• Published 31st Mar 2015
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Marefriend Advisor - RobRoyale

After redemption, traveling back to the human world, and defeating Chrysalis, Sunset Shimmer will now face a new kind of challenge: Being an advisor for her marefriend Princess Twilight Sparkle.

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Annoying Sunday

Chapter 4

Would drinking be a good hobby? Sunset pondered briefly. She dumped a bucket of water over the burning table dousing the flames. I really need a drink.

She and Twilight were in the castle’s lab, which Twilight had configured into an alchemy chamber. Chemicals, ingredients, and beakers lined the shelves. Charts displaying complex equations and algorithms covered any bit of the uncovered all space.

After loosing her lab in the Golden Oaks Library this one was set up except this time it was larger and Twilight’s multitude of equipment had grown. This was both a blessing and a curse to Sunset. A blessing because Twilight was over zealous about it, and a curse because three clueless fillies spawned from the depths of Tartarus weren’t trying yet succeeding in setting it a blaze.

At the moment Twilight was helping the Cutie Mark Crusaders made a bug repellent potion. The potion would be used on the apple orchard and the key was making the potion safe enough for ponies to be able to eat the apples. However Sunset feared that if any of these current mixtures were used these three fillies would be convicted for committing genocide on the town. Currently the fillies had managed to cause two explosions, three fires, and five genetic mutations. Aside from the explosions that singed Sunset’s fur the genetic apple mutations were quite disturbing. The one that took the top rank was the Apple that came to life and tried to eat them.

Twilight dusted herself off and coughed up a breath of dust. “Well, that wasn’t what we were going for.” She lifted her goggles and wiped them off.

“What went wrong?” Applebloom pouted.

“What do you mean?” Scootaloo raised an eyebrow. “I thought the explosion was pretty cool. I could use some pyrotechnics when practice on my scooter!”

Celestia give me strength. Sunset gulped at the thought of seeing all of Ponyville in flames.

Twilight picked up her clipboard wiping the soot off it. “Hmm, I checked the math twice so what went wrong?” She levitated a pencil up and ran off the list of materials.

“Why don’t we try something else?” Sunset said. She motioned for Scootaloo to come follow her. “Scootaloo, Twilight’s new telescope was just shipped here today. Please assemble it.”

The young pegasi frowned. “But I don’t know how to build a telescope!”

Foals. “It’s simple, there are instructions in the box. Beside you maintain your scooter all the time I’m sure this will be simple.” She gave Scootaloo a gentle nudge towards the box.

She walked up to the box and opened it; she took out the instructions, which unfolded into a diagram two heads taller than her. After a few seconds under the instructions she poked her head out. “These instructions don’t make any sense, they are the least imaginative way to assemble this.”

“Well just try your best.” Sunset encouraged with a reassuring smile. In truth she just wanted one less filly working with something that could explode. Then again… I wouldn’t be surprised if this still blew up.

Sunset walked back over to Twilight who was lost in her alchemical revisions and checks. Sweetie Bell had her hooves resting against her cheeks looking completely stumped and albeit a little board as well. Then Sunset noticed Apple Bloom holding two beakers carefully tipping one into the other. One of the beakers contained energized rainbow, while the other she wasn’t too sure of.

“Um Applebloom? What is that there?” Sunset asked hastily.

The little filly looked up. “We’ll I want to reduce the aci- acidic no… um…”


“Yeah! I want to reduce the acidity of the repellent so if we mix this stuff with the acidic base of the bug repellent then it shouldn’t harm the plants.” She combined the mixtures and set them down on the bunsen burner.

“Alright, but what is that?”

“Just some water and… um Sodium Hy… Sodium Hidro…. Um…” The little farm filly licked her lips looking for the word as she turned on the bunsen burner.

Sunset’s eyes shrunk to the size of pinpricks. “Sodium Hydroxide?!”

“That’s it!”


It was about midday on Sunday and everypony was out and about enjoying a charmingly peaceful day. In the whole of Equestria and beyond Sunday was a day where nothing eventful happened. It didn’t harbor any resemblance of importance to anyone and was treated as a day of rest. There was no school, no business, no major events, and no royal business. Even Celestia and Luna could take time off from their royal duties today.

