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I'm still alive · 5:14am Nov 26th, 2013

Hey, remember when I used to post here? Wow, my last blog post was in fucking June.
Anyway, I got distracted by tumblr. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. I absolutely have been working on pony fiction, I've just not actually been doing much on FiMFiction in this time. Here's the problem; I've been in a slump. alla my stuff just sorta ground to a hault. Even my tumblr blogs are suffering because of this, but the bigger problem is I haven't even touched most of my original writing at all in months and when I do sit down and try to write I just can't get anything out.

This will not stand.

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Stuff that is better than what I write.

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Rarity is a taco.

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You like Danganronpa and Touhou?! That's two groups I'm asking you to join then!
Danganronpa group
Touhou group

283102 I just wrote a 900 word, rambling and half-asleep response to your post and posted it here and on tumblr. I HOPE YOU'RE PROUD OF YOURSELF :ajbemused:

Woo, Trixie looks forward to seeing it.

I was going to respond to this in a comment, but I figure I should just do a whole blog post on it because I've got a lot to say on the subject and I want to be as clear as possible lest someone misread my opinion.

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