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Marefriend Advisor - RobRoyale

After redemption, traveling back to the human world, and defeating Chrysalis, Sunset Shimmer will now face a new kind of challenge: Being an advisor for her marefriend Princess Twilight Sparkle.

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Hangovers and The Great and Powerful Thief

Chapter 6

Pain. Suffering. Misery.

As most ponies know the intake of to much alcohol leads to a hangover the next morning. Though in some cases it can take place that same night depending on the time one started drinking. A hangover is brutal and Sunset Shimmer had experienced it as a human. Grogginess, head pain, vomiting, nauseated, and the pleading for whatever deity to end her existence clearly were the symptoms of that hangover.

On the other hoof however hangover vary much differently between the three races. Earth ponies are hardier therefore the affinity to alcohol intake is much greater and the hangover is not as severe. Pegasi are typically lightweights when it comes to drinking. Rainbow Dash would never admit this but one mug of cider and she was already tipsy. It was hard to tell because her tendency to do dangerous and stupid things remained the same. She and Fluttershy would have mild hangovers and not want to leave the house or fly for a couple hours, altitude would only make it worse.

Then there were unicorns. As much as some ponies say that having magic is the greatest thing ever in truth there were many drawbacks. One being the difficulty of wearing hats and two was hangovers. Unicorns were average when it came to alcohol intake however they were the race that had the worst hangovers. If they over extended their magical abilities they will spend the next few hours with a severe headache. However during a hangover that severe headache was amplified times ten thousand and this was no exception for alicorns.

Twilight groaned softly. Her senses were coming back to her as she shifted under the covers. There was pain everywhere, from the tips of her hooves all the way up to the bridge of her snout. She opened her eyes slowly but snapped them shut immediately regretted it as a rush of pain went straight to the top of her forehead.

“Ow…” She brought her hooves up to grip her forehead as she whined in pain. She kept her eyes shut but felt the familiar soft sheets under her. They weren’t the same silky material of Rarity’s bed. Personally she couldn’t understand how a pony could sleep in that.

Twilight pulled the blanket up over her head and sat up slowly. The blood rushed to her head and she felt her stomach lurch back. With the extra darkness from her blanket cave she opened her eyes.

She was in her own bed and also in her own dimly lit room. Twilight looked from left to right and noticed the curtains were drawn. The clock on her nightstand read one in the afternoon. She felt a wave of panic wash over her. She was late, she missed breakfast, court, her royal duties!

She jerked forward to move and grab her crown off the nightstand but her horn sparked sending another flash of pain over her. She dropped back down on the bed curling up in agony.

“Ow….” She whimpered.

“We’ll good morning Tipsy Twily~” Sunset’s spoke softly from the other side of the room, however Twilight heard it as a wave of sound.

Twilight covered her ears. “S-stop shouting…”

Sunset hopped off the desk chair and walked over to Twilight putting a comforting hoof on her back. “I’m not shouting.” She said in a hushed tone.

“Y-yes you are… why do you hate me?” Twilight whimpered.

Sunset giggled lightly. “Actually after last night I’m a little more curious about you.” She leaned in giving Twilight a light peck on the cheek.

Twilight groaned and tried to sit up under her blanket cave. She rubbed her temples and breathed slowly.

“How am I here?”

“I dragged you back from Rarity’s after I woke up. Figured you would need peace and quiet when you finally woke up.” Sunset smiled.

“Mmh…” Twilight groaned. “I need to… get to… work.” She held her stomach.

Sunset shook her head. “Nope.” Her horn lit and she picked up Twilight with her magic. “You’re in no condition to do that.”

“I think I’m going to be sick…” Twilight held her stomach tighter.

“Perhaps you’re pregnant.” Sunset cradled her and walked her over to the bathroom.

Twilight’s face went pale. “W-what?!”

“I’m kidding, though be grateful I didn’t give into your drunken charm last night.”

“G-give in…?” she squeaked.

“Yup.” Sunset drawled and opened the door to the bathroom. “I have to say you really get frisky when you’re inebriated.”

Twilight covered her face. “Oh Celestia…”

Sunset set her down in the bathtub and turned on the shower. She set it to low and let the steady trickle of water run down the lavender alicorn’s back and flanks.

Twilight’s mane drooped as it filled with water and she lowered her head letting the water reach the back of her neck.

“So… what did I do?”

