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Current workload.

Here is my current workload. If you're interesting in requesting or commissioning a piece, this will give you an idea of how long it will take for me to get to it.

* OC for Snowball.
* OC for Chibi Chabot.
* OC for Daemon McRae.
* Lunarium cover for Tramper.
* Finished cover for The Corner of (Our) Eyes for Daemon McRae.
* Cover and concept art for RainbowBob's pharmacy story.
* Concepts and covers for M.E. Lovecolt.
* Character art of Columbine the filly for The Parasprite.
* Cover art for Tidal.


Greetings! I don't know how you managed to find your way here, but welcome none the less!

I do illustrations and other works for pony fics, as well as general fanart. I don't have a whole lot of stuff to my name right now when it comes to the former, but I'm (slowly) working on it.

I also proofread/edit stories.

I'm probably best known for doing the art for the Ask Asylum Twilight tumblr.

The tumblr is based on the excellent fanfic "Asylum", by Daemon of Decay. If by some horrible circumstance you have not read that story, then please do so.

Also, please check out the Tumblr. Daemon writes the answers, and I draw it. When you visit the Tumblr, feel free to ask Twilight a question!


Stupidity. · 6:38pm Feb 4th, 2017

Cross-post from Tumblr;

Just a sketch.

He’s supposed to vaguely resemble a humanized Dusk Shine, and the colors allude to that. The image is an abstraction for certain types of anxiety I tend to feel quite a lot.

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Many thanks for the follow, friend. I do hope you don't mind if I return it. :raritywink:


Ha! Nice!

This is an old article about lowbrow vs. high art. It's pretty fascinating, and worth a look;


1758131 i dunno, i really like excessive labeling; it comes in handy, too

for instance: when you say you like alt. rock, someone might like the smashing pumpkins and radiohead while you like weezer and fall out boy. when you say "I like experimental rock" and someone else says "I like power pop", then the difference is obvious, while both still fall under the umbrella of "alt rock"



I do find it amusing just how elaborate genre labeling has become. At some point it kind of become meaningless. You may as well just say that what you do is a little bit of everything.

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