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My name is Rob Royale, one of Princess Luna's guards. As a writer I don't take myself very seriously so lets all enjoy the lolz and the fact that we all watch a show about colorful talking ponies!


This story is a sequel to Summer Sunset

Summer is in full swing and after the battle against Chrysalis things seem to be winding down for Sunset Shimmer. She has finally found peace with herself and is with the love of her life Twilight. However Sunset will soon learn the dangers and headache of dating her boss. Especially when that boss is a princess of Equestria and she's her advisor.

Side Note: This is just meant to be stupid and funny. Please do not take it seriously. This is a fanfic thats a sequal to another fanfic based off a show about colorful talking ponies. Need I say more?
Extra Side Note: Flirtation and suggestion at the most but no explicit scenes.
Extra Extra Side Note: Cover art done by me :derpytongue2:

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Your not fooling me didn't you already have a sequal to this that was an assassin creed crossover about your OC?

I did and I didn't. I did already have a sequal in the works: Sunset of the Night. It was not about my OC, my OC was in it but the story didn't focus around him. However as it says on my page I cancelled/removed that story and started making this instead.


It's fine though I can assure that there is no major OC insert in this story :twilightsmile: just a ton of lolz

Despite my love for action and adventure and AC I say that this is second best to the first Sequel. I can tell that Sunset is trying to loosen up Twilight a little and Everything around them seems to be pushing back her advances.:twilightsmile:


I'm glad you enjoy so far. ^^ Yep I also like to call it the universe being a troll. lol.

5809795 I just watched Sunset sing solo on YouTube it looked like she was a Time Conflux from Destiny.

She can distort time and space...

Element of Time Confirmed

I won't lie if I was Twilight's Adviser I will have a gun in my Saddle bag at all times so I can remind myself that there's always a way out of the contrivance that is Twilight Sparkle.

Yes I know it's dark but sometimes she like a Intelligence Pinkie Pie.


Though I would agree with you the element of Time is Doctor Whooves :derpytongue2:

Yep lets not forget lesson zero :pinkiecrazy: personally though I would have some form of a sleep potion.

5810582 She will get you awake and drag you with her.

Wow I like the sequel r u continuing it cause i saw it was canceled did. U get writers block? Sometimes I do that and it's hard 4 me to come up with something


Eeeeh I just figured this would be better than the assassins creed crossover idea ^^"

True and I love assians creed favorite game right now


Very good my brother, remember the wisdom of our creed is revealed through these words: Nothing is true....

As the Creed follow my brothers:

Nothing is true...
Blend in with your fellow man....
Rise when those who are weakened can't...
Never show fear...
Protect your brothers and the innocent.
Never harm the innocent...
Shine light when darkness rises over...

A testament well said.

Indeed my brother.
To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.

5814435 But sometimes to track the darkness that surrounds you one must see through they're point of view in order to discover a weakness.

I just read the description more... No explicit scenes? Then make this Rated T

“I went hoof to hoof with the queen of the changelings.” She lunged forward landing a solid hoof in his jaw sending him into a tumble. “Get on my level.”


Sunset Shimmer Rank 1: Adviser:scootangel:

Promoted Rank 2: Champion:flutterrage:

5,000 more XP to unlock Rank 3:trollestia:

Again it was funny.

“I went hoof to hoof with the queen of the changelings.” She lunged forward landing a solid hoof in his jaw sending him into a tumble. “Get on my level.”


Sunset, Please don't make unreasonable demands out of people.


Ok enough snarking, Sunset's too bowy scrappy in that scene. She's still all confidance and "FUCK YOU I'M AWESOMMEEE!"

Note: Suggesting make outs in public to send suitors away i approve 100%

Lolz the question is what is rank 3? :moustache:
glad you enjoyed


She's still all confidance and "FUCK YOU I'M AWESOMMEEE!"

All's fair in love and war my friend :D


Huh? your Sunset Shimmer is evolving!


Congratulations Sunset Shimmer has evolved into a Moltres! :moustache:


Haha I know I was playing on your evolution comment XD

5821213 Rank 1: Adviser:scootangel:
Rank 2: Champion:flutterrage:
Rank 3: Evolution:twilightsmile:
Rank 4: Element Bearer:pinkiesmile:
Rank 5: Alicorn:trollestia:

When I found out that there was a sequel I was jumping up in down with joy and it's as awesome as the first one can't wait to read more :pinkiehappy:

Well then, I certainly didn't expect that, I'm glad you're enjoying it ^^
Like seriously though I wonder why people are favoriting this and the first one? I literally just threw whatever came into my head into a word doc. :derpytongue2:

5825056 I like it because of all kinds of jokes are in It, it's an interesting read, has great dialog in it, sunlight is in it, one of my favorite shippings, and etc. And I know why they are favoring it because it's so awesome :rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2:

Well thank you ^^ I guess I'm wondering because of the "You are your worst critique" syndrome. So yay! all those hours of reading stories on this sight when I could have been doing other things finally paid off! :pinkiehappy:

Vinyl lowered her shades revealing her purple irises giving Sunset a deadpanned look.

Doesn't Vinyl have red irises, framed by purple shades...

Though there has been major debate on whether Vinyl's eyes are red or purple there is conclusive proof in the season 2 finale and in the first Equestria Girls that Vinyl's eyes are purple. Some people still like to make them red and I'll admit it looks cool but I prefer the canon purple.

Could meet halfway and say reddish-purple???
Or purpley-red???
Which one? (I have the whole Dulux colour chart right next to me!)

Well if its not straight purple then to the eye I would say its magenta. However looking at the official MLP Wiki for Vinyl Scratch it says her eyes are Moderate Cerise (RGB #BF1D79)

THe Doctor was in awesome form in this chapter.

Im hoping for a chapter for when Summer is over, sunset goes back to the human world and says her goodbyes and will no longer attend CHS.

Just a thought

Hmm I might do that. Realize that every idea I have for this particular story I'm pulling out of the deep infinite abyss that is my brain so who knows! :D Thanks for the suggestion though.

Sunset lied about her advances and Twilight lied about her books. The perfect couple.

“Honestly ladies this is as poorly written as a high school drama about multi colored humans.”

I see what you did there.:ajsmug::rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

Would drinking be a good hobby? Sunset pondered briefly.

Anything is better than dealing with CMC.......


Almost anything....

5821482 Hm...how can we have Sunset skip level 4?

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