The twin sisters as well as everyone in Canterlot could also see the event horizon of a massive rainbow colored explosion coming from Ponyville. Luna walked out onto her bedroom balcony with bags under her eyes.

“Sister… are we under attack?”

Standing over a little ways on her own balcony Celestia stared out at the mushroom cloud and sighed. “No, but I have a feeling I’ll be receiving a letter about this. Go back to sleep Luna.”

Black. Why is everything black? Are we dead? Sunset felt all her senses slowly coming back to her. Her ears were still ringing from the explosion and her muscles ached. Slowly opening her eyes the first thing she saw was a cyan colored barrier around her. The surge of energy a unicorn feels when the use magic came back to and she noticed her horn was a glow. Beyond the magical barrier multi colored smoke filled the air.

She charged her horn and the magical barrier increased in size pushing the smoke back. The barrier’s radius connected with two others barriers, that being Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell. Sunset had mixed feelings about successfully shielding them from the blast somewhere between happy and wishing to strangle them.

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming.” Applebloom stated. She then looked at her flank in hopes of a cutie mark but following another of many past failed attempts it was still blank. “Aw darn it I thought for sure we would get them this time!”

“What would that even be an explosion cutie mark?” Sweetie asked.

Applebloom shrugged. “Not sure but would that be the coolest!”

Sunset face hoofed. “We’ll you succeeded at blowing up the lab… oh sweet Celestia! Twilight!”

It then hit her that she couldn’t see Twilight through the smoke. She pushed the barrier out farther. The radius expanded and unveiled two pony objects. One was Scootaloo who was hiding behind the, now blackened and burnt, telescope instructions and a multi colored Twilight.

“Twilight!” Sunset screamed and ran up to her. Twilight was still standing in the same position she had before the explosion. Her body was covered with rainbow colored blast marks and her typically flowing vibrant mane was completely white and sticking back atop her head. Sunset slowly lifted up Twilight’s goggles revealing the only reaming lavender part of her body.

Twilight’s eyelids were remained shut for a few moments then she blinked a few times. She stared at Sunset but said nothing.

“Tw-Twilight? Love? A-are you okay?” Sunset asked hesitantly.

Slowly Twilight’s mouth opened and she coughed up a ball of colorful smoke. “…. I think we’re done for today…”

Sunset sighed in relief that she was okay however this sense of peace dissipated as she whirled around on Applebloom and stared her down. If she had the power to she would banish that filly to the moon for this. Had she not been a unicorn they could have been severely hurt, and as would have Twilight and Scootaloo if she wasn’t as far away from the blast.

The little filly saw the anger in Sunset’s eyes and her ears tucked back. She rubbed her front hooves slowly and had the guiltiest look on her face with her lower lip tucked out.

“I-I’m really sorry Miss Sunset.” She said softly.

Sunset glared down at the filly then sighed and rubbed her forehead. Unfortunately for her Applebloom is a filly and she can’t hold her seriously accountable for this… much. “It’s… fine, mistakes happen. J-Just go and play somewhere and we’ll see you Wednesday.”

Sweetie and Applebloom looked to each other then at Sunset and turned walked out slowly. By now the smoke had cleared fully.

Scootaloo looked up from her instructions. “Hey but I’m not done!” The instructions then crumbled into a small pile of dust. “Um…”

“You can finish Wednesday Scootaloo…” Sunset muttered.

There was a gust of wind and a rainbow main colored pegasus flew into the room. “Hey is everyone alright?”

“Yes and where did you come from?” Sunset asked looked up.

Rainbow pointed up and it was now Sunset noticed that as the smoke finished clearing most of the area around them had been completely obliterated.

“W-…what?” She took a sweep and found that only the exit of the lab remained however the other three walls and the rooms above it were also gone as well. The large star at the top of the tree castle had two of its points blown clean off.

“Yeah, so again what happened?” Rainbow repeated.

Sunset groaned. “I’ll explain later… for now take these fillies home while I clean Twilight up.”

“Twilight?” Rainbow looked over to her friend and stared. For a few moments she just stared then she fell down laughing. “Sweet Celestia Twilight! It looks like you took a sonic rainboom to the face!”