“Oh where to start?” Sunset grinned cheekily. She brought a sponge over and lightly traced it over Twilight’s back. This was partially to get rid of the awful cider smell but also to sooth her. “First you wanted to do very intimate things with me because you’re the hero of Equestria who owns my flank.”

Sunset could hear a soft groan coming from Twilight. Though she couldn’t tell if it was because of her stomach or the embarrassment. Twilight raised her head while leaning it back and let the water soak the top of her head. The soft pitter pater of wet droplets was soothing against her aching horn.

“Oh… so what did we do?” Twilight asked almost inaudibly.

“Hm?” Sunset raised an eyebrow. “Nothing.” She continued running the sponge on Twilight’s back. She raised up Twilight’s wing and gently ran it along her feathers.


“Nothing.” Sunset repeated. “I casted a sleep spell on you before things got really intimate infront of our friends.”

“I-I tried to do that in front of the girls!” Twilight raised her voice but then grabbed hold of her head. She was still sensitive to loud noise.

“Yep,” Sunset gently patted her head. At the moment Sunset was caught in between teasing Twilight or being comforting to her marefriend. Though this was Rainbow Dash’s fault Twilight could have outright refused the dare on the grounds of not wanted to get drunk. Sunset wouldn’t have blamed her for it. In the alternate universe where Twilight wouldn’t have taken the dare Sunset would have given her a kiss in praise.

But this was a lesson that Twilight wasn’t so sure on: Peer pressure. Sunset put that thought in the back of her mind for later. At the moment she looked at her marefriend who resumed to drooping her head in shame.

“I’m so sorry Sunset.” Twilight croaked out.

Sunset frowned and leaned in giving her a peck on the muzzle. “It’s fine Twilight. I’m not mad at you… I’m mad at a certain rainbow maned pegasus.”

“So we can forget about this?”

“Not a chance,” Sunset smirked darkly. “I’m not letting you live this one down.”

Twilight turned her head and stared with wide eyes. “B-but you said you forgave me?”

“And I do.” Sunset lifted up her chin with a hoof. “But the thought of having leverage over miss perfect princess is to good to pass up~”

“W-why would you need leverage over me?” Twilight raised her voice.

“Because,” Sunset rinsed her mane and tail off then turned the water off. “The feeling of controlling you in some way is oddly pleasing.”

“Sunset…” Twilight grimaced. “That’s creepy.”

“Love you too.” She smiled brightly and helped Twilight out of the tub. After drying her off she guided her out of the room and down to the dinning hall. For the sake of Twilight’s hang over Sunset casted a shadow spell on the crystal winds giving them a reverse tint to block out most of the incoming sunlight. Twilight was still groggy and trudged into the dinning room. Unlike most days there wasn’t the smell of hot fresh food coming from the kitchen.

“Where’s Spike?”

Sunset pulled out Twilight’s seat. “We’ll when I woke up he was stuck under two passed out mares. Lucky him.” She snickered. “He’s probably taking care of Rarity right now.”

“Hmm…” was all Twilight could make out as she lowered her head to the table resting it there. The shower had been nice but her head still vibrated with pain. Sunset retreated to the kitchen and after a few moments emerged with a plate of dry toast and water. She set it down and Twilight gave her a skeptical look.

“But I want waffles…”

“Nope, trust me your stomach won’t be able to handle it. Haven’t you read anything on the use alcohol?”

Twilight blushed looking away. “Eeh…no. I didn’t intend on practicing it so I didn’t really have an interest on reading it.”

Sunset fought back a laughed but still ended up letting out a snicker. “We’ll that’s a first for you.”

Twilight’s cheeks flared more and she ignited her horn to levitate a piece of toast. However her still groggy and decaffeinated state left her memory in a haze therefore her horn sparked violently.

“Ah!” Twilight gripped her head and whimpered.

Sunset shook her head and rubbed Twilight’s back. “Oh come here.” She lifted up the toast with her own magic and brought it to Twilight’s mouth. Twilight took a small bite of the toast and chewed slowly. She felt embarrassed to have her marefriend feeding her like this.

“S-sorry.” Twilight mumbled in between bights.

Sunset gave a gentle smile and levitated the glass of water to Twilight’s lips. “It’s alright Twi. Though…”

“Thought what?” Twilight looked to her.

“We have a guest in the throne room.”


Sunset coughed. “Celestia.”

Celestia sat in one of the thrones across from Twilight’s. Thankfully the path to the dinning room and her room had a path that didn’t cross through the throne room. She was able to get herself cleaned up more and adorned her crown. Sunset had adorned her blue business outfit she typically wore during court and levitated a cup of tea over the princess.

