Draggle Rau Hag. Now we’re all friends!”

Twilight contemplated this for a moment before jumping at the revelation. “The Carrionite?!”


“Sorry…Doctor, that’s the Carrionite?” she said, gesturing at the infant.

He smiled and nodded. “Yep! Possession by The S’Müz broke the quantum lock, when she was revived she reverted to Formal-Wear Pony.”

Twilight remembered this conversation. “Right, Formal-Pony, okay. Why is she a foal then?”

“That’s all she ever was. I’d put her at a hundred years old give or take, barely a suckling by Carrionite standards! When she changed to the equivalency template, she became the pony equivalent of what she was. Just a tot!”

“She’s…beautiful.” Twilight said, still trying to connect the hissing, lightning-throwing beast she had fought earlier with the perfect little filly nestled in The Doctor’s forelegs. “Is she still going to be a Carrionite? Does she just look like a pony?”

“I’m afraid not…” The Doctor shook his head. “The damage done to her body and soul resulted in a total conversion, unlike me she’s all pony.”

“Will she remember what happened here?”

The Doctor frowned, an almost pained expression on his face. “Even if this little body’s brain could physically support her previous consciousness, possession by The S’Müz would have completely destroyed her mind. She’s a blank slate, ready to live and learn again…she will, however, be very talented magically. Like you actually.”

Twilight smiled, a happy beginning for a new life, and then frowned. “…And her mother?”

“Gone. Literally,” The Doctor said flatly. “That thing pulled her living soul apart until it was just PKE, like pulling a house apart brick by brick, soon it just becomes a pile of debris. It destroyed her in every sense of the word…” The Doctor blinked and looked up at her, another smile pulling at the sides of his mouth. “By the way! Just how did you beat the S’Müz? If I recall correctly I believe I died before revealing my master plan!”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Oh ye of little faith! I remembered how my Element Of Harmony behaved when exposed to setting forty-two on the sonic screwdriver. You said it sucked in the PKE, but in reality it…”

“…Pulled it in. Like a magnet.” They said in unison.

“So I went out on a limb…” Twilight said proudly.

“And you reversed the polarity of all your Elements Of Harmony, switched from positive to negative, pulled The S’Müz in like a magnet, and reformatted it into an Equestrian field based off your body’s PKE template!” The Doctor said triumphantly. “You! Twilight Sparkle! Absolutely brilliant!”

“Tell me something I don’t know!” Twilight said happily.

“I’m nine hundred years old!”


“Well, nine hundred and five…ish.”

A large misshapen jacket plopped down on the Doctor’s head. “Twilight Sparkle! While I do not know what you are into, I do think he is too old for you.”

They spun around to see a smiling Zecora and a rather dazed and confused rust-brown colt. “Zecora?! Cherry Swirl? But how?”

She shrugged. “How am I here? I do not know, but I do not think it was my time to go. As for him, who can say? Just be glad he’s alive today.”

Twilight looked to The Doctor, who was beaming. “Doctor? Any theories?”

He handed Twilight the still sleeping Draggle and got to his hooves. “Twilight, when you’ve lived the life I’ve led, and for as long as I have, you learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth!” He said as he put a foreleg around the neck of Zecora and a still-confused Cherry Swirl. “Everybody lives!!...Ah, what the hell…Twilight, my sonic!”

Twilight levitated the sonic screwdriver from where she had dropped it to The Doctor. He clamped it in his teeth and trilled it over them. “Ah HAH!”

“What is it?” Twilight said, coddling the infant Draggle.

The Doctor cleared his throat. “No idea. It’s a miracle. But if I had to guess, I’d say that when Reeka was killed she released Cherry Swirl’s stored PKE into the environment, and when Zecora was killed she released hers into it too. Then the S’Müz slurped it all up *slllrrrrrp!* and then you pulled in The S’Müz and repurposed it back into an Equestrian field. There was enough harmonic resonance between their old bodies and the repurposed PKE that it formed a sort of recall effect, reviving both of them healthy as ever, just like the forest!”