“Very funny Rainbow.” Twilight frowned and dusted some of the soot off.

Rainbow continued laughing as she scooped up the three fillies and flew out. Sunset grumbled and walked over to Twilight taking a hoof. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Right, I don’t think potion making is a good idea anymore…” Twilight coughed as they made their way out of the destroyed lab.

“Yah think?” Sunset bumped her flank against Twilight’s playfully. “Why do you have condensed energized rainbow and sodium hydroxide?”

“Um,” Twilight looked away blushing. “Science.”

“Sure? Or are you making explosives for your secret plot to overthrow Celestia?”

“W-what?!” Twilight stammered. “I would n-never consider-“

She was stopped by Sunset giggling and wrapping a hoof around her. “No that’s more of my thing.” She winked. Twilight scrunched up her muzzle and lunged in pressing her blue cheek against Sunset. Sunset squirmed and pushed her away. “Ack! Twi!”

Twilight stuck her tongue out smiling. Sunset rubbed her cheek and frowned noticing the blue soot covering it. The two made their way up to Twilight’s room, which thankfully was on the side of the castle that wasn’t blown up. They would still need to fix that later but personal hygiene comes first. They trotted into the bathroom and Sunset turned on the water. She helped Twilight out of her lab coat and tossed it too the side.

The bathtub filled up and Twilight stepped in slowly sinking into the water. As her body sunk in some of the colorful soot washed away. Twilight sighed into the hot bath letting her muscles relax. She picked up a brush with her magic but it was taken from her grip by a cyan glow. Looking to the side she saw Sunset with an almost to enthusiastic grin on her face.

She slipped out of her own lab coat and stepped into the tub behind Twilight. Taking a hold of Twilight’s white mane she ran the scrub brush through it. Each stroke pulled the white color out of it revealing her dark purple mane underneath.

Twilight sighed in content. “Thank you Sunset.”

“My pleasure… mistress.”

“No!” Twilight blushed looking back at her.

“But Twilight?~” Sunset purred. As she continued scrubbing Twilight’s mane she moved closer sliding her free around Twilight’s chest and pulling her in close.

“I-I’m not doing that Sunset!” She squirmed.

“Really?” Sunset grinned deviously and gently bit her ear. Twilight let out a sharp eep and her wings shot up knocking Sunset in the face sending her head into the tile wall.

Twilight turned around and let out a short gasp. “Sunset I’m sorry I-“

She put a hoof up rubbing the back of her head. “Pomphing hmm Twi?” Even with the possibility of head trauma she was not swayed.

Twilight’s expression of concern faded and she slapped her forehead with a hoof. “What am I going to do with you?”



Sunset harrumphed and sat back up in the tub resuming cleaning Twilight’s mane and coat. Soon the alicorn was her normal shade of lavender and purple. Finally clean Twilight sunk back into the water and rested her body against Sunset. Sunset pulled her in close giving her forehead a light peck. After a long morning with the Cutie Mark Crusadors this is what they both needed.

Twilight felt something brush against her leg and she glared at Sunset. “I thought I said no.”

“What are you talking about?” Sunset raised an eyebrow. Her hooves were wrapped around Twilight’s stomach.

“I felt you touching my leg.”

“My hooves are up here Twi.”

“Then what is…” There was a pause as Twilight looked between her legs and she saw a red-pink tail with a white extension sticking out of water. The two mares shrieked simultaneously.

“Ladies, ladies, what’s all the screaming about.” A familier voice said. The tail disappeared and Discord’s head popped out of the other side of the tub.

The two mares shrieked again and Sunset did her best to cover herself and Twilight even though they weren’t wearing any clothes. In a town like Ponyville it was uncommon to wear clothes so practically everyone walked around naked. Though there was something about a stallion or in this case the Lord of Chaos appearing in the bath tube with them that just seemed wrong on indescribable levels.

Sunset’s secondary reaction was telekinetically throwing a bar of soap at him. To make matters worse the soap was in the air one moment and in discords mouth another, then gone.

“Mmm!” He smiled as he chewed. “Thank you Sunset, do you have any chocolate milk to go with that?” He hiccupped and a few bubbles floated out of his ears.