“Thank you Sunset.” Celestia smiled. “No tea for you Twilight.”

The younger alicorns stomach lurched at the smell of the tea. She wouldn’t have normally passed up a chance to have tea with her mentor. After all when she was a filly those were her most precious memories. But she now understood what Sunset meant from earlier. The smell of the steaming leaves and spices burned her nostrils and made her contents of breakfast lurch upward.

“I-I’m fine Princess thank you.”

“Ah it’s one of those ‘mornings’ isn’t it?” Celestia inquired giving Twilight a playful grin. Twilight opened her mouth to protest but Celestia held up a hoof. “Don’t worry Twilight, Sunset told me all about your ‘activities’ last night.”

For a brief moment Twilight shot a death glare at her marefriend who simply smiled politely in response then she looked to her mentor. “I-I’m sorry Princess Celestia I-I swear I’m not a dru-“

“Calm down Twilight.” Celestia interrupted with a chuckle. “I did not come here to scold you if that’s what you’re thinking. I know I’ve had my days like this. They happen after the Grand Galoping Gala, those things are so boring I typically find myself dancing with a bottle of moscato wine by the end of the night.”

Twilight’s fear dissipated and her heart rate slowed down exponentially. “Oh… we’ll what have you come to tell me Princess?”

Celestia took a sip of her tea. “Many of the nobles are knocking my door down with very interesting news.”

Twilight felt her chest tighten. She had a small hope that this conversation was not going where the dark part of her mind thought it was going. Using all her will power she kept herself from audibly gulping down the lump in her throat.

“Apparently a certain Princess of Friendship has chosen a mare as a suitor.” Celestia kept her mouth hidden behind her tea cup and eyed the two mares.

The blood drained from Twilight’s face and she broke into a cold sweat. Her friends knew about her relationship with Sunset, as did Cadence and Shinning Armor. However the one pony she had neglected to say anything to was the princess. Celestia had already done her best to keep the suitor’s away from Twilight. She cared for Twilight like her own daughter and knew very well that half the stallions who would walk through her castle doors would be only interested in marrying her for their own personal gain.

But Twilight had never asked if Celestia was all right with mares being with mares. For bucks sake it’s the fourth year of the New Sisterhood Ruling and Equestria had been around for more than a thousand years prior. Ponies in places like Ponyville, Manehattan, and Las Pegasis didn’t care. Luna herself was highly supportive of it but Twilight was unsure of Celestia. It didn’t help that the nobility of Canterlot saw it as evil or as they called it impure. Twilight was actually surprised she didn’t see it on the front cover of the newspaper the next day.

Thoughts raced through Twilight’s mind as to what Celestia would say next. The eldest alicorn just sat there watching them letting her previous words hang in the air. Twilight felt a knot tie in her stomach. What would Celestia do? Forbid Twilight from seeing Sunset Shimmer? Banish Sunset if she touches her? Banish her to the human world?! Twilight internally hyperventilated and her stomach tightened. However the gurgling there made her jump up quickly and dash to the bathroom.

Sunset watched her marefriend race out gripping her stomach. She winced as she heard Twilight unload the contents of last night into the toilet.

“Oh dear, it would seem she over did it last night hm?”

Cautiously she looked back to Celestia. “Blame Rainbow Dash.”

“Fair enough.” Celestia giggled.

“So,” Sunset began drawing the word out. She chose her words carefully. “You know huh?”

Celestia nodded. “I do, I’m surprised Twilight didn’t tell me though.”

“Well no offense princess but you live in Canterlot right?”

Celestia let out a chuckle and gave a light eye roll. “I know what you’re getting at. If it puts your fears at rest I’ll tell you that I came to congratulate you two.”

Sunset’s ears perked up. “What? But the nobility-“

“Are merely rich ponies who consider their own views the correct views of Equestria, nothing more.” She smiled and got up from her seat. She walked over to Sunset and wrapped a wing around her. “However I didn’t suspect that you would be interested in another mare.”

Sunset returned the embrace and shrugged. “Eh either works for me, Twilight just turned out to be the one.”

Celestia smiled. “We’ll I’m happy for the both of you. Maybe you can finally help her loosen up a bit more.”

They both shared a laugh as the door to the throne room opened and a groggy Twilight trotted inside. After heaving up her dinner and breakfast she brushed her teeth twice.

“Celestia… do you have any spells that can keep a pony from getting drunk?” Twilight asked walking about over to her throne.