Twilight telekinetically wrapped Draggle in The Doctor’s jacket and tied the sleeves around her neck, forming a makeshift carrier. “That’s a pretty specific guess.”

“Well, I try.” He said pithily before planting an affectionate kiss on Zecora’s cheek. “Oh and thanks for saving me. Fantastic that. Never do it again, I’ve got enough on my conscience.”

Zecora blushed and smiled at The Doctor. “I did not intend to take the blast, and if it helps your guilt it happened fast.”

A series of groans and mumbles drew their attention, the five other ponies stirred sleepily on the soft grass.

“Errrrg…mah head…” Applejack mumbled, before realizing. “Mah head! Mah stars! We won?”

Rainbow Dash shook her head groggily as her mane, matted by congealed contact medium and dirt, flopped about loosely over her face. “If this is winning…guh! I feel so funky, I need a shower!”

“I don’t know about you mares, but I think I’m going to go home, draw myself a nice hot bath, and cry for the next day or so.” Rarity said, rubbing her temples. “A day at the spa for everyone, on me!”

Fluttershy sniffed the air and smiled, the forest was alive again. “I’m just happy that the forest is back. I hope Angel Bunny found that note I left him, whenever I leave without telling him he invites half the forest in for a house party!”

Pinkie Pie gasped loudly and raced over to Twilight, The Doctor, Zecora and Cherry Swirl. “Omigosh! Doctor! You’re alive! And Zecora! And Cherry Swirl! And Twilight, I missed you most of all!!”

“I never died, Pinkie.”

“Oh yeah. I still missed you, though!”

The other ponies jumped to their hooves and raced over, each one clamoring excitedly.

“Professor! You’re alive!” Applejack said jubilantly, wrapping her forelegs around his neck and drawing him close in a tight hug. “Dontcha ever scare me like that again!”

Rarity and Fluttershy caught Zecora and Cherry Swirl in a big hug, laughing happily.

“Twilight…” Rainbow Dash said slowly. “Why do you have a foal?” She spun around to The Doctor. “How long were we unconscious? What’d you do?!”

“Nothing, honest!” The Doctor said defensively.

“Awww!” Pinkie said happily. “Draggle makes such a cute pony!”

Twilight blinked in confusion. “Pinkie, how did you even-you know what, never mind. Pinkie sense. Everyone meet Pony!Draggle, The Doctor says she changed to a foal due to this universe’s equivalency template and that she won’t remember a thing. So we’ve come out of this thing victorious and with a foal. Win-win.”

Rarity gasped and walked up to the sleeping unicorn, a wide smile on her face. “Oh! She’s just precious! We’re going to have to find her a new home, the poor dear!”

Fluttershy ran an affectionate hoof over the infant’s forehead. “I know a few couples in Ponyville who would love to have a little filly like her.”

The Doctor signaled for them all to follow him. “Well then, let’s get back to Ponyville, shall we? I feel we may have some explaining to do.”

The TARDIS materialized between the two houses it had nestled between before, the low wheezing sound dying down into a fading squeal. The doors swung inward and nine ponies exited the box. Soon they were surrounded by still somewhat unnerved towns-ponies. The media was out in full force; reporter ponies and their camera crews were everywhere, a barrage of camera flashes meeting the weary heroes.

“Ms. Sparkle!” shouted a reporter pony. “Ms. Sparkle, do you have anything to say about the phenomena witnessed by the citizens of Ponyville?”

Twilight cleared her voice and stepped forward. “On behalf of Princess Celestia, I am pleased to say that the crisis has been averted.”

“Ms. Sparkle, is the rumor that this phenomena was related to the disappearance of local colt Cherry Swirl and the attack on his friend true?”

“I am afraid I am not at liberty to divulge any information as to the correlation between those events, however I am please to announce that Cherry Swirl has been found.” She said as she stepped aside, revealing the young colt. “Would somepony be kind enough to contact his parents?”

The frenzied media ponies instantly swamped the nervous colt, barraging him with questions and shoving microphones in his face. Cherry Swirl began to recoil from the withering barrage of questions when a brilliant incandescent flash bathed the crowd in light.

