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Coming Soon... · 11:46pm Jul 14th, 2017

Long time no see, my friends and readers.

I have been away from this fandom and this website wayyyyyy too long, for various reasons. But now I feel like it's a good time to come back and get back into the fanfiction game, especially as I have a new story in the works now!

I won't give away any details about the story, but I will give you a little WIP preview of the cover-art, and a bit of a preview synopsis:

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1757096 are you still writing crisis on infinite Equestria?


I know! I love Morrison so much. I've read almost all of his DC and Vertigo stuff. I just picked up the Zenith hardcover as well!

1756833 He's only one of my favourite writers! All-star Superman, Final Crisis, Multiversity, the guy is a master of taking the ludicrous and making it incredible.

Anyone who references Morrison so easily and awesomely gets a watch from me!

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