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After the Pandorica falls into the exploding TARDIS, it throws The Doctor through the very last crack in time, a crack through which he can cross universes.No TARDIS, no screwdriver, a whole new pony body and a certain unhappy plasmavore that fell through with him, The Doctor begins to think that perhaps his plan was not as fool proof as it could have been.

How will The Doctor protect the highly confusing, sentient ponies from the plasmavore that seems to be harbouring an unholy grudge against all things Timelord? How will he adjust to his new body? And most importantly, why does he have a sudden craving for...pears.

Well, at least he still has his bow tie.

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Not bad. Not bad at all. You certainly swamped my best chapters. Ill be watching this

Solid writing, a clean adaptation from the events of the episode, and an intriguing premise. Bit of a shame there's so little to it at the moment though.

Hope to see more of this soon.

Interesting... but if the Pandorica's light never spread throughout the universe and never started Big Bang II, does that mean Amy and Rory and River and that whole universe is dead? Because that's a pretty depressing bit of fridge logic.

That aside, I'm gonna keep an eye on this one.


Ah, I wanted to make it so the light from the pandorica shone through the cracks and fixed the universe just before it disappeared. I'll make it a bit more thoughtout tonight when I go back and fix that, it was never really my plan to kill off the other universe. Thanks for the input, these are the kind of constructive comments I need.

Also, a big old thank you to everyone who has made this more successful then I thought it'd be. I'm typing this on the mobile right now but if I could have emoticons then there would be many happy Pinkies!

Now that I've been reassured that the Best Companion Ever (Rory) is not dead, I can lend my full support to this fic. It's not perfect (the mood whiplash between the super-dramatic launching of the Pandorica and the admittedly brilliant line "I have HOOVES" is funny but jarring; and the fact that Whoverse didn't die could have been clearer), but it's way better then my early attempts at writing. Keep going!

There is a decent time gap between Big Bang 2 and the *spoiler* *spoiler* the *spoiler* *spoiler*. Additionally, time, being a big ball of timey wimey stuff, would stretch or shrink to fit the time The Doctor spends in Equestria.
So, what Gingerpotato is doing is effectively pulling open a plot hole and then filling it up. Pointless, but entertaining.

Of course, I may be completely wrong about this, you know, because it's The Doctor and anything can (and will) happen.


Pointless but entertaining is my sorta style :derpytongue2:

Adaptations have been made to the first chapter, something pretty important to the story further on has now been submitted into the story so you will probably need to re-read a certain area of it again. Sorry, entirely my fault. I didn't make the first universes revival quite as obvious as I could have made it so I had to redo a certain aspect. Still, expect the next chapter to come out around Wednesday-Thursday. I'm going to see if I can increase the amount per chapter so that there is a little bit more to read, a little bit more to the story.

Anyway, enjoy the edited chapter. Its pretty much exactly the same except for a new paragraph I slipped in.

Excellent job! Great mood, and the Doctor is spot on! Tracking, and a thumbs from me!

Well, he did have a tattoo once, in his third form. You can see it when he changes outfits in Spearhead from Space.
The of Mice and Men reference hurt. Why must fate be so cruel to George and Lennie? They just wanted to have a little place, where Lennie can tend to the rabbits. And he had to go and kill Curly's wife. :fluttercry:

:rainbow laugh: Only the doctor could start something off that trivial... Fav'd.

The Doctor. I think you captured his charisma quite good. Loved it when he tried guessing names. And I hope he finds the TARDIS. Just doesn't feel the same. (What was it, 'The mad man with the box'?)

670789 I actually found that a bit funny, since a fic by that name actually came out a couple days ago.

Wow. No offense or anything, but with the shortness of the first chapter, I was not expecting such a long and well written chapter to follow. But I must say, you did a great job with it, and it was indeed very well written. I definitely look forward to reading more of this and, with any luck, any further adventures between the Doc and the Six you may write. Even if you don't write more, this story should be plenty epic on its own.

I really love the way you captured The Doctor. I could picture him laying on the ground and rolling around with his hoof in his mouth. I can actually picture Matt Smith do the same thing.


I had initially planned this to be a stand alone story but after writing out the second chapter I had a wide array of ideas sprout into my mind so do not be surprised if I continue this into a series of sorts.

The TARDIS will most definitely return but not for a while. I have a couple of basic plans on its revival but nothing complete yet.

Tattoo get!
I altered that particular area slightly so as to obey the rules of old Timelordian bodily regenerations. Thanks for the tip/fact.

Well, I finish school for a week on Friday so expect at least three chapters to appear over the next week. I'm having too much fun writing this :rainbowkiss:

I swear that I don't think that I've ever read a better approximation of the doctor and his insanity. You really manage to get him spot on. Also, including the fire and ice and rage quote was a wonderful touch. It's one of my favorite lines from the series.

A wonderful piece of art so far, keep up the good work. Kudos. :moustache:

The 11th doctor was not 903 when he he went in. I say he was 907 or 905 at the time because 903 was at the ' Voyage of the Damned' and the description of the Pandorica's funtion is correct. I feel like a total whovian right now. But good chapter and may I see more in the future.


Annnd fixed. Thanks for the tip/fact.

Pandora always somehow gives me the perfect songs that go right with the scenes on good books. Consider that a compliment. :trollestia:

Hrrrr..... I don't really see how going all super-sayan with your eyes can be classified under an hourglass Cutie Mark....:rainbowhuh:


Huh? His cutie mark is to symbolize his affinity with time travel. The badass eyes are just a benefit of the "job".