“Citizens please! Give the poor colt some space. He’s been through quite an ordeal.” said a descending ball of white light. As it set down it burst open to reveal a large beautiful white mare, her long elegant limbs shod in exquisitely crafted gold, her nebulous continually flowing mane shimmered and shifted in color. It was Princess Celestia. She walked forward, the entire crowd instantly bowing to her magnificence; she nudged the stupefied colt and smiled. “Go to your parents Cherry Swirl, they’ve been very worried about you.”

He nodded fervently and ran through the bowed crowd, and Celestia turned towards the eight ponies in front of her, one of whom was not bowing, rather he was casually regarding her. “Rise.”

“Princess Celestia!” Twilight said as she walked forward. “Did you get my message?”

“Yes Twilight Sparkle. I’m sorry I could not have been here sooner, but there were some tears in the fabric of space and time that required the attention of Luna and myself.”

“Yeah, that was probably me…” The Doctor said casually. “…Sorry about cracking your universe.”

“Doctor!” Twilight said, horrified. “This is Princess Celestia! Show some respect!” She turned to the amused Princess. “I’m sorry your highness, he’s new around here! Allow me to introduce-”

“Doctor! How good it is to see you again!” Princess Celestia said, a subdued smile on her face.

Twilight paused. “Whah?!”

The Doctor smiled and stepped forward. “I take it that we’ve met!”

Twilight snapped her head back and forth between the two. “Wah-I-you-buuuh?”

“Naturally, you have not met me yet. You told me something like this was going to happen.” She said, looking at the confounded expression on her pupil’s face. “Something about wibbly-wombly…”

“…Timey wimey. Got it.” He said with a wink. “Well, that’s something to look forward to.”

Celestia laughed. “Indeed! Oh, it’s a shame Luna had to take care of the media front in Canterlot, she would have loved to see you again…a bit of a crush if you ask me.”

“Ah-whaaaaat?!” Twilight exclaimed.

“I reiterate:” said The Doctor, smiling even wider. “That’s something to look forward to.”

Celestia turned to a stupefied Twilight. “Twilight Sparkle…why do you have a foal?” she looked over at The Doctor, eyebrow raised.

“Why does everypony immediately jump to that conclusion?”

“Princess…” Twilight said, stepping forward. “This foal was one of the creatures I wrote to you about.” Twilight looked down at the now awake filly, who looked back up at her with enormous crimson eyes. “I’ll fill you in on the details in my next dissertation, but she wound up like this.”

“Hmm.” Celestia said, regarding the squirming blue foal. “Yes, I thought her aura smelled a little purple.”

Twilight blinked. “What?”

“She will be placed in my academy for the gifted.” Celestia said finally. “I sense an enormous amount of magical potential within her. What’s her name?”

“Draggle Rau Hag.” The Doctor said. “Well, Draggle Rau Hag Zau Rexis if you want to get into bloodline names, and Draggle Rau Hag Zau Rexis Len Carrion Ken Paloot judging by the provincial accent she was sporting before…” he noticed they were staring at him. “…Rambling, sorry!”

Celestia shook her head lightly. “While I do not wish to disregard her lineage, she will need a local name…Twilight?”

“What? Oh!” Twilight said before looking back down at the foal. “…Azure Sky.”

The Doctor nodded as he approached, looking at the foal. “I’m sure she’d appreciate it if she could remember…a child of the Deep Darkness, she’s probably never seen a sky before coming here.”

“Will they ever get out Doctor?” Twilight said, a part of her shocked that she almost felt sorry for her former enemies.

“The only way they’ll get out is if The Eternals deem them a threat no longer.” The Doctor said, stroking the newly christened Azure Sky’s mane. “When they stop fighting, stop hating…you know, for that reason alone I’d have thought they’d never get out, but Draggle could have alerted her mother to our presence as we approached, could have snapped our necks the second we turned around…but she didn’t. She cared enough for her mother, for all life, that she forgot her hatred of us and worked with us.” The Doctor smiled at Azure, garnering a toothless smile from her. “Now I know it’s possible for this lot to change!”

