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We all know the story of the Mirror Portal. How Twilight Sparkle travelled through it, finding herself in a strange new world of even stranger creatures. Well, what if I were to tell you that that world was not the only one of its kind?
This fact becomes more and more apparent as strange ponies, never-before-seen creatures and even whole new places begin to appear in Equestria. And when a warlord from a lost universe appears, with his sights set on Equestria's crown and a face that's strangely familiar, so begins the strangest event in pony history: The Crisis on Infinite Equestrias

Chapters (7)
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Pleasebeamultiponygencrossoveratsomepoint! PLEASE be a mutli pony generational crossover at some point!

3875339 Do you not see G3 Minty and G2 Bonbon in the cover image?

Ah! Someone beat me to it...::ajbemused:

3875344 I do, but with a title like Crisis on Infinite Equestrias, I couldn't be sure if it was just going to be a multi G4 x over or not. So I am VERY happy that the other gens will be showing up down the road (and hopefully not bashed/mocked for not being G4). Also, I can't begin to tell you how LONG I have waited for someone to write this style of crossover! I sware if I had to read one more story where G1 was Equestria's past I'm going to scream. But yea, good job on the prologue and keep up the good work dude!

I really am enjoying this a lot. I look forward to seeing how this will turn out. Make it epic. #Followed :pinkiehappy:

So we need Batmare (appeljack) Supermare (Twilight) and more DC heroes. And Deadpool as Pinkie Pie.

Oh, that was a very interesting first part... and I see the Antimatter wave is still popping up. Looking forward to more parts!

Don't you think that Sombra's forces coming next chapter might feel a bit rushed?

3990715 I never said they were coming en-masse...

Are you going to bring in characters from other fanfics as alternate Equestria's? I know I saw Littlepip on your cover pic.

3999110 Yep. Hence the cover image also having Cloud Kicker from the Winningverse fics.

I dunno if I'll be able to throw welcome-to-Ponyvile-parties for them all!


£And... what reality did you come from?"

Do we need that pound symbol?

Cool story.

The pony cocked her head to the side in confusion. "What do you mean? Everypony in Ponyville knows about Rainbow Dash, Ponyville's own fashionista."


I admit, I lol'ed at that one.

This story just keeps getting more and more interesting... and sounds like there might be dragon versions of the whole mane six, which would be fab.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Hmmm, multiple Equestria's? I always love fan/generation crossovers and this is no exception. :ajsleepy: It's too bad my 'Shimmerverse' story 'A different Sunset' isn't finished yet. (Though I'm hoping to be finished within this or next month....I would be honored if you checked it out.:pinkiehappy:)

Anyways, love this story and please keep up the good work.

Connor.... I KNOW that name from somewhere..... more please.

4531160 It's the main protagonist of "Equestria's First Human". I liked that story so much I decided to incorporate its universe into the crossover.

Will we see nyx from past sins in this.

4531895 I'll admit that I have a universe to suggest, but I'm not too sure how dark you're going. Ever heard of Equestria Divided?

4533153 Yeah, I think at this point, Fallout Equestria is pretty much as dark as I'm going at the moment. I might do some of the horror grimdarks for bit parts, but thanks for the offer!

4533497 I only offered cause Equestria Divided doesn't get as much exposure as most other things out there; figured a multi-crossover would be a good place. Either ways I'll look forward to your next chapter.

I'm hoping to see Dusk Shine from On a Cross and Arrow.

Great story, looking forward for the next chapter!

Oh no! :pinkiegasp:

Well, that was certainly unexpected....

Sombra, you big bastard!:flutterrage: Poor Twilight and (obviously fake) Pinkie.:fluttercry:

Oh shit just got very freaking real.:pinkiegasp:

Great chapter can't wait for the next.
Keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

I'm really, really enjoying this story so far, and nice to see the reference to the original comic, but I'm not sure it will help them any.

Also, you might want to put together a cheat sheet of all the alternate characters and worlds!

4943009 Heheh, don't worry. Once they all get together, things will, funnily enough, get a little less complicated (They'll start getting proper designations instead of just 'the human Pinkie' or 'Dragon-Rarity').


Fantastic! And I have to admit I would love to see a gryphon version of the main cast (maybe as a world that gets destroyed) cause it would be cool.

Aw snap. It's Minty. Hide your socks.

This is going to be interesting.

Don't ya mean Alicorn friend? With the mirror from the last chapter, clearly season 3 and Equestria Girls are included in thos story's canon.

Ooh I bloody love Littlepip! Bloody following this!

(Also the rest of the story is just amazing! Keep the up the incredible work!)

"Hang on," Rainbow said. "... I recognise those buildings. This is stirrup street! I'm back home!"

Shouldn't the street name be capitalized?

Can't wait for the next chapter! Allons-y!

Lieutenant outranks Sergeant. A Sergeant is a non-com and a Lieutenant is an O1.

Where does the dragon Rarity come from? If it's a fanfic, I'd like to see that.

So what story is Conner from? I'd like to know since it sounds interesting.

5984791 He's from 'Equestria's First Human' by Ceehoff. And the Dragon ponies aren't from any particular fic, I just thought a universe where all the ponies are dragons would be a cool idea.

This is my favorite story ever.

...Who was that guy that said he'd mess with Twilight earlier on? I'd like to punch through my screen and strangle him now, please.

Comment posted by James-Plasma deleted Aug 14th, 2016

"Alright," Littlepip shouted. "Would somepony care to tell me just what the flying fuck is going on around here?!"


So, a Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover? Cool.

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