I actually found myself completely speechless (wordless? typeless?) after finishing this; it's so great. Yet again your characterization of the good Doctor is just plain wonderful, the writing is emotionally compelling and entertainingly descriptive and you had some really just plain awesome scenes in this one. I especially enjoyed the Doctor Staredown scene.

This has yet again been a delight to read and keep up the good work. Kudos. :moustache:

"I have hooves..... hooves are cool"

Doctors own rules for dealing with him that he told Amy Pond
"Rule 1, the Doctor Lies".

Also please note that the doctor himself isn't quite sure of his actual age any more, as the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors quoted far different numbers for their age.

"As soon as the purple mare nodded, The Doctor exploded."
oh well, we all knew it was coming
The Doct....
oh, hang on. there's more :facehoof:

693563 That may be true, but his last actual recorded age was 1,000. Add some number between 50 to 100 years or like that but that will around his age but even he doesn't know because time is messed up in time travelling and that will make ones own senses of age in whack and I think that is why he couldn't remember his age and on top of that he is old. Since he said his age to be 903 in Voyage of the damned because that is what he believed he was. Then 904 or 906 during his last fight with The Master. And add a year or so and that is what age he believes he is. SO around 908 to be exact at the time the Pandorica exploded. He may lie, but there can be ways to determine and undermine his age, even if it went out of whack. It is his view of his age at the time of the story. Remember that.

693563 Also read more of your comment.:facehoof: Why did I forget to notice the rest.

it is not so much the Doctors actual age that is the question, We all get that he is really old.

Don't ask me what episode it is but once the 4th Doctor (Tom baker) said he was 948.
And the original doctor once stated he was over 910.

Then again Dr Who continuity is a fragile thing since Time Travel is at the theme of the show.

What the Doctor actually say is ether to get to the point or to get what results he wants.
The Doctor often do not say the truth, he say what needs to be said for the right person to take the right actions.

How else is a man with almost no weapons or powers is feared by every galactic empire in the Dr Who Series.
Even the Dalek who have no religion consider the Doctor their version of the Devil.

695502 Good point, good point. We both have the answer but our reasons may different but they both have the answer. But the doctor has more enemies than an average hero and also on a planet, The Doctor means a fighter or warrior, I think. But he does hold great anger and that is why the Daleks fear him and how the Doctor kills them make him also his devil.

If I may ask, this is still 11 right? Personally, I'm giving him the mental image of the 12th Doctor, but I'd just like to be sure.


This is the eleventh Doc. No regeneration has occurred, he's just got some new equine features.

Now the twelfth Doctor, he's being saved for my new story.

This was a great read. I enjoyed it very much. But I can't help, but feel that the Plasmavore doesn't really have a reason for hating the doctor. Though I may have just missed something. :twilightblush: Would somepony mind filling me in?


You're going to find out in the next chapter. I'll even give you a brief "clue" of sorts.

It is linked to The Doctor's imprisonment within The Pandorica/ the reasoning behind his imprisonment.

699242 I have no idea how you're going to connect the two, but if it's anything like this chapter was, then you're going succeed in every single way possible. :pinkiehappy:

“I, ah, don't really understand why you're all looking at Fluttershy like she's a bipedal ape with bad hair and a poor sense of fashion. Mind filling me in?”

I think i split a kidney laughing.:pinkiehappy: Absolute genius.

Descriptive, brilliant, captivating, and all the words of the same definitions. Geez, not one detail spared.

Occasional missing apostrophes, that's really the biggest problem.

744184 Sounded like he was describing the Sixth.

The Doctor does need a considerable about of ego stroking...:trixieshiftleft:

I swear the doctors little speech to Twilight and the gang (minus Rarity as she's currently sleeping) reminds me of both The Doctor's Pandorica Speech from the show and, oddly, a line from Doctor Whooves Adventures : Number Twelve Part 1:

"Doctor: ...and this ‘pony in a box’ is going to save the whole world of Ecuador!

Twilight: Equestria.:facehoof:

Doctor: That too. "

Again I don't know why it made me think of that line.

also line fixed by adding Twi facehooving.


:flutterrage: FUS RO DUH
:fluttershysad: I mean more if you do not mind, if it is okay with you that is.

I'll have to read this later. Only one thing, though: Why a plasmavore? Isn't The Master so much more interesting? I'm sure you could reverse the polarity of the harmonic quantum core by absorbing the tensile strength of a white hole with a semi-solid state of temporal grace in order to bring him back. IT'S SCIENCE, LOOK IT UP!

@Kingtiger: Plasmavores are more interesting because no one uses them. The Master is an obvious choice, as are Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, and the Silence. That doesn't make them bad, but it does make it a breath of fresh air when something else is used. Hence, the Plasmavore. He may also have been going for maximum Vile Villain, Sacharrine Show; Daleks and all those others are considerably less... personal than a Plasmavore. Sure, the above are more dangerous, but there's something quite horrifying about a creature that pokes a hole in your neck with a straw to drink your blood, as opposed to a simple electrocution or whatever via "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!"

@GingerPotato: This is quite possibly the best Doctor Whooves story I've ever read. You've captured not just the Doctor's quirky side, but also his thoroughly irritating side, which is something many people (myself included) often forget about. Everypony else is quite in-character as well. Plus, as I said, the Plasmavore, a monster that definitely needs more attention. Great job, and I hope to see an update soon! :twilightsmile:

This pleases me.
Very good start, couldn't find a single error at all in the entire chapter.
Your story is good and you should feel good.

"He squeezed his eyes shit again,"
Shut, I think you meant.

Dun dun dun.
Geez the Doctor is really hard on himself.
Bow chicka bow-

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