He turned to Princess Celestia and murmured. “By the way, half a planet’s worth of PKE just sort of…became part of Equestria, things may get a little weird.”

“Nothing my sister and I can’t handle, Doctor.”

“Hey…” said Pinkie Pie, popping up between the three of them. “…We just stopped a trio of powerful space witches, saved the multiverse from a profoundly evil life-eating monster, and missed both breakfast and lunch! There can be only one course of action!”

Twilight sighed and rolled her eyes. “A par-”

“A PARTY!!!” Pinkie cheered, leaping into the air and gesturing at the crowd. “And you’re all invited!!!”

A huge cheer rose from the crowd, streamers and balloons materializing out of thin air as festive music started to play.

“I love this place.” The Doctor said as Applejack and Pinkie Pie rushed him into the festivities.

Five hours later and the party, which had now evolved into at least seven different festivals, was still going strong, albeit in other parts of the town. The Doctor made his way to the TARDIS, now surrounded by gifts of fruit, candy, and flowers. He smiled to himself and reached out to open the door.

“There you are!” said a voice from behind. “An’ here ah thought Big Macintosh was treatin’ you to a drink!”

He turned around to see seven ponies. “Oh, he tried! But I wound up giving him and Caramel the slip…not that they couldn’t use the alone time.”

“Whadaya mean by-?” Applejack began to say before Twilight broke in. “You weren’t going to leave without saying goodbye were you?”

“I hate goodbyes…” he said solemnly, before being hit in the face with a bundle of fabric. “This had better not be what I think it is…”

Rarity huffed and rolled her eyes. “Oh, and here I was expecting a ‘thank you Rarity, you didn’t have to resize my monkey-jacket into something remotely wearable, in a matter of hours, for free, thank you sooo much!’ Silly silly me!”

He unraveled it, it was in the same design as his old jacket, but definitely more suited to an equine form. “Oh it’s…thank you.”

“You’re welcome darling,” she said with a wink.

Rainbow Dash flew up to him and not-so-gently jabbed him with her hoof. “And now you’re trying to ditch us? Some thanks!”

He sighed and turned to the TARDIS. “You’re right…” and her turned back to them. “…Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Zecora, Twilight Sparkle…thank you, really. You’re the heroes today, go party, have fun, live.”

“Are you going home now, Doctor?” Twilight said quietly.

“No. Walls of a freshly breached dimension are pretty fragile, if I try to go back now, I might…collapse this dimension in on itself.”

“Yeah…” Pinkie Pie said. “…If you could not do that, that’d be great!”

Applejack smiled broadly. “So yer stuck here?”

“Until The Royal Princesses’ patch takes, I won’t be able to even think about leaving.” He said, expression blank.

“How long will that take?” Fluttershy said.

“Six hundred non-linear years.” He said turning to them, a smile on his face again. “I don’t mind! Whole new universe, whole new backyard! Lots of things different here, lots of new stuff to see!”

“Don’t you have a home? A family?” Twilight said.

“No…not anymore.” He said quietly. “There was a…thing…I was getting tired of that universe anyhow, too many memories, too many enemies! Here I can explore again! Speaking of…” he said, opening the door to the TARDIS. “…How about it?”

They all looked at each other, Twilight turning to him and saying. “What…explore with you?”

“That is the implication of the opening door, yes.”

“Explore.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Boldly go!”

“Outer space?” Fluttershy quivered.

“Out there we just call it space.”

“The universe” Applejack quipped.

“That ‘n’ more!”

“In the TARDIS?” said Pinkie Pie.

“Why? D’you have another ship?”

“With you?” Rarity said.

“Who else?”

“See other worlds?” said Zecora.

“See other everythings!” He said as he motioned at the door, beckoning them. “I’m not quite used to this body and I could use a hand-er-hoof, whatever…besides, you lot seem like the type. So, what d’you say?”

Twilight groaned in genuine frustration, the whole universe at her hoof tips, but she had responsibilities. “Oh Doctor! I would love to go with you, we all would, but we’ve got jobs here! Responsibilities!”

“Who’s gonna clear the sky and win all the races while I’m off flying around space?” Rainbow Dash said with a flap of her wings. “Ponyville needs my outrageous levels of win to function!”