“Discord!” Twilight yelled. “What are you doing in my bathroom!”

“Why I came over for a visit.” His body rose a little more out of the tube and he rested his back against the tub. “Is that so wrong?”

Sunset glared daggers at him. “No, but in the bathroom?! Really?” She really shouldn’t be surprised, but again this just felt wrong on so many indescribable levels. In the human world she would have probably called the police, though that would be after beating him to a black and blue pulp.

“What’s so wrong with three friends just sitting and take a relaxing soak together?”

“Well first of all,” Twilight started. “This isn’t the Ponyville salon. Second of all we’re naked!”

Discord raised an eyebrow. “We’re always naked.”

“Not the point!” she countered. “This is just weird.”

“No what’s weird is why you’re ignoring Sunset’s advances.” Discord materialized two small figurines that looked like the two mares. “Oh Twilight, I want you to come to bed with me and ravish my body, oh no Sunset I need my books.” He said in very poorly done impressions of the two.

Both mare’s cheeks turned as red as Big Macintosh’s coat. Sunset threw the brush at him this time but it stopped halfway and Discord shook his head back and forth.

“Honestly ladies this is as poorly written as a high school drama about multi colored humans.”

“I’m not like that with Twilight!” Sunset growled.

“And I’m not all about books! Why does this matter to you?” Twilight added.

Discord laughed. “Oh because it’s fun to watch.”

This time Sunset stood up in the water walked a coupe steps over drawing her hoof back and then slapping Discord across the face. Though the expected reaction would Discord recoiling in pain then leaving, when Sunset’s hoof connected with his cheek, or what passed for a cheek on a draconequus’, there was a loud boing noise and Discord’s entire face wobbled like rubber.

“Oh that tickles!” He chuckled.

Sunset fumed and gritted her teeth. “Why are you enjoying this so much?”

“Simple.” He stood up out of the tube and materialized a towel. “You ponies make it to easy.” He began drying himself off as he stepped out.

“I thought you were supportive of this relationship.” Sunset frowned.

“He is?” Twilight asked confused.

“Long story, I’ll explain later.”

Discord sighed and looked to the mares. “I am, but you two are so boring. Honestly one would think from a relationship between two students of Celestia one being an alicorn and another being a powerful unicorn reformed from evil that this would be interesting. But you two are the dullest couple I have ever met.” He made a gagging motion pointing to his mouth. “We’ll except for when Sunset was turned into a stallion, that was priceless!”

“Wait what?!”

Buck me. Sunset internally sighed. “D-discord!”

“You were a stallion?” Twilight exclaimed.

“I’ll explain later!”

“How did that even happen?!”

“Three demonic fillies from the depths of Tartarus poisoned the water supply can we move on!”

Discord shook his head back and forth. “Tsk Tsk you two. If you want my advice-“

“We don’t.” Sunset interrupted.

“If you want my advice then I recommend going on some sort of adventure. Might spice some things up for this story of yours.” Discord smiled and safari clothes appeared around him.

Sunset slapped her forehead. “Go away or we tell Fluttershy you’ve been bugging us.”

“You know if you said that from the beginning I would have left a long time ago. This is the thanks I get for being a good friend? Oh whoa is me! I have friends and then they turn around and are mean to me. Even the princess of friendship doesn’t understand me, oh whoa is me!” He did a dramatic pose and a single tear fell from his eye.

“That’s it!” Sunset shouted. She surrounded him in a magical aura and teleported him away.

There was silence between the two mares. Sunset’s cheeks were still fuming and slowly she turned around stepping into the tub next to Twilight. Twilight stared at her for a few moments then spoke.

“So… how did you become a stallion?” Twilight asked.

Sunset sighed and sunk her face into the water.

Author's Note:

Well... I'm not sure where this came from, only ideas I had for this one was explosions and discord.... could have probably written a better Transformers 4 Movie than Michael Bay with that. ZING! *shot *
So yeah sorry for the lateness, in a word my problem is college -_- I'm so done with college. I want to blow it up with a bomb made of chocolate pudding! Anyway enjoy what ever the heck this thing is.