Celestia shook her head. “I do but they are in the forbidden spells library.”

“Oh I saw that once.” Sunset added. “Why is it in there?”

“Can you imagine if a spell like that got out to the public? Magic users of all ages would be drinking more than they could handle. We would run on a shortage and the populous would demand more! Ponies would demand higher trade from other nations across the lands and finally when unsettled demand war for their alcohol!” Celestia said sternly accenting it with a hoof stomp on the ground.

The two ponies stared at the eldest alicorn. Celestia stared back the lightly chuckled. “That’s what it’s like talking to you sometimes Twilight.”

Twilight opened her mouth to protest but nothing came out. After another moment of silence she pouted and looked away from her mentor. “I’m not that bad.” She mumbled.

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Yes you are Twi.” She patted her marefriend on the head who swatted her hoof away in protest.

“But still no, the spell makes you crave more alcohol as a side effect which can have bad effects on your liver.” Celestia finished and sat back down at the throne across from Twilight. “Back to business. Firstly Twilight you need not worry, I’m happy for you and Sunset. Secondly there is something I need you to handle.”

Twilight sat back in her throne and rubbed her forehead. “Anything you need Princess Celestia, we can handle.”

“I’m happy you’re enthusiastic but I doubt this will require much effort on your part. A thief is stirring up trouble in Manhattan, I need you to apprehend the pony.”

Twilight cocked an eyebrow and stared at her mentor. “Um…” She started and rubbed a hoof to her chin. To say the least of the request was very strange. Not to say out of the ordinary for them. Twilight and her friends were used to dealing with strange entities and battles all over Equestria, but a thief? Minus Sunset stealing her crown this one didn’t seem like it matched their pay grade.

“Isn’t this something the guard could handle?”

Celestia shook her head. “Reports say this thief is a powerful unicorn and our guards have been unable to apprehend her.”

“We’ll alright.” Twilight smiled, though the task seemed menial and portrayed her more like a tights wearing crime fighter rather than a princess of Equestria she was happy to deal with something more low key.

“Thank you Twilight.” Celestia smiled and stood up. “Doing this will also improve your credibility among the masses. Just please for my sake don’t blow anything up.”

Twilight frowned. “Princess when have I ever done that?”

Celestia gave her a deadpanned look and waved her hoof in a circle taking a grand sweep of the area around them.

“Er right, I’ll try my best princess.”

The sky was dark and rain poured down over the towering city of Manehattan. Even though it was summer the rain was heavy, something about some rich unicorn having a bad day and paying the weather pegasi extra to match his mood. The wind hollowed and as Twilight and Sunset got off the train they faced the full brunt of it. The open station was mostly vacant next to a few brave travelers waiting for their train and a few homeless ponies wrapped up in blankets.

Twilight made a motion to walk over to those ponies but Sunset quickly redirected her. Having been to the human version of the city she new that the homeless ponies here might have a shiv up their hoof. However Twilight pushed passed and made her way to the closet one.

“Excuse me sir.” Twilight looked down at the homeless pony.

He was clad in ratty garbs and wore a cap over his head. He sat slouched against one of the tall supports for the station roof and looked up. His face was two shades darker than it was supposed to be, most likely from dirt, and his eyes were dull and glazed over.

“What do you want?” He said with a touch of ice in his tone.

“We’ll I was wondering if you would like something to eat.” Twilight asked cheerfully. Sunset had made her way up next to her ready to defend if nessesary.

“Buck off!”

Twilight looked taken aback for a moment but she quickly shook it off. “I’m not sure I understand.”

The darkened stallion looked up and sneered. “You know how many times I’m asked if I want something to eat? I’m ALWAYS asked that by ponies and when I say yes they laugh.” He shrunk back tucking his hat down against his head while eliciting a small shiver.

Twilight frowned and her horn glowed. She levitated a small paper bag out of her saddlebags and then held it out with her hoof. “Here.”

The stallion eyed the bag carefully then snatched it. “If this is some kind of joke…” His eyes widened upon opening it. Inside was a freshly wrapped daisy sandwich with a small cup of salad and coffee.

He looked up at her and gawked. “I-I doesn’t understand.”

“Why are you out here?” Twilight asked.


“Why are you on the street in the rain?”

The stallion eyed the food and shrunk back again. “Lost my job when Tirek took over, the guards attacked him and he took a few buildings in the fight. One of them was where I work. Couldn’t find another job and quickly ran out of bits. Had to sell it all for food.” He trailed over and shivered again.