“I’m sorry Doctor…” Fluttershy said shyly. “…But all the animals need me.”

Applejack kicked at the ground. “Ah shoot, Professor! Ah’d love tah go adventurin’ with yah, but ah’ve got the farm, and the apple stand, ah just can’t leave that fer a week! Downright irresponsible!”

“And I’ve got sweet delicious cupcakes to make! If I was gone where’d the little fillies and colts get their yummy from?” Pinkie Pie said with clear disappointment in her voice.

“And I’m sure all the alien fashion designs would be quite fascinating, but I’ve still got Zeitgeist Stardust to design for!” Rarity huffed. “Ooh! I should really call him back!”

“I’ll go with you to outer space, at least until I get a new place.” Zecora said with a smile, walking over to The Doctor.

“One out of seven, I must be losing my touch.” He said as he led her into the TARDIS. “Oh well! We’ll be sure to send you a post card or something!”

The doors to the TARDIS closed with a sharp bang and the telltale sound of the TARDIS’s engines filled the air; that wonderful wheezing whirling sound fading away along with the wonderful blue box.

“D’you think we’ll see him again?” Rainbow Dash said, something like sadness in her voice.

“’Course we’ll see him again!” Applejack said firmly. “The Professor wouldn’t give up on us that easily!”

On cue there was a blast of hot electrified air, the beautiful whirling sound beginning again. The TARDIS fully materialized in front of them and the doors swung open. “Did I mention that it’s also a time machine? I think I did but, you know, S’Müz happened.”

Twilight’s mouth hung open. “A…Time machine?”

“Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Time as you like!” he said, a large smile on his face.

“Waitaminute Professor…” Applejack said slowly. “…That means you can go anywhere and anywhen?”

“What’s when? ‘When’ is ‘where’ with me.”

Rainbow Dash tapped her hoof to her chin. “Hold on…That means we can head out for a week of fun and excitement…”

“And be back in time for breakfast tomorrow!” Pinkie said excitedly.

The Doctor nodded. “Yep! Breakfast, tea, now, five minutes from now! A week’s worth of fun and adventure and you’ll be back in time for the end of the song those stallions are singing at the bar!”

“But-it-that’s…” Twilight stammered. “That’s impossible!”

“Zecora…our passenger, please.” The Doctor smiled as Zecora appeared with a book in her mouth, tossing it to the ground.

The group all craned their necks down to see the book’s title, Twilight gasped in shock and made a mad dash for it.

Rainbow Dash flashed in and picked it up off the ground, a mischievous smile on her face. “Hey Twi! No need to freak out like that…‘Passions of a…’ Whoa-HO!! AJ! Check this out!”

She tossed the book to the grinning earth pony, who looked at the cover. “Looks an awful lot like Big Macintosh, don’t he? Twi, would you like fer me tah drop a good word in fer ya?”

“Oh that’s a good one! Very elegant prose, especially during the…” Rarity said, getting a round of stares from the surrounding ponies. “…What?”

The book glowed purple and flew into the air whereupon it promptly exploded into a cloud of fire, smoke, and ash.

“Oh no! It blew up!” Twilight said quickly, a blush burning furiously in her cheeks. “What a crazy random happenstance!”

The Doctor laughed and walked forward. “After our second week out there Zecora and I intercepted that little fellah on his way to the sun! I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I had forgotten to tell you lot something.”

Twilight shot him a dirty look before succumbing to curiosity. “But that was eight hours ago! Spike’s teleportation breath is nearly instantaneous regardless of distance!”

“Time machine.” The Doctor said, pointing at the TARDIS. “A machine that travels through time. Time. Machine.”

“By Celestia’s mane…” Twilight muttered. “…It’s a time machine.”

“Is it?” The Doctor muttered. “I learn something new every day…so…how about it?”

The Doctor realized he was on his own, the doors of the TARDIS swinging lightly. Inside the ponies were laughing and running around, chattering excitedly to each other. The Doctor smiled and entered, closing the door behind him.

He walked up to the control console, rearing up on his hind legs. “So…where to?” All eight stood around the console, looking to him, he smiled. “Where ever!”

They all laughed and shouted. “ALLONS-Y!!!”

The TARDIS bucked, whirred, and was gone.



David Tennant…………………..The Doctor

Tara Strong…………………..Twilight Sparkle

Andrea Libman…………………..Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie

Ashleigh Bell…………………..Rainbow Dash/Applejack

Nicole Oliver…………………..Princess Celestia

Cloris Leachman…………………..Hydia

Madeline Kahn…………………..Reeka

Rhea Pearlman…………………..Draggle


Rarity’s new friend Zeitgeist Stardust invites Rarity and her friends to a tour of Stardust Gems’ newest and most promising gem mine. But all is not right in the mines of Dragon Mountain, ponies and diamond dogs alike have been reporting strange sounds at night, and miners have been purported to go missing never to be seen again, while others still have died in mysterious accidents. With his newest mine on the verge of being shut down, Zeitgeist readily accepts the assistance of a very familiar stallion claiming to work for the bureau of health and safety. Soon, The Doctor and his friends find themselves in a race against time, the lives of tens of thousands of miners and townsfolk hanging in the balance, including their own. Can they stop the Grundels?

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I loved this one back when I first read it on ponychan! This is the BEST characterization of The Doctor.

Just another reason to watch this show.

The Ninth Doctor....my one weakness! :pinkiegasp:
Confound you! How did you know?! :twilightangry2:
Thanks for the great comment, I love it whenever anyone comments but I really love it when they have this much effort put into it!

I'd forgotten how cool this story was. I'm so glad it's here now! :twilightsmile:

Onwards to the next one!

“Oh no! It blew up!” Twilight said quickly, a blush burning furiously in her cheeks. “What a crazy random happenstance!”

I laughed. Is that a Dr. Horrible ref? It sounds like it to me. XD

So happy and sweet and awesome! :yay: At the end, at least; the rest of it was cool and sometimes funny and badass and awesome. And that's how I like my stories: badass in the middle, happy at the end, and awesome all throughout.

Well this was certainly worth the read. Thanks to the guys over at Bronyville podcast for suggesting this and thanks to the author for the first great Doctor Hooves story that I've ever read. Bravo. *sorry, not much else to say unless I ramble on senselessly, and I'm no Doctor*

im sorry i dont have as many words as Alpha. all i can do is say this was spot on for the Doctor and it is

My good sir, I think you just won the Doctor Whooves fandom. All of it.

This is one of the best stories on the site, I think.

That comment itself was BRILLIANT! Thanks for the kind words, it really means a lot to me.

Well, I'm not sure how to say this, so I will just blurt it out … THAT WAS AWESOME.

I wish this story was more popular. I love Doctor Who along with MLP FiM, so when I saw this, I just had to sit down and read it.

Granted, nothing is perfect, but this story was just so epic. This is exactly how it could happen if Doctor Who ever came to Equestria. The twists and turns, the characterization, the reactions, etc. It was all so epic.

I won't say anything that will give what happens away (Spoilers), but I would highly recommend people read this. The way they blended a Doctor Who story to fit the MLP FiM universe was just fantastic.


“What’s when? ‘When’ is ‘where’ with me.”
Doctor Who and MLP man... I honestly can't tell you which one I love more. The fandom, DEFFINATLY MLP, but actual screen time entertainment, I just can't say!

“I love this place.” The Doctor said as Applejack and Pinkie Pie rushed him into the festivities.

We all do Doc. If only we could all be as lucky to visit it as you.

Great story. In honestly, one of the best MLP-Doctor Who crossovers I've read here, and that's pretty much my favorite genre on this site. Still, I have to ask: why does everyone who goes to write cosmic horror always go with the whole 'Great Old One, drive you insane in one look, describable but indescribable being of terror' route? There are other ways to do cosmic horror. Just look at William Sloane's novel "The Edge Of Running Water", to this day the greatest cosmic horror story I've ever read. Note that this isn't meant as a complaint, nor should it be taken as such, just a random observation by a dork among dorks and nerd among nerds.

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