Twilight stared at him for a moment then took a small brown sack out of her bag. “This may help.”

The stallion opened the sack and his eyes bugged out. Inside was a hefty sum of bits. “I-I… I –um… what?”

“I’m sorry about what happened.” Twilight started. “But I hope this helps.”

“Th-thank you.” The stallion stared at the bits then at her. “W-what’s your name?”

“Twilight Sparkle.”

Even through the dirt on his face Twilight could’ve sworn she saw his face go pale. “P-Princess Twilight.” He gulped. “Oh sweet Celestia I’m so sorry!” He dropped to his hooves and bowed. “I-I didn’t recognize you I didn’t see the wings!”

Twilight smiled a little and blushed. “No needs to be apologize. But take his generosity and pass it on.” She levitated another lunch bag out. “See that mare over there?”

She pointed a shivering green mare on the other side of the station. She was wrapped in newspapers and soaked from the rain. “I think she could use a friend right now.”

The stallion took the bag. He hesitated for a moment but nodded. Standing up he walked over to the mare. He sat down next to her and offered her the bag. She was hesitant but upon discovering its contents she took it with haste and began devouring her food. The stallion smiled and finally took a bight out of his food.

Sunset looked on from where she stood with Twilight. “Huh… in the human world we would have been mugged.”

Twilight rolled her eyes and patted Sunset’s head. “A lesson from Rarity, there is nothing wrong with being generous. Showing kindness to others can have a great effect on a pony’s life. Now c’mon lets find this thief.”

The two began their descent into the streets of Manehattan. The wind didn’t make their search any easier as it whipped around and tore through their manes. The streets were barren of life sans a few carriage drivers delivering passengers from work to home splashing through the puddles as they went. Sunset wanted to cast a weather bubble around them however their goal was to look vulnerable. To add to this Twilight adorned her crown as they walked. With luck this would help draw out the thief.

Visibility was dropping as the rain continued on. Twilight pulled her coat up trying to stay warm. Sunset pulled up her coat and pressed up against her to share body heat. A carriage driver ran past sending a wave of water onto the two mares as he splashed through it. Sunset and Twilight both grumbled. Now they wished they brought Rainbow along to punch a hole in the clouds for them while they searched. The two shivered and huddled closer as they walked. If it weren’t for the wet fabric against Sunset’s fur she would be enjoying being this close to Twilight.

Being unable to see much but the sidewalk in front of them they were caught off guard by a loud bang and flash of smoke. The two ponies fell flat on their backs as something as large as a pony ran into them. Twilight and Sunset scrambled to their hooves and looked around seeing the figure disappear into the rain behind them. Twilight caught a glimpse of her crown surrounded by a pink aura of magic.

“Stop right there!” Twilight yelled and charged after. Sunset followed running along side her.

“That didn’t stop me do you think it would stop her?” Sunset raised an eyebrow.

Twilight shot her a quick glare and charged forward. She could barely make out the back of the figures cloak as they ran through the rain. Twilight shot a blast of magic ahead of her. The blast exploded on the sidewalk causing the figure to stop. Sunset lunged but the figure disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sunset hit the ground and got back up rubbing her chin.

“Ow.” She spat on the ground and looked around. She took to the middle of the street and charged her horn. With the flick of her head the aura around her horn grew and flashed outward blowing away the fog from the rain. They spotted the figure turning down an alleyway.

Twilight took flight and flew over the building. Sunset raced towards the alley and chassed after the figure. The alley was littered with bins and garbage. Sunset ducked and dived as the figure magically through them at her. Sunset seized one bin with her magic and hurled it back. The figure jumped over the bin and made a dash for the exit to the alley. However the moment she was a couple feet away Twilight dropped down and landed on the figure.

It wasn’t a very graceful landing or even a take down. It was more like a half flanked drop resulting in a tangle of limbs. Twilight rubbed her head and jumped to her hooves towering over the hooded figure.

“Alright, enough games. I’ll be taking my crown back now.” Twilight levitated the crown back onto her head.

The figure pulled the hood farther down and seemed to shake a little.

“And you will-” Twilight yanked the hood back with her magic and stopped mid sentence at the white mane and blue face of the pony before her.

“Hello Twilight Sparkle.”

“T-Trixie?!” Twilight stammered.

Oh Celestia. Sunset mentally groaned.

Author's Note:

Finally no more writers block :D and I have a somewhat direction for the story atleast for a good four chapters I hope. Well enjoy!